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I'm totally addicted to the Vampire Diaries and since 2 weeks I can't get out of my mind that beautiful scene between Caroline and Klaus. So, I have decided to write a little story about them and I hope you're gonna like it.

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Caroline felt really confused about the whole bracelet thing. What the hell did it mean? She understood why he had saved her. He needed the support of her mom, and there was no better way for him to get it. But what was with all the talking? And… what about the bracelet? Caroline couldn't help but think about it. She knew she shouldn't think about him at all, but something in their conversation keep bothering her. He had seemed so honest for once; it was really disturbing. Caroline tried to clear her mind and keep her focus on her French lesson, but it was hopeless. The god damn bracelet was gorgeous, but for once she wasn't that interested in the piece of jewelry itself. What it was haunting her was the meaning of it. Why on earth did he do that? , she wondered for the billionth time.

It was one week since the whole birthday debacle, and her mind had been confused the whole time. She had caught sight of Klaus once or twice at the Grill, but he never spoke to her, so she didn't approach him. Speaking about it, that too was bizarre. Klaus now actually lived in Mystic Falls, and running into him at the Grill or anywhere else was beyond weird. They had all spent a whole year trying to kill him, and then trying to hide that Elena was still alive. And now he was just building his own house here, seriously?

She couldn't help but think about what he'd said to her. That her life was actually only beginning and that she had tons of options in front of her. It was strange, but he had helped her that night. He put things in some perspective that she hadn't until then, and it made her realize that, in a way, he was right. She could do anything. She could travel, she could learn some new languages, and she could see all the wonders in the world. But, what the point of doing it all alone ? Because, that was her real problem. She was not going to age ever again, and slowly she was going to lose everyone she loved. So, what's the point of being alive if you are alone? That was the real question. It was one that Caroline couldn't answer.

Klaus too was thinking about their little talk. He didn't' know exactly why he had told Caroline all those things, but seeing her on her deathbed because of him had somehow managed to make him feel a little uncomfortable. And being uncomfortable was definitely not a feeling he was used to. She looked so beautiful, and so sad, and so resigned to her own death that it had intrigued him. That, and the fact that she didn't seem afraid of him. Even when she had asked if he was going to kill her, she didn't seem to be scared, and he wasn't used to that. Truth to be told, he had liked saving her. He had liked that she had let him take her in his arms, and he had liked the way she hungrily drank his blood. He knew that a big part of it was that she didn't want to die, but he also felt that she actually had enjoyed his blood. He had no clue what she thought about the bracelet, but he was ready to bet that she was more than confused, and he liked it. He liked the idea of her thinking about him, and he wasn't planning on giving her any explanations so soon.

The thing he hadn't planned on was Caroline actually confronting him about it. He knew that the pretty blond had a reputation of being bold and impulsive, but he never thought that she would have the nerve to come to him, all alone. When he saw Caroline walk right through the crowd to him, the third time she saw him in the Grill, he was kind of impressed by her brass. She sat just next to him, and without even a hello she went right to the point of the matter.

"Why did you gave me the bracelet?"

"Hello to you too, love", he said casually. "Do you feel better, since the whole bite thing ?"

Caroline frowned. "You mean the bite that you asked my boyfriend to inflict on me?" she asked coldly.

"Don't be like this love, I told you it was nothing personal and… "

"I don't care about your explanations." She had cut him off. She had actually just cut him off. "I want to know why you gave me that bracelet." Once again, right to the point.

"Just wanted to give you a little present on your birthday. Nothing more Caroline. "

"A present? Are you kidding me? You ask my boyfriend to bite me, so I would die, and then you give me a birthday gift? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?"

She was yelling now, and Klaus felt the anger rising. He wasn't patience tolerant creature, and the way she was talking to him was just unacceptable.

"Careful, Caroline" he growled. "I am not known for my patience. "

"I don't care what you are known for! How dare you? How dare you ask my boyfriend to kill me, and then act like you are a normal person and give me a present?" Caroline was still yelling, and this time he couldn't accept it. Using his vampire speed, he roughly grabbed her, and the next thing she knew, she was pinned against the wall in the deserted alley behind the Grill. Klaus was painfully holding her hands against the wall and it was only at this very moment that she started to feel the fear.

"Enough now, Caroline, don't try me. " His tone was calm but Caroline could feel the anger building up.

"Or what? You're going to finish the job Tyler began?" She would have slapped herself for that one. What was wrong with her, seriously ? She was pinned against a wall by a very angry Original hybrid, and she couldn't keep her damn mouth shut? She closed her eyes, thinking that he was actually going to do what she had just said.

Klaus didn't know why, but the sight of her closing her eyes in fear made his anger ebb away. He slowly released his grip on her wrist, and she opened her eyes.

He seemed like he was going to add something, but he just disappeared in a blur.

Two days later, he was waiting for her in her bedroom when she came back from school. She jumped back when she saw him and instinctively tried to run, but he was in front of her before she even reached the door. Grabbing her arm, he pulled her back into her bedroom without a word. Several minutes later, Klaus had still not spoken and Caroline started to feel bored.

"Did you have something to say to me?"she asked eventually. " Because, I have homeworks to do."

Once again, he was taken aback by her gumption. Seriously? Homework? She was asking him, the biggest bad ass in the whole world, to hurry up because she had homework to do?

Once again, Caroline was pinned against a wall by a really angry Klaus.

"Are you fully aware who you are talking to?" he snarled

"I'm just asking" said Caroline, her voice a little shaky. "I'm just wondering why you are waiting for me in my bedroom, that's all."

Klaus kept staring at her, and like the first time, he suddenly disappeared.

Four days later, he was in her classroom where she was the last one to leave. With a sigh, Caroline moved past him and leaned against the wall. Genuinely puzzled, Klaus frowned as he watched her.

"When you come to see me I always end pinned against a wall", explained Caroline. "So I'm just trying to save some time."

Stunned. The Original hybrid was absolutely stunned. And then he laughed. A true laugh, with mouth, dimples and eyes. Caroline looked right at him, and couldn't help but notice how handsome he was with a genuine smile on his face.

"You are sassy aren't you, sweetheart?" said a very amused Klaus. Caroline shrugged her shoulders, and he suddenly noticed how tired she looked. The smile disappeared and he frowned.

"What's wrong?" he suddenly asked. You look like hell!"

Caroline rolled her eyes. " You do know how to talk to women, don't you?" she said ironically, then she sighed. " I'm just tired, but why do you even care? "

Klaus looked at her intensely. "Are you still wondering about the meaning of existence? "

Caroline nodded slowly and smiled weakly. "Actually, yes." she answered. I'm still wondering."

Klaus frowned. "Why? "

Once again, Caroline shrugged." I don't know, really. I just keep wondering… since the night you healed me", she added a little hesitantly. "What you said what partially true, but what is the meaning of discovering the world if you are alone doing it?"

"Why would you be alone?" asked Klaus

"Because I'm a vampire, and I'm not gonna age anymore. And, I'm gonna lose everyone I love one by one, and by the end I'll be all alone." Caroline was almost in tears.

"Love is vampire's greatest weakness sweetheart. Don't forget that. You can't love anyone if you really want to be free."

"But I want to love." Caroline protested," I wanna love, I wanna feel, I wanna stay human!"

"What for? You will always be disappointed."

"That's not true. You're just saying this because you've never had any friends. "

"I don't need friends" he said, a little coldly

"Really ? I thought that was the whole point of the hybrid thing, not being alone anymore?"

"What made you think that? "

"I don't know, I just assumed…"

"You assumed wrong" Klaus cut her off.

"Ok, just saying… Why are you even here? Not that I want to get you mad by asking" she quickly added.

Klaus smiled. "Do I really need a reason to talk to you?"

And with that, he disappeared once more.

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