Hey everyone! This is mostly for the sake of new readers, and also anyone who missed it the last time I posted a note about it.

Someone Like You is over, but I do currently have Somebody That I Used to Know (a distant sequel of sorts) and Turning Tables (a companion piece which overlaps with this story, but from Roderich's POV) up on this site as well.

There is just something I want to make clear:

SLY is the first in the Songverse Continuity, a series of stories which I will be expanding on. STIUTK and TT are also in that continuity, and I currently have quite a few stories planned for this series (of which, not all will be centered around Gilbert and Roderich). These stories will all be uploaded slowly, so rest assured there is more of this series to come! :)

Looking forward to seeing you all again,

xx Tina