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There were few in the world still that remembered the early days. The early days where the days of peace seemed to be never ending. The days where young witches and wizards could run around unsupervised. The days when one wasn't afraid of their neighbors. The days where peace was alive.

The beautiful peace that held the Wizarding world carefully was shattered when the heir of Slythern entered the doors of Hogwarts for the first time. He later in his life would be known and feared by the common public. To the people of the Wizarding world he was the dark lord. But that was his future.

Everyone starts somewhere. Even a dark lord. When the feared man was eleven he like so many others entered the doors of Hogwarts. He was a child of amazing potential. Many envied him and young Tom Riddle knew it. He like any other Slythern used their assets to their benefits. When the dark lord was young he was filled with wild dreams that sought to change the world.

He was young but he saw the problems of the world. As he grew he gained friends who later became followers to his cause.

As a child he grew up lonely and abused in an orphanage. He knew he must not have been the only one either. He also knew that there were so many other children coming to the world of magic at the tender age of eleven with no knowledge prior of any magic what so ever. Tom believed it should have been his right to know of how special he was when he was young. If the wizards born to magic families could know of magic the why couldn't he. There were so many problems and he had many solutions.

Though the intentions didn't seem like the thing that would label one as a dark lord that was what had occurred. You see Tom did change the world but not in the way he expected.

When Tom was in his seventh year he was framed for the death of a young girl named Mertil. A conniving old man named Albus Dumbledore shaped the image of Lord Voldemort to make a new enemy. That enemy was then associated as Tom Riddle in the old twinkling eyes. The man that those eyes belonged was selfish and power hungry. They would do anything to keep a position of power.

And this is where the story becomes remotely interesting. Several years after Tom graduated and took the position as a dark lord and when the war was in full swing, a young couple were welcoming three new arrivals to their family line.

In Godric's Hollow a triad of infants were born to a newly wedded couple. The proud parents, James Charles Potter and Lily Dacia Potter nee Evans welcomed three beautiful children.

The first-born was a healthy plump babe and clearly a worthy heir to the Potter name. When the naming ceremony took place Lily had dubbed him to be forever more Mathew Sirius Potter. He of course had been named for his God Father, Sirius Black. His God Mother Alice Longbottem simply adored the plump babe and immediately began to shower the newborn in gifts. After all what kind of godmother slash aunt would she be if she didn't spoil him?

The babe was chubbier then his siblings. However this was not the only thing that set him apart. Usually in the Potter line one would be expected to have black or at least dark brown hair that was a complete mess. This however was not the case. On top of the small head was a tuff of straight tan colored hair. Mathew or Mattie as he was often referred had only one real identifiable characteristic of his fathers and that was his beautiful hazel eyes that looked at the world with a playful smile.

The second born, Rosemary or Rosy, was the one and only female to enter the Potter line in centuries. She like her mother had shiny auburn hair. However the poor child's red locks were unfortunately forever cursed with the Potter rat nest hair. Though she had most of her mother's physical characteristics, her eyes were almost a perfect replica of her father's. Only a few shades darker. Her unofficial godfather, Remus Lupin thought that the babe was just perfect and he couldn't be happier to godfather such a beautiful little girl. Her official godfather, Peter Pettigrew however was just happy to be included. And since Remus couldn't have children he had immediately named little Rosy as his heiress. It wasn't a big prestigious line like the Potter name but it had a few benefits and would help her secure a decent marriage to a decent family in the future. Families would rather an heiress to a line then a female who simply had a last name. It was common sense to find someone to increase wealth as well as security.

It was James who named his second born at the naming ceremony seven days after the birth. He had named his little princess Rosemary Minnie Potter. Minnie after her chosen God Mother, Minerva McGonagall who was affectionately called Minnie by friends and family.

The last-born however wasn't as lucky as his siblings in some ways since he wasn't as healthy and was born blue. He was much smaller and weighed much less. He however in James opinion was the most enchanting. With pitch black hair and beautiful emerald eyes and pale soft pigmented skin the child looked almost like a child of the elves. He was truly beautiful and the child himself was a symbol of forgiveness, tolerance and hope.

The beautiful child's godfather was non other then Severus Snape. The elf like babe was a living sign of Lily's forgiveness, the tolerance between old school rivals and the hope of peace to come. As soon as Severus had laid eyes on the small baby he was smitten not that he would admit it. And since the child was fragile looking and James wanting his youngest to have the best chance possible in life no matter what, appointed Poppy Pomfrey as his godmother. And since neither godparent's had children, and were the only ones left in their lines named the dainty babe their successor.

After seven days after the smallest child was birthed his father named him Harry James Potter. James had named Harry after a man named Harold, a favorite uncle of his who died in the front lines of battle. James wanted a strong name that hopefully would gain magic's favor. He however didn't want him to have a shadow to out grow so he gave him a different variation of the name.

The birth of a child in a family is often a time of happiness. This however wasn't such a time. The three beautiful innocent infants were born into a war. The great war of the dark and light was violent and many had died. So many innocents lost to a frivolous cause. The sides were often referred to the light and the dark. The light consisted of the leader Albus Dumbledore and his army the Order of the Phoenix. The darks sides' leader was Lord Voldemort also known as Tom Riddle and whose army called themselves death eaters.

Lily and James Potter both fought proudly on the light side along side their friends. And both adults had absolute faith in their leader. That however would all change in the coming years. Everything would change and it all started with the small baby named Harry James Potter.

Chapter 1

A long year of war had past and the Potter triplets were only but the tender age of one when Albus Dumbledore planted his most audacious seed. The old manipulative man had hatched a new plan. He wanted to be seen as all powerful. And what better way to do that then to kill Voldemort. Voldemort was his creation. He had careful nurtured the boy to what he was today but he was getting older and more powerful. He needed to end him.

The dark lord was said to be insane with power no thanks to him of course but that wasn't the point. The point was that he needed more power and influence. He needed to get rid of the world's darkness and that darkness started with Tom Riddle.

Dumbledore then orchestrated a series of events to end the reign of Voldemort. His first step was to take the fake seer Sybill Trelawney and cast an imperio on her so that she would recite a prophecy he had made. He knew that if he did this, then Severus Snape, a follower of the dark lord would then relay the prophecy to Voldemort and then take care of the problem.

You see Voldemort was not the only threat to his power. First-born children to pure legacies such as the Longbottom or the Potters usually end up being very powerful. He would know since he was the first born to the Dumbledore legacy.

He needed a way to get rid of all the threats at the same time. It was in his favor when the children who were the greatest threat were born at the same time. The prophecy he had created would apply to all of them and Voldemort would eliminate them.

He would make a monster out of the man. A man even his death eaters would be disgusted to serve. Riddle would lose followers after killing a hand full of babies. In the Wizarding world the slaying of children was unthinkable to either side. The loss of followers was a loss of power and influence.

Everything was in his favor.


Severus Snape had just gotten back from the Potters abode when he came across a door with light leaking out of the bottom. It was quite early in the morning so this was quite peculiar. He silently stood beside the door and heard a raspy voice.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..." (Taken from the book…so all kudos to JKR)

After wards he heard a woman's voice quivering in wiriness. He immediately recognized it as Sybill Trelawney. He knew that the woman had seer blood in her so what he heard must have been an actual legit prophecy. Oh how he would wish he didn't act so Gryffindorish with his information.

He had run to Lord Voldemort with his new information. To his disgust he ran like a puppy running to its master burning for praise. The memory sickened him. He had no idea he was playing the pawn to a different master. He didn't know this would seal so many fates. How much disaster this one move would bring him.


Voldemort was given the news he immediately ordered all him minions away to think. He needed to plan his next move. What he was going to do was unthinkable. Even in war. To kill a babe an innocent for something that may or may not happen was unthinkable. He would truly become monster. But he needed to win at any cost. He needed to fix the world. He needed to get rid of this new threat.

He calculated and remained in deep compilation until he deduced that the only ones that were the threat were the Potter and Longbottem children. They were the only ones that fit the prophecy. After coming to this conclusion he narrowed it down further. He figured that the Potter's children would be the most threatening so he made a plan to eliminate them on Halloween of that year.


It was on Halloween that Lily and James Potter were convinced by their long time friend Peter Pettigrew to go out for the evening. Both parents readily agreed to the outing. Raising triplet one year olds was quite tiring. They didn't know that this would be their most horrendous mistake. Peter Pettigrew was a sniveling coward. He had sold out his only friends to the dark lord in the promise of safety in return.


When Lord Voldemort entered Godric's Hollow he was impressed for a brief moment. The wards were extensive. However they would be useless. He had the permission of the secret keeper to enter. When he entered the property, Pettigrew was already waiting for him. He immediately ordered to be led to the nursery. He wanted to get this treachery over with. When he walked into the nursery he was faced with three different cots, each with a babe in it.

He carefully studied the children thoroughly. Only one would be his demise. He needed to choose carefully. Only one child needed to die. Only one.

The first child on the furthest left was a sitting in a red cot and was currently screaming with fat tears running down his face. He had brown hair and from what he could tell brown eyes.

The middle child he studied closely next. Her cot was white and it was dressed in pink and lace. The female child he deduced. She too was crying. How he hated crying children. They reminded him of the loneliness of the orphanage he grew up in.

The third child, the smallest was sitting up in a light blue cot and to his surprise wasn't screaming. The child had the brightest eyes he had ever scene on a human. He felt a small tug but he ignored it and went back to his task. The third child looked weak and frail. His hypothesis was proven correct when a small cough pierced the quiet atmosphere.

He decided that the other boy was most likely the one to kill him. He pointed his wand and apologized silently. He muttered the deadly curse and as he did, he saw a white flash of light. He turned and saw bright green eyes briefly. Then he was ripped out of his body. The only feeling he felt was his magic exploding and his body being ripped away.


It was approximately 9:30 pm on Halloween night when the young married couple returned home. Both expected to see three babies sleeping peacefully in their nursery. That however wasn't the case. When they entered the gates they saw a collapsed house. The both levitated frantically until they reached the area of the nursery. Both parents hesitated on levitating the rubble. Neither wanting to scar their minds by seeing their crushed children. James being the man moved the rubble.

The frames of the cots had reinforcing charms on them thank merlin. They had saved the children. Lily scampered to Mathew and Rosemary. She sobbed in relief at the sight of her screaming children. She then looked at James in hope as he went to Harry's cot. James looked stunned and froze. His little Harry wasn't moving and was pale. He was sleeping, at least that what he looked like. He was covered in dust from the rubble and was unmoving. He immediately picked him up and gently checked for a small pulse. He felt one and the child was breathing ever so lightly. He was asleep. James cried out in relief and nodded to a scared looking wife. All his children were safe. It was truly a miracle.