So I know that I haven't finished 'Just The Way You Are' and I promise that I'll continue updating that story regularly. But I started this story last week and I've become completely obsessed with it. I wrote 7 chapters today alone. So with the guarantee that I haven't abandoned my other story, I hope you enjoy this story. It's incredibly angsty but I couldn't just ignore the proposal.

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Rachel sat nervously in the front row of the choir room. Finn had insisted that they tell everyone that they were engaged during Glee practice today. She had refused to wear the ring until they had told everyone and he had obtained her father's approval. She shuffled her sheet music in an attempt to not lock eyes with any of her fellow glee clubbers as they arrived. Finn was so excited and he naively thought everyone else would be too. Rachel was quite sure that their news would have the opposite effect.

Mr. Schuester walked in and asked if anyone had anything to share with the club today. Finn walked into the classroom with a grin on his face and said that he and Rachel did. She wondered briefly if he had been hiding behind the door waiting for the right moment to make his entrance. She pushed that thought aside as he grabbed her hand, pulling her to her feet as they faced the club. She stared at the floor as Finn excitedly squeezed her hand. He looked at her expecting her to make the announcement and frowned slightly when he noticed her staring a hole into the floor. Shrugging it off he decided to take the lead.

"Rachel and I are engaged!" He yelled, barely containing his excitement. Rachel realised that she was holding her breath. Blowing it out slowly, she waited for the onslaught. She didn't have to wait long.

If Finn had been expecting congratulations he was very disappointed. The glee clubbers immediately started yelling over each other. Mr. Schue did his best to calm everyone down. Random obscenities were being thrown around and it took a few moments for Schue to get them all under control.

"I thought you'd all be excited for us." Finn said with a pout. Rachel realised belatedly that there were several people in this room that should have been told privately. People who would be incredibly hurt by hearing the news publicly. Rachel cringed when as if to prove her thoughts correct Santana finally made her feelings known.

"Were you expecting an elaborate song and dance of congratulations Finny boy? That we would all cheer happily and say we were happy for you? The only reason any of us put up with the pukefest that is Finchel is because we knew it had an expiry date! Why would we celebrate Rachel giving up her dreams to sire your troll children?" Santana snapped with an edge. "And you! Berry I thought us hanging out this year would make you less of a fucking idiot."

Finn opened and closed his mouth several times in shock as Rachel continued to stare at the floor, fighting tears at Santana's words. She heard Kurt clearing his throat and she chanced a look at him and Blaine. Both looked incredibly disappointed as they shook their heads sadly. She supposed that when Kurt called her family he hadn't meant he wanted her to literally be a part of his family. He had never minced words about the fact that he thought she was too good for Finn. She looked back down at the floor, wishing it would swallow her whole.

Finn muttered something angrily under his breath, setting off a new round of indignant responses from the group. Mercedes wondered out loud if Rachel had been lobotomized. Quinn sadly said 'So much for Broadway'. Kurt turned to Blaine and begged him to come to New York with him since his best friend had decided to give up on her life. Mike and Tina sat quietly confused. Rory and Sam both tried to congratulate them but their kindness lacked conviction. Mr. Schuester looked distraught. Brittany asked Santana what was going to happen to Puckleberry?

Rachel realised that the only person who hadn't said anything was the person whose reaction she'd worried most about. She glanced up to where Noah had been sitting and realised he was no longer in the room. He just left! How could he just leave? Why hadn't he said anything? He had never held back before. She couldn't believe that he had just left. When did he leave? The floor suddenly started spinning as she realised that once again she had stopped breathing. Overcompensating she took a huge breath and choked on it. She hoped that no one realised she was hyperventilating.

As Rachel did her best to control her breathing quietly the room continued to descend into chaos. Finn was still standing in shock at the lack of support from his friends. He looked to Kurt for a smile, anything to show that at least he supported them being engaged. What he saw instead was a full on glare. Recoiling from the force of the look that his brother was giving him, he glanced at Mr. Schuester instead. Schue at least gave him a smile even if it seemed a

Rachel finally regulated her breathing and looked up at Mr. Schuester desperately. He was their teacher. She knew that the news was shocking but he had allowed outright chaos. She needed him to at the very least dismiss the class so that she could get the hell out of there. When his eyes connected with her very wet ones he seemed to understand. He cleared his throat and announced that given recent developments; maybe it would be best if they rescheduled their practice for the following afternoon.

At first no one moved. Then there was a mass exodus and Rachel stared at the ground again to avoid all of the various emotions in her friend's eyes. She didn't want to see the disappointment in Kurt and Blaine's, or the confusion in Mercedes'. She didn't want to see the pity on Quinn's face or the sadness on Brittany's. She couldn't even think about what Santana's face was showing. Santana had sounded so angry...and so incredibly hurt. The two of them had grown so close. That she had kept this from her and Noah was so incredibly horrible now that she thought about it. Feeling overwhelming regret and something along the lines of nausea she asked Finn to drive her home.

I hope you liked it. The angst starts the next chapter. Let me know what you think please. I'm a little obsessed with this story but I'm still not sure how I feel about actually posting it. This story is so much more personal than my other fic. Thanks!