Later, inside the workshop, the door opened on the doorway and the scene began

to change as the lane begun to increase it's length towards to sky, then riding out of the station was the one and only TORNADO! The aircraft was a modern day plane

colored rich red with highlights of yellow strips and the wings were silver colored with Tails inside the pilot seat and Sonic stand on top of the wing. The plane

was an amazing sight to Pooh and his allies; Sonic jumped off the in front of the group with his usual pose and spoke:

Sonic: Well! Let's get you all ready to go then! Tails?

Tails (with some rope): Coming, Sonic!

Soon, everyone is prepared and ready! Tails has wrapped a large piece rope around Stay Puft waist then wrapped the end of it on the left side of the wing, tightly; coming out of the workshop was Pooh Bear and his friends except Mewtwo, Good Fairy and Slimer, who were waiting outside with pilot brown coats, hats, boots and goggles loan by Tails and Sonic. Sonic looked back at the others in wonder…

Sonic (curious): Are you two sure you don't need a ride?

Good Fairy (giggled): No but thanks you, besides me and Mewtwo decided to fly together but we'll be in close range though…

Sonic (pointing to Slimer): What about him?

Slimer was flying around his big marshmallow friend in excitement.

Mewtwo (chuckled): Don't worry about him…He'll be fine!

Tails (Called out): Okay, Sonic! We're ready to go!

Sonic (smirked): Great!

Everyone was getting ready in position: Stay Puft knelt down low enough to let Pooh and his friends on his back, then with a big deep breath, Stay Puft began to float into midair, spreading out his pudgy arms and legs. Mewtwo used his psychic powers to raise himself into the air as for the Good Fairy turned herself into her blue glowing spirit form, flying next to Mewtwo while Slimer flew next to Stay Puft and finally Tails and Sonic jumped in the Tornado.

They gang then spotted the Old man waving back but not right at them, still Sonic called out to him to watch over their home while they're gone. The Old man agreed to his terms though for Sonic, sarcastically, agreed. He turned to face Tails….

Sonic: Ready to go, Tails?

Tails: Right!

Sonic (calls out to Pooh & the gang): Ready, Pooh Bear?

Pooh (confident): Ready! (Curiously) Uh….for what?

Unexpectedly, the Tornado zoomed off into the sky in a blink of an eye, almost sending Pooh and the others off of Stay Puft while the big Mash mellow man gleamed for joy. Mewtwo and the Good Fairy looked at each other them laughed silently to themselves before taking off towards them.


It was a 30 min flight but the group finally arrived at the destination, The Land of the Sky! Wondrous floating islands that form a paradise inhabited white buildings with exquisite features and amazing oasis all over. The scenery was amazing sight! The group flew across to the central island where the biggest building, similar the White House, came into view…standing high and proud as it should be. Cautiously, Tails lowered down the Tornado along with inflated Stay Puft in front of the Capital House; The Tornado was shut off as Sonic leaped down to the gravel ground, made a perfect landing on two of his feet as the small genius used his two tails to bring himself down. Stay Puft exhale all the air out of him returning him to his original size and shape, then lowered himself down enough to let Pooh and the others slide down safely soon Mewtwo and the Good fairy arrived at the scene. Sonic and Tails approached the big white stairs with his friend when they noticed that Pooh Bear and his friends stood at the exact spot. The group of foreigners was too amazed at the size of the capital building that stands before them.

Sonic (whistle): Hey! Are you guys coming or what? We don't have all day, the president is WAITING!

Soon, the group of heroes finally arrived at the Presidents office. Sonic turned towards Pooh and the gang, giving them a wink and smile for encouragement while Tails readied himself to open the two large twin doors. With a snap from Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails immediately opened both the doors revealing a large white room, the floor is cover in red carpet with pictures and antiques, organized, on each side of the room, at the end center was a large desk with his name tag on the front.

Sonic and the group entered the large, official room; Sonic stepped toward the desk of authority and announced…

Sonic: Mr. President, I've arrived with a few new friends so what's the" urgent business"?

Pooh Bear and the group suspected to see the president as did Sonic and Tails but instead heard a maniacal chuckle. The Leather chair turned only to a stoat man with a long nose, whose mustache was about at least 2 feet long and dark lens spectacles; he wore a red, yellow and black body suite and white gloves. He smiled wickedly at the group though he was surprised to see a few unusual characters next to the Good Fairy, perhaps he finishes some matters here he'll have to monitor them later….

? : Well, It's been a long hasn't it…Good to see you again Sonic as to you to my dear, Good Fairy…looks like you brought some new friends… (Giggle sinisterly).

Tails (stunned then growls): DR. ROBOTNIK!

Good Fairy (glared): So you finally revealed yourself…

Mewtwo and the others stared at the Good Fairy, surprised to know that she knew Sonic long enough to the doctor and knew that Robotnik isn't a good guy judging by Tails reaction, the Good Fairy stubbornness and Sonic's silence; Mewtwo especially doesn't like the way Robotnik is staring her, the Good Fairy.

? (Grinned evilly): …Please accept this small token of my gratitude for coming all this to see ME!

With the sound of the loud click, the group swiftly faced a group of large metallic robots with large guns aiming right behind them. Tigger was the first to react!

Tigger (yelled in panic): LOOKOUT! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!

Sonic, Tails, Mewtwo and Stay Puft launched into action while others duck out of harm's way; soon, the Robots was turned into a pile of scrap and then disappeared in a puff of smoke. Pooh and his friends stared in awe at their performance. Sonic stepped forward confronting the devious villain!

Sonic (grinned): …That's a funny way to thank us!

Sonic began using his spin attack to strike Robotnik when a voice of despair called out…


Sonic skid to a halt as he along with the others turned around to find a horde of robots holding a stoat, authority man and a teen girl with a large pink bow and a monkey tail, hostage. The large man was desperate about the situation as he begged to Sonic….

? (Begged): Sonic, for the sake of my daughter and everyone else, LISTEN TO HIM!

Sonic turned to Robotnik…

Sonic (growled): That's a dirty trick, Robotnik!

Then Tails joined in….

Tails: No fair! You kidnap the President and Sara so you can hold them for ransom and take over South Island, did you!

Robotnik said nothing but laughed for his confession. He leaped over the desk and landed onto the center of the room, showing to be not only round but tall as way.

Robotnik (confident): Do you really think I'm capable to something that underhanded? ME?

Robots (ALL): YES!

The doctor toppled over then got on his feet to face Sonic.

Robotnik: Now Sonic, I've got the upper-hand, here! This is about the entire Planet of Freedom so you better do what I say!

Sonic (turns away): NO WAY!

With the snap of a finger, one of the robots hold the President's daughter, Sara brought over his weapon upon her, threaten to bring her harm.

Robotnik (grinned evilly): Oh, Don't you care about "pretty" young, Sara?

Sara (winced nervously): Help me, Daddy!

President (nervous): Little Sara! S…Sonic, please listen to whatever Robotnik has to say….!

Mewtwo was becoming pretty disgusted with Robotnik's action, no wonder the Good Fairy despise him so much, still he stand his ground. Pooh Bear and the others were becoming uneasy about the situation; they all turned to Sonic, hoping to know what decision he made. Finally, Sonic gave in and decided to listen to his archenemy.

Sonic (pouted): Oh alright, I'll listen!

Mewtwo (stepping forward) : And we'll listen to him, too!

Good Fairy (properly): Very well, then, tell us what need to hear, Robotnik.

Robotnik (smiling brightly): Thank you, Good Fairy, I will!

Robotnik clear his throat as he began his "speech", summoning a holograph of the Planet Freedom itself.

Robotnik (serious): As "most" of you know, Planet Freedom is made by two separate dimensions; the outer world you live in is the Land of the Sky….

Rabbit interrupted…

Rabbit (scoffed): Why don't you tell something we don't already know!

Robotnik (growled then shout at Rabbit): SHUT UP, VERMIN!

Stay Puft (snickered then whispered in rabbit's ears): You got POWed, rabbit!

Slimer (joined in): Yeah!

Rabbit blushed in embarrassment, pouting and crossing his arms like an angry child. Before they arrived here, the Good fairy explained to everyone about the land of the Sky and what it was like, twice in a row, so he wasn't in the mood for another history about it. Still sat back and listened. Robotnik went back to his speech….

Robotnik:…And the inner dimension is known as the Land of the Darkness (camera zooming close to the hologram showing the vision of the city) There I lived "peacefully" in a utopian city called "Robo-tropolis, until Metal Robotnik came out of nowhere attacked my 'peaceful' city with billion of demonic robots. They conquered us and drove me out of my home. Metal Robotnik then sabotage the Robot Generator which created the high voltage system for the entire city!…It is running uncontrollably and there is no place to store this excessive electricity…(the vision ended, zooming back to Robotnik) According to my calculation, if the Robot Generator isn't spotted by sunrise tomorrow…there will be a giant EXPLOSION…!

Robotnik soon heard a small sound of snoring in the background. Who would dare sleep in an important situation? He lowered his spectacles, only to find his army of robot and the hostages, asleep on the floor. He turned to the other direction. Sonic, Tails, Pooh and the others were snoring too. This made the so scientist frustrated that he quickly grabbed a large pine from his pocket, poisoning himself to pop it.


He pops the hologram causing a loud explosion to awaken everyone in the room! As the result, Robot got damaged. The president became worried in fear as his daughter grabs the smallest robot for comfort.

President (begs): H…how can we stop this terrible thing from happening, Robotnik?

Robotnik straightens himself up and crossed his arms, becoming serious as he answered the president…

Robotnik: There's only one thing to do…somebody has to get through Metal Robotnik's robots, go into Robo-tropolis and stop that generator before sunrise….(he points to Sonic who is playing with his nose) AND IT SHOULD BE THE FASTEST ONE HERE!

Sonic (bluntly) Forget about it! You're the one who created that stupid contraption in the first place. Why should I go around and cleaning up YOUR messes!

Panicking, the president pushed Robotnik aside roughly as he approached Sonic, begging him to accept Robotnik's offer!

President (begged): Sonic, please do it! You're the one who can save South Island and The entire planet Freedom!

Sara pushed her father aside…

Sara (worried): Sonic! I don't care what happens to Robotnik or Daddy but please do this for the two of us…

Sonic (jumps off the table, scoffed): Someone tells me why I should trust Robotnik 99 / 100 he's LYING!

Tails (also jumps off/ questions): But what if this one of those other times?

Sonic was surprised by this, crossing his arms into deep thought. Pooh and his friends looked at each other then back at Sonic, only he can decided whether or not he should trust Robotnik. The Good Fairy thought a moment about the scientist pleas. Maybe the doctor really is in need of their help. Why else would he go through the trouble of capturing the President and his daughter: to lure Sonic here and reason with him for help, of course! But could this be a trap…? Mewtwo leaned close to her ear, whispering softly so nobody could hear…

Mewtwo (serious): I do not believe in the doctor's words but perhaps it's best for us to keep silent about this until the truth is revealed…

The Good Fairy nod in agreement to her dear friends words. She remained silent for the rest of the meeting. Soon, Sonic began to show his usual smirk of coolness meaning he has agreed to Robotnik terms.

Sonic: Fine, I'll do it!

The president and his daughter signed in relief while Robotnik smirked with success. He quickly walked over to Tails, knowing he is the smart one, hand out a watch with his icon on it!

Robotnik (smiles brightly): Now Tails, you need to take this with you. (He quickly grabs his small arms and locked it on to him. Tails inspect it with skill): It's a navigator, as long as you have it with you, it will navigate you. Using the fastest route, of course!

Tails (uncertain but polite): Uh, Thank you Robotnik.

Sonic: Come on, everyone, let's go!

Everyone, soon, began to exit in a flash: Sonic and Tails zoomed out of the official room; Mewtwo and the Good Fairy teleported out of sight; Slimer flew through the glass window with Stay Puft following behind, resulting him breaking the window and landing perfectly on the ground with no injury. Only Pooh Bear and his friends are left….

100 Ace Wood Group (calling as they all shoved at each other to catch up with the others): WAIT FOR US!