I wrote this over half a year ago since this idea just came to me. It'll also be a pretty quick story because of that. I'll be splitting it into chapters since it's a bit tiring to read it in just one chunk and I'm editing it a bit. Maika is a different kind of female lead since it doesn't really seem like she's the lead and it's pretty much Sasame's point of view.

Disclaimer: I only own Maika and the idea of The Knight Of Thought/Mind.

Chapter 1

He was walking in a quiet place with Himeno while she told him her problems and he listened, as usual, when he sensed a very familiar presence. He looked up and sure enough, further ahead was Maika. Her legs were to her chest and she had an arm wrapped around them while her head rested on her knees. She sat under the tree, her long bright gold blonde hair cascading down her back, her skin as pale as ever and her ash mauve eyes were seeing everything, yet nothing. She was dressed in her grey, short-sleeved hoodie jacket and a pair of black jeans and sneakers, a black cap on her head. Her face was clean of any expression...

"Eh? Isn't that Maika-chan?" Himeno asked and he nodded as they walked up to her.

"Maika," he said and she glanced up at him, nodding in greeting.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I was on a date with a guy," she replied simply.

"Eh?" Himeno said and he frowned slightly.

"But, I didn't like his thoughts so I ditched him," she said.

"Didn't like his thoughts?" Himeno said, confused, but he understood.

"He just wanted to sleep with me. His thoughts weren't pretty at all," she said, standing up while Himeno blushed.

"Where are you going?" He asked as she dusted herself off.

"Somewhere, nowhere," she replied as she always did.

Maika was always mysterious and recently, always a loner. She preferred to be by herself when she could.

"Himeno-chan!" One of Himeno's friends called.

"Ah! It's my friend! I'll get going! Thank you, Sasame!" Himeno shouted as she ran off and he smiled, waving and he saw that Maika had walked off so he caught up with her.

"You and Hayate are giving her a hard time," he sighed.

"Why? It's not as if I don't accept her," she said. "Nor am I saying anything awful to her, unlike Hayate."

"Neither do you accept her," he stated.

"And so, we're neutral," she said.

"I know why Hayate is giving her a hard time, but Mai..." he said.

It was true, he could never really tell how Maika really felt. Maika's feelings were ever changing, just like she was. She did what she wanted or what she felt like at the moment and was never restricted. She was the epitome of freedom.

She walked to her own beat and that beat was never constant. He was at peace with her because Maika was the only one whose feelings were very calm, always. He was sensitive to the feelings of others so when he needed to get away, he went somewhere quiet or concentrated on her feelings. He didn't know if she did it for his benefit or not, but he was thankful. In all the years they had been together, she was forever his solitude.

"To me, I don't really care. Whether I accept her or not, she's still the chosen Prètear. I'm a Leafè Knight, so all I need to do, is to just follow my duties and my main duty is to protect her," she shrugged simply.

"I suppose," he said.

"But Sasame, what about you?" She asked, looking at him and he raised a brow in confusion.

"What about me?" He asked.

"While you are trying to solve the problems of others, how about you take some time to take care of yours," she said.

"What do you mean?" He queried.

"I know that deep inside you, you're troubled. I'm psychic. Sasame was crying out then," she said, with a faraway look.

"What's happened has happened. It's all in the past," he said.

"Then why does your soul still cry out to me?" She said softly, gazing up at the sky and his eyes widened.

"I..." he said, at a loss for words.

"We already lost three Knights. Don't be another one, Sasame. I love you and all the other Leafè Knights," she said and walked off.

"I love you too, Maika," he whispered, knowing she'd blocked out the thoughts and feelings of everyone as courtesy for him since she knew he was dealing with his own inner turmoil that she'd drawn out.

He knew who she spoke of was Takako... The girl he loved, or believed he loved.

"Maika!" He shouted as she was hit by the demon and he caught her.

"Sasame," she whispered in surprise.

"Himeno-chan! Prèt with me!" Go said and Himeno nodded and touched Go's hand, becoming the Fire Prètear.

"Maika!" Kei said and she nodded, moving out of his arms and charged at the demon, 2 large swords appearing in her hand and she threw it in the eyes of the demon, blinding it and many shurikens appeared around her and it flew at high speeds, pinning the monster's tentacles.

"Now!" Maika said and Himeno nodded and destroyed the demon with one hit and the area and they returned to normal.

"Mai, are you alright?" Mannen asked, taking hold of Maika's hand and Maika placed a hand on his head with a smile.

"I'm fine, Mannen," she replied.

She always had a bond with the Knight of Ice and she was horrified when he died before. Of course she cared about the others. More so now Shin and Hajime because they were young whereas in the past, she used to be the youngest. There were 8 Leafè Knights so it was natural that they would have partners of such. Him and Hayate, Kei and Go, Shin and Hajime and then Maika and Mannen.

"Gomen, Maika-chan," Himeno apologized.

"It's my duty to protect you," she said.


"Mannen, take the prètear home and take care of her. It's dark already. You, Hajime and Shin, alright?" She whispered with a smile, bending down to Mannen's level, cupping his cheek and Mannen grinned, pumping his fist in the air.

"Hai! Leave it to us!" Mannen said and Maika nodded.

"Ah! I gotta get back to work!" Go said and ran off.

"I should get back to work too," Kei said, walking off and Maika walked off without a word to anyone.

"What about you, Sasame?" Hayate asked.

"Hm, I think I'll go spend time with Maika," he replied.

"Eh?" Mannen said and he ran off, catching up to Maika up ahead.

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