Please be nice. This is my first fanfiction. I know it sucks but ill try to make better ones.

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First Kiss

Deidara and Itachi where in the Uchiha's room. "Do you ever wonder what a first kiss is like un?" Deidara asked while he played with his sleeve.

Itachi not looking away from his book "No, why?"

"Just wondering un..." Deidara looked the other way from Itachi (under his breath) "Because I love you, you idiot" Itachi noticed his friends sudden discomfort.

"Dei, you ok" Concern in his voice.

"Ya im fine un." Still not looking at Itachi.

"Dei I know you, you ain't alright. Whats bugging you?" Itachi was now fully looking at Deidara, trying to figure out what was bugging his Deidara. Yes HIS Deidara.

Deidara just kept playing with his sleeve.

Itachi pulled Deidara into his arms. "Dei please tell me whats wrong I don't like seeing you like this"

Deidara turned bright red he buried his face into Itachi's arm. "hhmp"

"What was that Dei-chan?" Itachi grabbed Deidara's chin and pulled him into a kiss. Deidara gasped and with that Itachi too the opertunity to slip his tounge into Deidara's mouth, a fight for domanince started. But all to soon Itachi broke the kiss. "Still wondering what a first kiss is like?"

With a smile on his face Deidara gave a little laugh and pulled the uchiha into another kiss.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Told you It sucked. But im gonna try and get better. :)