Summary: Naruto runaway from four villagers. Kyuubi see Naruto and wants to make Naruto his mate. But will Naruto Accept or will he fight? Yoai, KyuubixNaurto, boyxboy.

Warning: yaoi, boyxboy, violence, kidnapping, rape, and mpreg.

Chapter one: runaway

Naruto was being attacked by four villagers. One villagers held his hands above his head. Two held his lags down, to stop him from getting away.

"No, Stop it!" Naruto cried. "Let me go" Naruto began to struggle to get loose. One of the villagers began to remove his clothing. Naruto tried to fight him off.

"If you hold still, this will be a lot eraser on you." One of the villagers whispered in Naruto ear.

When none of the villagers were looking, Naruto used one of his three tails to grabbed a stick. Then he hit all four villagers with the stick. The villagers let him go, he made a run for it. Naruto ran into The Forest of Death. When he thought it was clear he transformed into a three tailed fox.

Naruto had blond furry with white furry at the tip of his tail and ears. Naruto ran a little feather into the forest. To his hiding spot, which was a hole under a tree. He would hide here when the villagers would attack him.


Kyuubi walked through The Forest of Death. He had not be to Konoda Village in years. He was going to go see the Uchiha and the Hyuugo clan. There Clans have been friends for years. Kyuubi kept walking, until he seen a blond fox walk by. The blond fox was in heat, and was giving off a sweet smell of vanilla and chocolate. Kyuubi followed the blond fox, until it went into a hole.

'The little fox smells so good' Kyuubi thought.

"I want the little blond fox" Kyuubi muttered, turned into his fox form. His fox form was red fur with black tip tail and ears. He made his way over to the hole in the tree.


Naruto was laying on his grass bed cleaning his cuts, when he heard someone coming. Naruto jumping on all four.

'This is not my day' Naruto told himself. He was in heat and was being attacked by everyone and it was only his first day of heat. He hated the summer he was in pain, everyone attacked him. What made things worse for Naruto, was that he looked fourteen even though he was eighteen. Naruto was short for his age, had a baby face which was girly as well as his body.


Kyuubi made his way down the hole. Where he found a little blond fox cleaning it cuts.

'It must have been in a fight or, running away from someone' Kyuubi thought.

'What if someone was trying to mate with him before me? I'm not going to let that happen.' The little fox was ready for any attacks.


'I never seen a fox with nine tails before. The only foxes I do see, they normally have three or five' Naruto choked.

'What if he wants to mate with me, no not again, I don't want to mate or be a one night thing. I know I will use my full strength.' Naruto told himself, Naruto started to revile another three tails.


Kyuubi stared at the little blond fox when he started to grow three new tails.

'He is stronger, then he appears' Kyuubi smiled and began to jump around.

'He is stronger than the foxes in my village' the little blond fox tried to seek past him while he was in his own world. Kyuubi come to; when he seen the blond fox run past him. Kyuubi ran after him, the little blond fox was fast.

The little blond fox stopped, his three tails disappeared only showing three again. There was three other demons with them know. There was a yellow lion, black wolf, and a dark-blue leopard. Kyuubi looked back at the little blond fox, it three tails were between its lag.

'These most me the three that attacked him earlier. They must want him' Kyuubi thought.

"So this is where you ran off to Naruto" the leopard spoke.

'Naruto is his name, how cute' Kyuubi jumped around.

"Who is your little friend Naruto?" the wolf asked.

"I bet we are more fun than he is" the lion smirked.

"Come on we will make you feel good" the leopard joked.

"No! You are here to help me find him" the wolf yelled.

"But, we want a reword for helping" the lion whined.

"I will reword you in the end, but Naruto is mine in the end" the wolf growled. "Naruto come and be my mate I will protect you." The three of them began to move towards Naruto.

"No, go away I don't want to mate with you or anyone else" Naruto hissed at them.

"Naruto either be my mate by choose or force" the wolf worried him.

"NO!" is all Naruto got to say before Kyuubi was over him. Naruto had forgotten he was there.

"You're out of luck; he my mate" Kyuubi hissed in warning. Naruto jumped around to face him.

"I'm not your mate either, I don't even know you" Naruto pointed out. Without warning the wolf ran towards Naruto, to grab him in his mouth like he was a baby fox. The one bad thing Naruto is the size of a baby fox even thaw he is eighteen. Kyuubi grabs Naruto by the neck as if he was a baby kit. "Let me go you ass hole." Naruto piped, trying to claw Kyuubi.

"Be quiet" Kyuubi warned Naruto. The wolf attacked Kyuubi, snapping and biting at him. Kyuubi made shore Naruto was not getting hurt, he could tell Naruto was scared. Naruto was trembling because he was afraid. The lion and the leopard joined into the fight. Kyuubi dogged every attack thrown at him.

The lion had bit Naruto on the lag by accident. Naruto gave out a loud yelp of pain and began to cry. They all stopped fighting and stood still. Kyuubi placed Naruto on the ground. Naruto began to limp away, and laid up against a tree. He began to yelp again, it sound like he was calling his parents for help. Kyuubi spotted blood where the lion had bit Naruto.

Kyuubi became angry at what had happened to Naruto. His true power began to show. Kyuubi attacked the lion, bring him down with one blow. Kyuubi looked over towards the leopard, with eyes as red as can be. The leopard ran away with his tail between his lags. Kyuubi looked over to the wolf, to see him walking over to Naruto. Kyuubi attacked the wolf, they fought for several min. Before the wolf was thrown across the ground.

"This not over, I will have Naruto as my mate." The wolf warned him, before running off. Kyuubi walked over to Naruto, and looked down at him.

"Go away! I don't want to be your mate!" Naruto yelled, trying to runaway Naruto barely made it anywhere before falling. Naruto tried to stand up, but failed.

"I don't think you have a choose in the mater." Kyuubi declared, turning into his human form. Naruto stared at Kyuubi he had never seen someone that handsome before. Kyuubi had red hair and eyes as red as blood. Naruto had never seen eyes like this before, he felt like he was being sucked into his eyes. Kyuubi walked over to Naruto picked him up gentle with out hurting him, and placed him in his arms. Kyuubi smiled, pulling something out of his pocket and placed it around Naruto neck.

"WHAT THE HELL! Is this a collar?" Naruto yelled trying to pull it off.

"Yes, it so people know you belong to me. And so you don't turn into your human form. I think you be to hard handle in your human form, and this way it is easer to carry you around. And only I can take it off of you, and if some one tries they get shocked." Kyuubi smiled, walking on to the village.

Naruto fought to get away, but couldn't get away. Naruto bit and clawed him to let him go. I didn't work because; he would get smacked on the butt and flicked in the nose. Naruto had finally given up after awhile, and started to relax in Kyuubi's arms. Naruto hurt to munch to fight anymore. He was covered in cuts, bruises, and bit marks. Now his butt and nose stung from the smacks and flicks.

When they arrived in the village people stared at them. Naruto curled into a ball to hide himself in Kyuubi's arms. Kyuubi could tell that Naruto didn't want to be here. A random villager had walked up to Kyuubi, and snatched Naruto out of his arms. The villager lifted his arm in the are to throw Naruto, who was still in a ball form. Before the village had the change to throw Naruto, Kyuubi grabbed his arm.

"What do you think you are doing?" Kyuubi asked, with anger in his eyes.

"The little brat needs to learn a lesson on not messing with our guest" the villagers answered.

"That little brat is my mate, and if you don't want to loose a arm I suggest you let him go." Kyuubi warned with anger in his voice. Kyuubi began to tight his grip on the arm until the man gave Naruto back. Kyuubi let go of the mans arm after he got Naruto back.

"Why would you want a half breed for a mate?" the villager asked, holding his arm.

"Because, I never seen such beautiful furry or eyes before in a fox" Kyuubi smiled down at Naruto, who was still curled in a ball. Kyuubi started to walk away from the villager.

August Stark:Try to guess who the black wolf is.

Here are your chooses:

1. Sasuke Uchiha

2. Kakashi Hyuuga

3. Madara Uchiha (Sasuke's uncle)

4. Itachi Uchiha

5. Pain