Title: The Relationship Complexities
Description: When blossoming Amy Farrah Fowler starts to become more comfortable with herself and the complex world around her, will Sheldon Cooper be able to hold on? Set in current season, featuring S/A, L/P and H/B pairings.
Author's Note: First chapter is up! This story is going to be an ongoing piece, not a one-shot, and is set in the current season. It will be updated as best possible based upon any new developments on the show. My apologies if the character's lines are not as 'intelligent' as they are on the show, unfortunately I failed science quite miserably, and will avoid writing about it where possible. Rated M for future content and language. Any questions, feel free to ask away!
Disclaimer: I do not own The Big Bang Theory, or any of its related characters.

Chapter One

Sheldon was floored. "Leonard," he pressed, "How on earth can you even begin to consider altering the arrangement of this perfectly appointed living space. I have spent countless hours mapping out the precise location of each piece of furniture, and I don't really care of certain members of our social group don't have place to sit."

Adjacent to him, in an armchair seating himself and a very squashed Penny, Leonard sighed. "Sheldon, would it really be that terrible if we introduced a few extra pieces of furniture; and no, don't worry – you'll still have 'your spot'".

"Excuse me, but how many times do I have to run through this with you. My spot is ideally located –"

"Both in relation to the heat source in the winter and a cross breeze in the summer. It also faces the television at a direct angle allowing you to play games or watch television without having to talk to anyone. We know Sheldon," parroted an irritable Penny, attempting to shovel Thai food into her mouth without elbowing Leonard in the ribs.

From the floor, Howard stifled a laugh, "Honestly Leonard, don't bother – next time Bernie and I will bring fold-out chairs and setup camp."

Sheldon shook his head in disgust. "You most certainly will not be bringing any outdoor furniture into my apartment – who knows where they have been or how well they have been disinfected –"

Amy interjected, quickly. "So Bernadette – how go the wedding celebration plans? Is it almost time for a wild night of Bachelorette fun?" she said, sitting neatly between Bernadette and Sheldon on the couch.

"Oh, yes, very well – thank you!" gushed Bernadette, "As you know, the selection of venue has finally been decided! The place is just beautiful… the ceremony is going to be held outside and the reception indoors. It's coming up so fast… only a month away! As for the Bachelorette party, I left that one up to you didn't I…?"

Amy grinned and winked at Penny. "You most certainly did! Indigenous body painting… copious quantities of alcohol… naked men - "

Three pairs of male eyes darted up to look at the brunette, "Excuse me," began Sheldon, "Naked men? Now, Amy, isn't that a little over the top? Besides, the bachelorette party or 'hens night' dates back centuries; it's true purpose to ready the bride-to-be for a lifetime of subservience and child bearing."

"And now, in it's more modern form, is an outlet for the bachelorette to 'let her hair down'. Since the sexual revolution of the 60s, bachelorette parties have been widely accepted as a celebration of the bride's last night as a free woman – am I right Penny?" Amy countered, smirking.

Penny shifted in her awkward position and reached for her wine. "You are spot on, bestie. Now, speaking of parties – what do you boys have planned for Howard's bachelor party?"

Leonard paused and glanced at a very silent Raj. "Uhhh, we haven't exactly got anything planned –"

"And for all intents and purposes that is the way it will remain." Sheldon said, indignant.

"Oh, come on Sheldon, Leonard – Howard deserves a little fun before he's strung up with this lovely young woman!" Penny indicated to Bernadette, who grinned in response.

Leonard was concerned. He hadn't even considered a bachelor party for Howard, and didn't have a clue where to begin. This was going to take some thought, and soon.

Bernadette stood up. "Well, everyone – this has been lovely but we'd best be heading home before Mrs. Wolowitz starts calling Howie every five minutes."

With that, Raj rose too, and leant over to whisper in Howard's ear. "Fine, we'll give you a ride. And can you please stop calling me that," Howard joked, inducing a reddened face from his Indian friend. The trio headed off, bantering as they went.

Penny began to clear the plates, but Leonard stopped her. "Here, let me do that," he said chivalrously, "Anything for my lady."

The blonde giggled and sipped her wine, giving him her best bedroom eyes, "Why, thank you."

Since experimenting with dating only weeks earlier, the two had been inseparable. The relationship was doing better than ever; they were infatuated with one another all over again – much to Sheldon's aggravation.

Sheldon huffed, "Leonard, do I have to remind you of the newly updated Penny section of the Roommate Agreement?" he said, "Or do I need to get it out again?"

Leonard scowled, grabbed Penny's hand and headed for the door. "Sheldon, lay off. We will be heading over to Penny's tonight anyway – happy?"

"Very. Now, Amy – are you up for a late night game of Counterfactuals?" he turned to her, cards at the ready.

She peered through her glasses at him, smiling, and picked up her wine Penny had poured for her. "Of course Sheldon, you start."

He could hardly contain his excitement, "This is a new one I just popped in there," he said proudly, "In a world where zombies have taken over civilization, and man has to look to re-populate the earth, who are the survivors?"

Amy looked at him over her glass, perplexed. "Sheldon, that is preposterous. You know I am not a fan of your –"

"I know, I know – attempt the answer anyway, it is quite simple."

Leaning back into the couch, Amy crossed her arms over her chest. Only yesterday had she and her bestie, Penny, been discussing her and Sheldon's relationship. Penny had eagerly suggested she attempt harmless flirting, which Amy insisted she had no idea how to – her bestie promising her she would give her some tips at their next catch-up. Amy paused; perhaps this was a moment to stroke his ego?

She leaned in slightly, awkwardly. "Well, Sheldon, I believe that individual may be you," she smiled sweetly, swishing the liquid in her glass.

Sheldon beamed, missing the inference all together. "Why thank you Amy! Although, that's not the answer I was looking for. The answer would be…"

"I truly do think it would be you, Sheldon," she pressed, trying her luck. Making her best attempt to bat her eyelashes – which resulted in an eyelash getting caught somewhere -, she scooted over even more, causing him to jump and look at her quizzically.

"Amy Farrah Fowler, are you drunk – again?" he jeered, glaring, "You know, I do think you may need to start going to those AA meetings I found for you –"

Amy sighed in frustration and closed her eyes. No, she was not drunk, not yet anyway. His underwhelming response was enough to make her take another swig of her drink, much to his annoyance.

Placing her glass down, perhaps with a little too much force, she huffed. "You know what, Sheldon? It would be just swell if for once you could take a hint. Your blatant lack of awareness astounds me, given your high intellect."

"A hint? To what are you referring?"

Amy rose from her spot and straightened her skirt. "Never mind, it is not of importance. I'd best be going; I have a busy day at the lab ahead of me tomorrow." With that, she slung her handbag over her shoulder and walked to the door.

He looked at her intently, for the first time that evening. In her frumpy blue cardigan and grey skirt, with her shoulders slightly slumped, she looked tired. Sheldon couldn't put his finger on it but something wasn't quite right. "Good night, Amy – speak to you tomorrow?"

She turned, "Sure. Good night, Sheldon."