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Beep Beep Beep!

Leia groaned as the sound of her alarm woke her from her sleep. She rolled over onto her side, pulling her pillow over her head. Unfortunately, she could still hear the incessant ringing, though slightly muffled. She groaned again, louder, and reached out blindly with her hand trying to hit the snooze button. When she failed to locate it, she was finally forced to emerge from beneath her pillow.

Beep Beep Beep!

"Oh I'm up, I'm up! Arrrgh!"She spat in annoyance, and the alarm was hurled across the room, hit the wall, and gave a final whining Beeeep, before giving up the proverbial ghost. "Finally!" The pillow resumed it's place on her head, and she had just begun to sleep back into her dreams….when the door to her room slid open.

"Galaxies Leia are you still asleep? It's almost six am! Do you really want to sleep in on the most important day of your life?"

"Mara" Leia mumbled from under her pillow, "I fail to see how today is the biggest day of my life, just as I fail to see why you are here at such a ridiculous hour on one of the one days I'm actually allowed to sleep in."

Mara glared at the pillow covering her best friend's (and occasional nemesis's) face. "Any normal person would be ecstatic to be finally turning fifteen."

"Yeah well, normal people don't have to share their birthday with Empire Day…or their father."

Mara gave an exasperated sigh, blowing a loose piece of red hair out of her face. "Here we go again. Yes it's such a burden to have to share your birthday and your father with the government that allows you to live a palace on the grandest planet in the galaxy, never mind it also pays for your political training and provides the galaxy with peace and prosperity. Yep, you're just sooo put upon."

"Your patriotism is a shining example to us all Mara." Came the dry reply from beneath the pillow. " And if you haven't noticed, I don't live in the palace, you are currently standing in a high class Imperial Naval bunker adjoining the palace. Now go preach somewhere else, or at least come back later." And with that, Leia rolled over again, turning her back on her companion.

Mara's eyes narrowed, and she rolled up her sleeves. "Alright, enough is enough." Before Leia had time to register what was going on, she found herself being lifted into the air above her bed, and dumped unceremoniously on the floor beside it.

"Ow! Mara Jade!" Mara laughed wickedly as she ran out the door, narrowly avoiding the barrage of pillows aimed at her head. Leia stuck her head out of the door frame, glaring at the back of her friend as she raced down the hallway. " I'll have you detained for that Mara! The first thing you'll see tomorrow is an entire garrison of storm troopers surrounding your bed!"

"Hah! Brute strength is nothing next to the Force, Leia! Do your worst!" Mara's laughter continued to bounce of the walls even as she rounded the corner and was lost from Leia's sight.

Leia growled and clenched her fist around her last unthrown pillow. "The first thing I'm going to do when I'm Empress is have her deported to Kesel…" She hissed. Leia turned to go back into her room, and doing caught the eye of a young lieutenant who had just entered the corridor carrying a data pad.

His eyes widened, and his face turned a brilliant shade of red, no doubt as a result of seeing Lady Leia Vader, daughter of the Emperor's Right Arm standing in front of him in her nightgown surrounded by pillows. Leia herself wasn't too pleased at the situation, but managed to pull an entirely unconcerned face, something she'd been practicing to great effect.

"Well?" She asked swinging the pillow over her shoulder, "Don't you have someplace to be?" And with that, she strode into the room, head held high, and shut her door behind her, leaving a poor discomfited lieutenant to wonder if he'd committed something worthy of being forced choked.