Chapter 17

James Potter was under his famous invisibility cloak as he quietly walked through the ministry of magic's hall of records. He was absolutely determined to find his sons records. The only thing was he didn't know where to start. He walked through isle after isle, book after book, and file after file. It was two hours later when he found a book on the very top of the shelf. It was old and it looked very inconspicuous. He reached up and took the book and walked to the nearest desk and opened the book. As he flipped through the old cracked pages he came across two pieces of blank papers. That's odd he thought why would there be random of pieces of paper within an old book. He took the papers out and put them in his pocket. He was curious and closed the book and returned it to its original place.

Still under his invisibility cloak he walked for another hour until he promptly gave up and left to his home. He needed to be home for his children. He didn't know that the forgotten pieces of paper in his cloak pocket were exactly what he was looking for.


A little black haired boy laid asleep until he heard to cracks that ended the peaceful silence. Two curious house elves looked up on their master bed to finally see their new little master. In their opinion he was as cute as the first they has seen him. Missy looked at the boy and grinned, yes the boy would be fun. Maddy looked at her twin and smiled. She was glad to have somebody new to serve and play with. Just as they were about to walk away they heard a quiet moan. They looked over with large sparkling eyes and ginned as they saw bright green eyes staring in return. They were happy until they saw the boy curl up in fear with teary eyes. They panicked and popped out to their master to alert him of his awakening.


Tom also known as Lord Voldemort was eating a sandwich as his sons nannies popped into his presence.

"Masters, little master is being awake."

"He's is be crying masters."

Tom jumped up and immediately ran to his room. As he opened his bedroom door and saw his son curled up and whimpering. He immediately picked up his child. They boy flinched violently and immediately struggled until he gently rubbed his back as he exited his room. His child would need something to eat.


Little Harry was sleeping when he heard two cracks. He had kept his eyes closed just in case. When he opened them he saw two small flappy eared creatures. In his mind he thought they looked like small goblins and in the stories he was read by his teacher and aunt, goblins often ate people. In Harrys mind the small goblins were going to hurt him so he cried in hope someone would save him.

Just when he was about to get out of bed to try and run about in a panic the man that held him before entered the room and before he could see what was wrong the man picked him up. Harry wasn't use to being picked up and held so he struggled. But when he was about to scream the man rubbed his back in a very soothing manner. He couldn't help but melt and lay contently in the arms of the man as he walked to an unfamiliar room.


Tom was walking to the dining room as he held an upset child. He couldn't help but ruin his expressionless face with a slight smile as he felt his son calm and snuggle closer. When he entered the dining room he gently placed the child on a chair.

"Are you alright child?" Tom asked quietly. His little boy looked up and his bright green eyes sparkled.

"Yes sir. But may I ask sir where am I?" Harry looked at the man nervously but his eyes were filled with questions and curiosity.

"You Harry are in my manor. And please do not call me sir."

"Then what should I call you."

"Well before I tell you that let me tell you a little story while you get something to eat alright."

Harry nodded in agreement, he was hungry. He sat patiently as he heard the man call out two names, Missy, and Maddy. He was curious as to who these people were but cried out and fell his chair. It was the goblins again.

"Harry what's wrong child?" Tom immediately rushed to his son and placed him back upon his seat. His boy's legs were still injured so he would still need assistance.

"Goblins" the child cried out and curled up. Tom fought the urge to laugh. House elves goblins, that was funny. But of course the child wouldn't know what a house elf was due to his biased upbringing. "No child those creatures are called house elves. They do house hold chores and such."

"House elves." Harry looked up for reassurance.

"Yes child house elves, not goblins. I would never allow such a foul creature harm you" Tom looked at his little boy seriously as Harry slightly smiled at him.

Tom turned from his son and addressed the house elves. "Missy, Maddy please get something light to eat for Harry."

A few moments later both house elves appeared with a tray of vegetable soup, a small bisect and a glass of pumpkin juice.

"Here's yous beings master" said Maddy who was holding the tray.

"Foods for little masters." Said Missy who was happily bouncing beside her twin making sure the tray didn't tip.

As soon as the creatures appeared the disappeared to return to the future heirs room to make sure it was perfect.

Once the tray of food was placed in front of the little hungry boy Tom began.

"I am going to tell you a story. There was once a man who wanted to be very strong. And he would do anything to do it. He gathered followers and was told to be a man of light, a vanquisher of evil."

He paused as he watched amusedly as his son ate his soup slurping.

"After vanquishing a great evil, this man decided to become a teacher. The man spent years teaching and improving his public image. One day in the month of June many years ago, the man visited an orphanage. There was a boy he wanted to bring to his school. His name was Tom Riddle. Now the boy Tom was a smart boy and saw what the man truly was. A Manipulator. Do you know what that means Harry?" the boy was only five after all.

"Yes sir, that means someone who tricks to do what they want. Right?"

"That's right Harry. Anyways back to the story. You see Tom was smart and the man didn't like smart people because smart people do what they want and not what he wants so he wanted to get rid of Tom. But Tom was smart so he made many friends in school and became a leader just like the man. Tom got many followers but the man didn't like that because people were not following him. So he made people think bad of Tom by spreading horrible rumors. Tom had many ideals most didn't agree with. Tom became cruel with time and was easily angered. One day one of Tom's followers told him of a boy who would hurt him so he had to make sure he went away. Do you understand so far Harry?"

Tom looked at his son and smiled, he was currently munching on his biscuit. He watched as his son swallowed. " I think so sir, Tom was a strong leader so was the man and both wanted to be strong. But when the follower of Tom found out something to make tom weak he had to get rid of it. Tom wanted to be strong."

"Basically child. Anyways Tom went to get rid of the threat, bit when he got there he had three potential threats. Two boys and a girl. Tom chose the strongest looking child and tried to get rid of him but when he did he disappeared. A few years later he reappeared and took his place as leader once more. And then one day Tom formed an unbreakable bond with a boy who was brother to Tom's threat. Tom's soul became attached to the boy and the boy became his son in everything but blood. Do understand what I'm telling you Harry?"

"No sir."
"My name is Tom Harry."

"Does that mean you have lots of followers?"

"Yes Harry I have lots of followers. But that is not the point. The boy is you Harry. You are now my son. And the threat of my power was your brother."

"I have a brother?"

"Yes Harry you do."

"And your my dad?"

"If you accept me."

The child looked down and whispered. "I've never had a dad before."

"That's ok child you are my son no matter what and I'll love you no matter what."

Harry looked up at his new father unsurely. This man said he was his new father. Would he love him like his Uncle loved his cousin Dudley? He hoped so. "You love me?"

"With everything I am child." Tom brought his son into his arms and held him in an embrace. He looked down and smiled gently as he saw a lone tear depart from his son's eye.

The silence was broken when Harry whispered "I would like to have a dad." With that simple sentence Tom's heart soared. "Call me dad, father or Tom but never Sir."

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