Written In The Stars






The rooftop of the alien restaurant was lit up by the many stars shining down on the human and the Time Lord. "And that one," the male pointed over to a star to the right of the sky. "That is the star of St Valentine. A human named it and that was how Valentine's Day started with the rest of the universe."

"Nice." The girl pointed to two specks of light in the sky. "What's those two?"

"Ah, that's the Doctor star. Many civilisations and religions look up to that star." He frowned at that for a second before continuing. Surely? No. Couldn't be. "It's a beacon of hope. Basically, they believe if you look up to that star when something bad happens a saviour will always come for you."

"What's the other one?" Rose asked, oblivious to the connection the Doctor was making in his mind.

"That star? Oh, that's called the-" Oh, Rassilon. No way.

"What, Doctor?" Rose said, puzzled. The Doctor turned over and faced her. "The Bad Wolf." Rose opened her mouth in shock. "Oh, god!"

"Supposed to always be support to the Doctor star. In the stories, apparently the Doctor star-" He stopped there, not knowing if he should continue to tell the story to Rose.

"Yes, Doctor?" Rose was keen to hear the rest of the story.

"Fell in love with her on first sight." Rose looked at him deeply, looking at all the features of his face. There was no hint of a lie, or a joke, or anything else, except...


The Doctor was in love with Rose Tyler.

"You know," The Doctor whispered, breathless. "Apparently, those stars were named by an ex-time agent."

"I suppose we will have to thank Jack when we see him."

"Yes. Yes, we will." Rose went to speak again but the Doctor silenced her with a kiss. She was surprised at first, but she melted at his touch and slowly bit his lip. He moaned into her mouth before breaking for air. "Yes, we, we will definitely be thanking Jack." Rose giggled and leant in for another kiss.

This was bliss.

It was written in the stars.