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The Ringmasters: The Girl Who Was On Fire, WolfRida, Tare-Bear, Maddie Rose and Laralulu.

Since this is a collaboration between five of us, we decided to do something a little bit different. If you have five authors, why make just the one story?

So we ended up with a Games that are totally different to anything we've seen before.

What's so special about them?

They're set now.

Allan Teller- Five Star General and Gamemaker of the 6th Games

Sometimes I wonder how they got me back here again; organising to send 50 kids to their deaths for the sins of their parents.

I was a five star general 6 years ago, on the front lines and fighting for my country; for our pride and for our families. Sure, the job wasn't glorious. In fact, it was filthy and often the blood on your hands got so thick that you didn't want to get up for work the next day, but in the end you know you're doing the right thing.

The press release that changed my life, and the lives of 250 children, came suddenly.

There was no warning as the world came crashing down around our ears.

The President's face appeared on the screen.

It looked like just another news story, some cameras flashing and the American flag flying proudly behind him, but the story was far from ordinary.

"Good evening people of America," he began, "2006 saw the darkest year in our nation's history. The worst crime rates we have seen and some of the most despicable crimes exacted on our own people.

"This was no work of outsiders, but from within our own nation. Thousands of people killed or maimed by their neighbours, their friends and even their family.

"Our attempts to decrease the crime rate through extra policing, stricter penalties and harsher treatment have done nothing to stop these heinous crimes. Congress has met to debate the solution to this deadly era in the evolution of the American nation.

"Despite our best efforts, we came to only one solution drastic enough and harsh enough, to send a message to every citizen of America to say that this is not right, we do not condone.

"And so, ladies and gentlemen, we reached the final solution," an entire nation held its breath as the President delivered this line. Every single person, from the criminals to the victims, wanted to know what possible punishment could be so bad that the Congress believed it could eradicate the country's crime for eternity. The criminals were scornful, the victims curious, but in the end, they were all the same: terrified.

"Once a year from this point onwards, one child from each state of America will be taken to compete in an event, a Game, if you will, to show you what will happen if you do not remain peaceful. Until there are no crimes in the United States, fifty children will fight to the death in an arena every year. Only one of them will survive, and 49 will die because of your choices to instigate violence and crime in your country. There are no second chances, no mercy, unless you choose to be at peace for the sake of your children and this nation. Good night."

The entire country was in silence after this announcement. Looking at their calendars, hoping to see the date '1st April,' but none of them did.

This wasn't a joke.

Somehow, I was chosen as the one to organise these events, to build an arena for children to fight to the death in, and to organise the military drones that made sure every television in the country could show the deaths of their children.

Although I know that it is for our country, to protect the people from themselves, there's still something that feels wrong about sending kids as young as twelve to fight against eighteen year olds - basically adults - in an arena. I even have two daughters, an eleven year old and a six year old. Too young to be picked, but old enough for me to know the barbarism that killing them would entail.

Only five children have come back from the arena, and I will never forget their names even if they finally stop the Games.

Ash Lee

Ryder Fletcher

Jared Klerk

Rose Eveleth

Lulu St. Clare

If I thought that it would get easier after five years, I was wrong.