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Chapter 7

Amy's POV

'I told you this was a good idea', Kimberley said as she paid for the last items she bought in the last shop we'd visit tonight.

'It really was, it's not as crowded as it is during the day', Abbie agreed.

'It's still early though, how about I buy you girls a drink? I think we all deserved it', I winked. The girls agreed and we were off to go look for a decent pub.

We eventually found one and went inside…only to be met with his eyes…

'Is that…'

Liam's POV

'Hey Zayn, look, that's Amy and the girls', I told Zayn but I was too late, he was staring in her eyes already. They walked towards us, Amy's eyes never leaving Zayn's.

'How are you lovelies? I see you had a great shopping night?', I broke the silence as I saw their arms were full of shopping bags.

'Yeah, I'm glad that there aren't that many people shopping right now', Abbie told us.

I agreed and slapped Zayn on his shoulder for a bit, reminding him that he could talk.

'Uhh, would you girls like anything to drink?', Zayn offered.

We all told him what we'd like and just as he was about to go make his order I said.

'Hey Amy, why don't you go help him out?', winking at them both. Amy followed him and Kimberley and Abbie went have a seat with me.

'So…Amy and Zayn huh', I asked them.

'Yeah, I don't think they've got the guts to tell each other what they feel though..', Kimberley said and I agreed.

'Yeah, earlier, Zayn talked to me about her and how he didn't know if Amy felt the same way. But when I look at them now, they are just the perfect couple don't you think?', I asked them as I looked at where Zayn and Amy were. They were finally talking.

Zayn's POV

'So, how are you?', I started off, still nervous.

'I'm great, how about you?', she asked back.

'Much better now', I said as I looked her straight in her eyes and watched her blush. We got our drinks and went back to the others. This was exactly what I needed. I'm going to get to know her.

Ella's POV

'What's bothering you?', I snapped out of my trance as Natalie waved her hands in front of me.

'Huh?', I vaguely mumbled as I sipped my hot chocolate.

'I said, dear Ella…what's bothering you?', she said as if it were that obvious.

'I don't know what you're talking about?', I asked her, wanting to know what she thought was going on.

'Don't play dumb now Els, you know what I'm talking about and I want to know what it is right now', she gave me a stern look and I sighed.

'It's Liam isn't it?', Natalie guessed and I nodded.

'What did he do now? I thought you guys were doing great? You're together for a year now'.

'That's the problem…we're together for a year now…he didn't do anything but…I just feel really sad?', it was more of a question to be honest.

'Oh sweetie, I know exactly what's going on here', Nat said and I looked at her confused.

'You miss him. You miss what you used to do with him. Now he's touring again, he doesn't have as much time for you as he used to have', she said and I thought about it. She might be right, she was just stating the facts and I couldn't believe I hadn't realized this before.

'It's alright though, we can visit him on tour right? It'll be fun, just like old times', she told me as I thought back of the first time I went to their concert with Nat. They absolutely blew my mind and to be honest, I haven't had the time to listen to their new songs…I should go soon.

'Don't think about him tonight though, tonight's our girl's night out. We can go shopping tomorrow to get some concert outfits?', she suggested and I agreed. Natalie is really the best friend I could wish for.

Bianca's POV

'I miss you Dems! ' ~ Me.

'I need to get away for a bit. Don't worry about me, we can skype every day or so? x' ~ Demmy.

I read the text messages we sent each other last night and instantly felt alone even though I shouldn't be.

'Hey Bee, we're going for some dinner, are you coming with?', Louis asked me. If you were wondering why he just came in. As Demmy didn't share a room with me anymore, the management decided to put me on the tour bus with the boys as they would be responsible for me and they didn't want anything to happen to me as I am kind of known for my clumsiness.

'Sure, let me get my stuff and I'll be right there', I said. He left the bus and I grabbed my phone and stuffed it in my bag where I made sure that my camera was also in.

I jumped out of the bus and tapped the button at the bus to close the door.

'Where's the others?', I asked Louis as I saw him waiting for me on his own.

'What others?', he asked me with a goofy grin on his face.

'Well, the boys? And the dancers I suppose?'.

'I don't know, probably getting dinner themselves', he shrugged as he put his arm around my shoulder and started walking so I had no choice but walk along.

'But I thought you said 'we're going for some dinner, are you coming with?'', I was completely confused right now.

'Yeah, we are right now', he said as we walked around a corner. I decided to drop this and just enjoy my dinner…or date? With Louis.

'So where are we going?', I asked as we were walking for about 10 minutes in silence already.

'Some Italian restaurant', was all he said. It's weird how he always has so much to talk about and he makes so much jokes…right now he didn't say much at all…

'Ah, here we are', he said after a few minutes more of walking. We stepped into the restaurant where Louis had booked a table for the two of us.

'Hey, my name's Codie and I'm your waitress for the night', a girl with long, curly, blonde/brown-ish hair smiled at us.

'Would you like some drinks?', she offered us. We decided on some cokes and started to chat a bit. He is really funny, I've never laughed that much in one night.

'Bianca?', Louis suddenly said.


'Do you want to do this again sometime?', he asked and I saw him slightly blushing.

'Are you blushing, boo bear?', I teased him a bit.

'Don't call me that, it's so embarrassing!', he replied annoyed.

'Haha but I like to embarrass you!'.

'You still didn't answer me though, love', he changed the subject.

'I'd love to…'


'…Boo bear', I finished my sentence and laughed out loud.
Not a great idea as we ended up running through the whole restaurant, Louis chasing after me to tickle me and I'm VERY ticklish.

When he finally reached me, he caught me by my waist and spun me around.
We were both out of breath from all the running. It took me a while until I realized that he was looking at my face.

'What? Do I have a stain on my face?', I asked confused, desperately trying to rub whatever it was that he was looking at, off. Then he started chuckling.

'You're so cute…nothing's wrong with your face. Matter of fact…it's just perfect', he said softly as he gently cupped my cheek with one of his hands, the other hand still holding me at my waist.
He then stared at my lips and licked his. What came next was magical…

he kissed me…and it was amazing.

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