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Chapter 1: A Dire Call For Help

Mushroom Kingdom,13th Century

Dark Land

In the land with the dark sky known as Dark Land, a giant Koopa is sitting on his throne, with his head leaning on his left hand. He is patiently, but actually impatiently waiting for the latest news from his minions so he can put his plan into action.

A year ago, he was about to marry the woman he was absolutely infatuated with. A year ago, he was about to have his mortal enemy executed as he watched the woman he loved (and who loved him back) be married to him. He knew she didn't love him, but he figured that she would learn to love him, and in time, love him the same way he loved her.

He was so close to having all his wildest dreams come true. But, as quickly as he was close to achieving all his dreams, he lost it all just as quick. First, Mario Hood was never captured by him. It was that infernal brat named Felicity disguised as him. Then, Mario Hood was actually the executioner. Thirdly, the chancellor was actually one of his blasted Merry Men, so their vows were null and void. And to add insult to injury, he was defeated by the woman he loved with a frying pan. A frying pan of all things! He was forcibly sent back to Dark Land defeated and humiliated. But, he vowed he would rise again, claim back what was rightfully his, and get revenge on all who did him wrong.

And oh how he had planned his revenge. A plan that no one, not even the great Mario Hood himself, would even see coming.

Mushroom Kingdom Castle

"Kamek, are you sure Lord Bowser is planning something against us?" King Toadstool asked his loyal adviser. He is wearing his usual clothing, consisting of a purple and yellow robe, with a black and yellow mushroom cap, with a gold crown on top of his mushroom cap. On his face was a black mustache and beard.

"I am very sure sire. He is conspiring with a dark sorceress, who's identity is unknown to us at the moment. But according to the rumors, she is more powerful than any sorcerer or sorceress in all of the Mushroom Kingdom. Not even I am powerful enough to defeat her." Kamek says to King Toadstool calmly but bluntly. He is wearing the same attire from the last year as well, consisting of a pair of round spectacles and a set of blue robes, complete with a blue wizard's hat. Both the brim of his hat and the edges of his sleeves are white. He is always seen with his scepter, a golden stick with a red jewel at the end.

"Shall we tell Lord Mario, Lady Peach, and the Merry Men about this upcoming threat, your Majesty?"

"Inform the Merry Men, but not Lord Mario and Lady Peach. They already have enough to deal with at the moment, and telling them this would not be good for them, especially for my dear niece."

"Are you not elated, your Majesty? You should be very proud of your niece, and nephew in-law."

"Aye, I am. If the time was still peaceful, I would be beaming for joy and preparing for everything, but I cannot knowing Sir Bowser will be back for revenge against them. And with a powerful sorceress that no one is unable to identify or defeat."

"I wouldn't say that sire. Do you forget of the one who helped Lord Mario, and his men reclaim your throne, and rightful title as king?" King Toadstool's head immediately lifts up from it's original position, and his eyes widen in realization that Kamek is right.

"You are absolutely right Kamek. I indeed almost forgot about her! We can count on her to help us once more. You are a genius."

"Thank you, my liege."

"Don't thank me for your superior intellect. Please, go to her time, explain our dire situation, and bring her here as fast as you can."

"Consider it done, your majesty." Kamek says as he bows, and starts to turn and walk away to fulfill his command.

"And Kamek? Don't cause her to fall unconscious to bring her here like the last time." King Toadstool says sincerely, causing him and the sorcerer to chuckle.

"Yes, my liege." Kamek says as he walks out of the throne room. As soon as he is gone from sight, King Toadstool takes a big sigh of relief.

"I do hope that she can help us once more. Please, help us again, Felicity. The young, but powerful Mistress of Magic."

Mushroom Kingdom, Present Day

Peach's Castle Gardens

It's been a year since Felicity traveled through time, and helped Mario Hood and the Merry Men save the Mushroom Kingdom. The caramel skinned princess is now fourteen years old and has grown more into a lovely young woman. Her hair has grown longer than her original length, and she is wearing dresses more willingly. At the moment, the young princess is reading a book as usual in her special spot at Peach's garden. She's finally reading the book Toadsworth gave to her on her thirteenth birthday out of pure boredom. She can't help but giggle at the things written in the book.

"A princess must always wait on the sidelines while her knight defeats the evil villain. She must not get her dainty, delicate attire dirty due to involvement of trying to help the knight. Ha! Yeah right. I can't believe people actually obey this garbage. Like you'll ever see me on the sidelines acting all helpless and weak like that. Ha!" Felicity says to herself as she rolls her brown eyes, and laughs at the sentences.

"Hey Felic! You out here?"

"Yeah Mar! What's up?"

"Can you come here for a minute?"

"Sure thing!" Felicity says as closes the book, gets up from her spot in the garden, and she walks into the castle. She's wearing a simple lavender sundress, with a pair of lavender sandals. Her light brown hair is curly and out as her hair passes her shoulders by a few inches. She finally enters into the castle, and walks into the throne room, which is ridiculously long, and big for just a chair only being there. As she walks down the long red rug, she sees Mario, her adopted mother, Peach, and to her surprise Kamek.

"Hey guys. Wanna tell me what's Kamek doing here? I thought he was evil, and stuff?"

"Sweetheart, you remember when you were in a coma for two weeks ago, and when you woke up, you told us how you went back to the 13th Century?"

"Yeah mom. What about it?" Kamek approaches Felicity, and bows to her as he stops a few feet from her.

"It's good to see you well, Mistress of Magic. You have grown into a lovely young woman from our last encounter a year ago." Felicity's eyes widen as she realizes that it's the Kamek from the 13th Century.

"Oh! Hey Kamek from the past! You look good too! And I thought I told you to call me Felicity, and that you didn't have to bow to me. Bowing is so old school. So, what brings you here all of a sudden?"

"We are in need of your assistance once more, Felicity. Sir Bowser has allied himself with a sorceress who has powerful dark magic in her domain. We've discovered that he is planning revenge against the kingdom, and conspiring to retrieve what he believes it's his."

"But, they're married. He can't do anything to them unless..." Felicity stops as her eyes widen in realization.

"Exactly, and I believe that's part of his plan. According to our sources, he will destroy not only him, but the Merry Men, and his majesty as well. And some say that he will come after you using the dark sorceress' magic." Peach and Mario gasp as they look toward her for her reaction. Surprisingly, Felicity shows no reaction, and remains quiet. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, opens her eyes, and looks at Kamek.

"Well, I know three things. One, he will not separate them after waiting all this time to be finally together. Two, he will not hurt my friends, or any innocent people. And three, I know for a fact that I'm not gonna sit here and run away like I'm in a wild duck chase with him. If he wants to accomplish his plan so badly, then he's not only going to have to get through Mar, and his Merry Men, but the Mistress of Magic as well. None of us are going down without a fight." Felicity says sternly with much determination in her voice. Kamek smiles at her determination.

"I am pleased to hear that you have decided to assist us once more."

"Of course I'm going to help. I would never leave my friends high and dry like that. Sides, I'm still a Merry Girl, and we always look after our fellow Men."

"Are you sure about going alone, kiddo? Even though it's Bowser, it's not the same Bowser you know. That Bowser can be the total opposite of the Bowser we know. He can extremely cruel, and malicious for all you know."

"Yeah, Mar. I'm the Mistress of Magic, and a Merry Girl. It's my obligation to help them out anyway I can. Sides, if I don't, then the whole future can be changed so drastically. And I won't be alone because I'll be with the same people I was with the last time."

"I can assure you Mario that Felicity will be in capable hands. They will make sure that nothing dangerous to happen to her. They're a very great group of individuals."

"May I get some stuff from my room? I want to be prepared this time for anything that gets thrown our way."

"Of course you may, but hurry back. Time is of the essence." Felicity nods as she runs to her bedroom.

"So, what exactly will my daughter face when she goes back to the 13th Century?"

"Your daughter will have to defeat a very powerful sorceress who is capable of casting dark magic spells. She is more powerful that I, or any other magic user in our kingdom. That's all we know about her so far, but we will not stop until we find all that we can about her."

"I hope she can help you with this whole situation."

"Of course she can Peach! This is Felicity we're talking about here. She'll go to infinity and beyond to help them."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"I assure you princess that Felicity is a very responsible young woman. She knows her limitations, and she'll find ways around them to help us."

"I just hope you both are right. I just want her to come back safe and sound. She's my brother's daughter, and my daughter as well. She's the only family I have left. Please, don't let anything happen bad to her."

"I can assure you that she will be completely safe and sound throughout the whole situation. Your daughter is in very good hands." Peach smiles at Kamek, as a sign of thank you. Felicity comes back into the room with her lilac colored backpack slung over her right shoulder.

"Okay! I'm ready to go now!" Felicity says cheerfully to Kamek. He nods and points his wand to the wall. The wall then turns into a portal to the 13th Century. Felicity turns to her mother, and hugs her tightly.

"I want you to give them all you got, while still being careful. I couldn't bare to lose you."

"I promise I'll give it my all while staying alive." Felicity says as they let go, and Peach kisses her forehead. She turns to Mario, and he puts his hands on her shoulders.

"Do I have to tell how you are strong enough to take whatever lies ahead of you?"

"Heck no, but it would be nice to hear it from you." Mario chuckles at her comment.

"You are strong enough to take whatever lies ahead of you. Don't ever forget that. Promise me you won't."

"I promise I won't."

"And think carefully before you decided to do things. You are a little impulsive, and that could lead to your downfall."

"I understand, Mar."

"And be careful. You're not invincible, and you can get hurt as easily as I can. And don't hesitate to ask for help. It doesn't hurt to get help from someone whatever it is."

"Okay Mar! I get it. I can take on whatever comes my way, think before I act, I'm not Superman, and don't be afraid to ask for help. I got it."

"Good. Now you be a good girl when you're there. Don't cause too much trouble."

"Trouble? Me? Whatever gave you that idea?" Felicity and Mario chuckle at her question. They hug, and Mario kisses her forehead. As they let go, Felicity winks at him. She walks toward Kamek, and the portal.

"Are you ready, Felicity?"

"You bet your spellbinding butt I am. The Merry Girl is back, and she's coming back with a bang." Felicity says with confidence. She turns around, and takes one last look at Peach and Mario. They wave goodbye to her (Peach is starting to tear up). Felicity smiles and waves goodbye. She and Kamek walk into the portal. The portal disappears almost immediately after they walk into it. Mario and Peach stare at the wall for a few more minutes while they silently think to themselves.

Good luck kiddo. Give them all you got.

Please be safe and sound, Felicity. My strong, and brave daughter.

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