Tig sat with his fist clenched on the table. He'd given up his patch; he knew he shouldn't be feeling as snubbed as he was. But he'd been the Sergeant at Arms for so long, the patch felt like a part of him. Giving it up with Clay as the President had been one thing - but with Jax at the gavel, he felt he could back the club as an officer once more. But apparently Jax didn't see it that way.

Chibs took his new seat to Jax's right with feelings of mixed pride and uncertainty. Clay had stepped down? Just like that? He had a feeling it hadn't all been so simple. But Jax was his President. Chibs had known for years that Jax would be his President, and the boy - man - had his full loyalty. He trusted him, and he'd go where Jax took him.

Juice looked around the table, not knowing what to think. Opie should be there, at the left, where everybody had assumed he'd end up when Jax became Pres. Bobby should be there, sitting next to Juice. And Piney should be opposite Jax. Too many missing. Tig down a seat, Chibs moved up, Jax at the gavel - the changes were coming hard and fast. A feeling of occasion settled on Juice's shoulders, and he was suddenly very aware of how empty the room was. Happy alone seemed content with the set-up. Tig had a hard look in his eye, and Chibs looked ill at ease in his new position. Jax had his jaw clenched.

He had come a long way from the smiling Man of Mayhem Juice had known for years. He wasn't sure that all of the progress had been positive. Jax smiled less, but he could make harder decisions, and make them well. Jax could lead. They all knew that.

But where would he lead them?

In the footsteps of his Father, or the footsteps of the man he'd replaced? The Son at the gavel has risen from the ashes of two Fathers. Will he be able to lead SAMCRO through the ruin of Clay's legacy to safety, or will he have to call his brothers to arms and risk everything he cares for?