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Amy's POV

'Well done, Amy. Go take a break', my dance teacher said as I did my routine for her. I grabbed a bottle of water, a towel, my phone and sat down on the floor, signing on to twitter.

' 'At' FANTASTICZAYN – Just did my dance routine in my dance class '.

I love dancing…dance is my life, really. Dancing can make every sad moment happier for me.

'Amy, can I talk to you for a minute?', Tilly, my dance teacher said. I walked up to her to see what she was up to.

'What's up?', I asked her.

'Your dance routine today was amazing'. She smiled at me.

'Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, I worked pretty hard on it'.

'So…there's something I need to ask you…a friend of mine is looking for back-up dancers for some tour, all the dancers will get paid of course…and she asked me if I could dance with some of my students…', Tilly started as she swayed her blonde, mid-length curly hair over her shoulders.

'I was wondering if you'd like it? The tour's in England and it will be during the whole summer holidays', she asked me sounding nervous.

'Oh my gosh are you being serious?', I clapped my hands in excitement. This was my dream…dancing professionally…I don't care for who I'll be backing up as a dancer because I'm getting paid…which means I'll be a professional dancer!

'YES, YES, YES, YES, YES PLEASE!', I shouted at her and gave her a big hug.

'Okay, I called your parents earlier and explained everything…all you need to do is pack your bags, we're leaving next week. I'll text you all the details later', she smiled.

Wow this is so amazing, I thought as I cycled home from my dance class.

I'm just a small town German girl…and I'm going to be a professional dancer for a tour in England!

' 'At' FANTASTICZAYNI'm officially a professional dancer! Performing as a back-up dancer for some tour in England all summer long! :D'.

I received a lot of 'congrats', and 'good luck', and 'really excited for you' tweets and retweets. This is going to be amazing!

Bianca's POV

'Bianca babe, wake up', my mom whispered in my ears and kissed my forehead.

'Moooom, it's still so early…I can't just wake up!', I groaned and put my pillow above my head as I tried to fall back asleep.

'But we've got a surprise for you babe', another very familiar female voice said.

'Demmy! What are you doing here?', I asked my best friend as I got up out of bed and hugged her.

Demmy and I have been best friends for ages…She's originally from the Philippines but she moved here to Australia with her parents when she was about 3 years old. We went to kindergarten together and now we're in the same class at high school too.

'I came to surprise you of course', she laughed as she hugged me back and her long black hair swayed over her shoulders.

'Okay, what's the occasion? I know you don't just get out of your bed for anything…you're not quite a morning person', I laughed…and it's true. I'm not a morning person either but Demmy's worse…you really don't want to wake her in the morning…she'll kill anything that keeps her from her 8 hours of sleep.

'As it's holidays here, and Demmy turned 16 last week, her parents have given her a really special present that I think you'll love too babe', my mum said.

'Well what is it then?', I asked exitedly.

'Mom and dad have given me 2 flight tickets to England!' she yelled and we both jumped in the air.

'Oh my god, that's so cool, you're going to England!'.

'Nope…WE're going to England!', she grinned.


'I'm taking you with me, silly', she explained.

'And that's not it either…guess who we're gonna see in England?', Demmy asked me.

'Tell me', I said once I calmed myself down.

'My lovely boyfriend Niall and his bandmates…live in concert…in MANCHESTER!', she said again and I was in tears. Demmy had met Niall when he was on a little vacation in Australia, back when he wasn't super famous yet and they've been together for about 2 years now. As I wasn't there…I've never met him or the other boys because they haven't been on tour here. But I became a HUGE fan of them as Demmy told me about Niall and his band, One Direction.

'You my dear, are the best friend anyone could ever ask for', I grinned at her and gave her yet another hug.

'Okay now girls, get ready for breakfast and then you should pack your stuff Bianca cos your flight is on Friday', my mum said and she left my room.

'Friday…', I sighed.

'3 Days baby', Demmy shouted and I laughed.

'How long are we staying?', I asked her as I grabbed some clothes to wear.

'How about the whole summer vacation?', she still had a huge grin on her face.

'Oh my god Demmy! Your parents don't have THAT much money!'.

'Nope…it was kind of a gift of Niall too…', she blushed. I know how crazy she is about him.

I brushed my teeth, got changed and got downstairs to have breakfast with Demmy, discussing what we should bring to England and how it would be there.

Ella's POV

'Ella babe, Liam's here!', Natalie my roommate shouted from the doorway.

'I'm coming! Let him in', I yelled back as I quickly grabbed my phone and stuffed it in my purse.

'Hey gorgeous, how are ya?', Liam kissed me on the cheek and side-hugged me when I got out of my room.

'I'm great thanks, you?', I smiled and looked into his beautiful brown orbs.

'Better now', he replied as he gave me one of his cheeky smiles.

'So…all set?', he said as he looked around our apartment.

'Yeah, I'm ready', I said and I followed him to the door, saying goodbye to Natalie on my way out.

It's July 1st…our one year anniversary and we're going to have dinner together. I met him in a club where I was with my friends, dancing our hearts out. I love dancing, and I don't want to sound cocky right now…but I think my awesome dance moves pulled him

'So where are we going?', I asked him as I got in his car and adjusted the seat belts.

'I was thinking about this little Chinese place downtown', he said as he started the engine and drove off.

'Chopsticks?', I grinned at him.

'You gotta love chopsticks aye', he winked back. [A/N: I really meant chopsticks…as in Liam has a big obsession with chopsticks if you didn't know yet…not some restaurant or something...that'd be a weird restaurant name lol…but on with the story ]

We arrived at the Chinese restaurant, the waiter took our order and it didn't take long for the food to arrive. We ate and chatted all night. It was absolutely fabulous.

'Ella?', Liam said as we both were ready to go.

'Yes Liam', I answered, turning my head to find him already staring at me.

'I love you, and I couldn't have wished for any other girl to spend this 1 year anniversary with…you mean the world to me', he said as I blushed and looked down. This caused him to tilt my chin up, so that our eyes were on the same level. He then stroked my cheek with the same hand.

'You're gorgeous…never doubt that', he said as his lips met mine and we shared a passionate kiss for a few minutes.

'C'mon, let's go', Liam said as he pulled away. I followed him back to his car and we got to his apartment to just hang around and I was staying the night there. [A/N: this is only the first chapter so there'll be no bedroom activity in this yet haha you dirty minded readers ;)]

Liam gave me a hoodie of his and one of his boxers, for me to change in and get more comfortable.

I changed in his room and got back to the living room, and sat on the sofa next to him.

'What are you watching?', I asked him as I cuddled up to him.

'Toy story', he said as I chuckled.

'Whaaat?', he asked me as he looked at me.

'You and your toy story obsession', I giggled again as I laid my head on his shoulder.

'I hope you have nothing against my obsession', he laughed.

'And what if I did?', I joked.

'Then…I'd just…give you a special treatment', he grinned at me as I looked him in the eyes.

'Special treatment?', I asked confused.

'TICKLE WAR!', he screamed and started tickling me all over my body. Being the sensitive type I totally gave in to the tickling, I'm very…tickly if that is a word.

'STOP, STOP, STOP! LIAAAAAAM', I shouted, not able to get away from under his grip because he's basically the strongest person I've ever met.

'Say you love Toy Story', he whispered in my ear seductively. I shivered at his lips brushing against my earlobe as he said that.

'I love toy story…', I mumbled but I shouldn't have done that because he started to tickle me even harder.

'Ok, ok. I LOVE TOY STORY!', I shouted. He stopped tickling me immediately but he was still lying on top of me.


'Yes Ella?', he casually said.

'Will you please get off me now?'.

'Nahh…I'm comfortable', he smiled as he looked me into my eyes, still lying on top of me. His lips were almost touching mines, almost. I closed the gap by connecting my lips with his.

'I love you Ella…', he whispered when we pulled away.

'I love you more Liam', I said as I put my head on his shoulder as we watched the rest of toy story and felt myself closing my eyes after a while.

My last thought before I drifted off in a deep sleep:

I'm so lucky…

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