Rule 1: Don't Eat Sugar Around Any Of The 'Bots

"I'm so going to enjoy this," Dani murmured as she started at the forbidden cookie in her hand with delight. She had made sure that no 'Bot, especially Ratchet, was around before pulling it out of the secret spot where she had hidden her stash. His idea of a snack was a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables, not that she had any problem with them. A girl could only eat so many carrot sticks or apples though before snapping.

Dani was so intent on congratulating herself for sneaking in this forbidden treat that she failed to note the sound of approaching footsteps moving towards the room. She also failed to note that the footsteps belonged to a certain medic, who stopped in the doorway. His optics took in the sight of the cookie and widened.

::Ironhide, I need your help!:: he commed to the weapons specialist. He knew that taking anything away from the girl was a hassle without backup, especially when it came to sugary filled treats.

::On my way,:: the mech growled and within moments he had joined Ratchet. He took in the sight of the cookie being held triumphantly in Dani's hand and his optics narrowed. At a silent three the two 'Bots moved towards her, finally catching her attention.

Hearing the sound of two sets of heavy footsteps rushing towards her Dani turned, cookie still held up in the air. The girl's eyes widened at the sight of the two mechs rushing towards her and she froze, inwardly cursing for not being so observant and being too cocky. With a well trained eye and skilled shot, Ratchet threw his trusty wrench, knocking the cookie from Dani's hand leaving Ironhide to crush it into crumbs underneath his foot.

"You know better," Ratchet growled before producing an orange and setting it firmly in front of her. Dani could only stare at him in shock. How much practice had he had to be able to knock one small cookie out of her hand without harming her in the process?

She sighed as she grabbed the orange and began to peel it underneath Ironhide and Ratchet's watchful gazes. In some matters Dani had discovered that it was better to simply surrender. The matter of snacks was just one such occasion…this time. Next time she would have her sugary treat!