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Ryou's POV

The hinges of the door squeaked as I gently pushed the door open. It has been a few months since I left Domino city but now, I was back and standing in front of my apartment which I used to live when he was still around.

The apartment was exactly the way I had left it. The furniture's, utensils, shelves, and even the plate that I left in the sink as I had no time to clean was still in the exact same position that I had left it before I had to leave this city I called home except that it was now covered in dust and dirt.

As I stepped into the apartment, I switched on the lights and made my way to the couch to place my bags down. Placing my hands on my hips, I let out a determined "huff" as I surveyed to place. If I was going to start living here again I better clean this place up.

Ever since the ceremonial duel everything changed. My father found out about the "dangerous" situations I've been exposed to (excluding the life and death shadow realm bits) and he concluded that it was "not safe" for me to stay here so he forcefully dragged me away to a brand new town almost immediately after I got back from Egypt. Ironically, he was the one who me my "troubles" in the first place. Of course I protested violently as soon as his words had sunk into my mind but being the stubborn man he was, my argument was totally ignored. Without any say in the matter, I had to leave this beloved city where my friends were and a place I truly called home where my heart belonged to.

Well the truth was, the biggest blow to me was that I had to leave after losing my one and only love,


When Yugi heard the news of my departure he was devastated and outright furious! I never thought that someone like him could even have the thought of cursing someone but I was proved wrong when the only thing I heard from the other end of the line was a beautifully pieced melody of colourful curses. Even some of them were foreign to me. I swear that if I didn't hear Jounouchi and Honda trying to calm him down he would probably be thinking of ways to accidentally bring me back and set up my father's unfortunate situation which would probably land him in the hospital.

Even till now I still shudder whenever I think about thatinteresting phone call.

However, the fact that Yugi would go so far for a guy like me was really touching and yet I could do nothing to repay his kindness. Everyone came to see me off that day, even Kaiba.

After finding a place where I belonged to, it was quite difficult for me to settle down in a new and alien environment. As the days passed, my misery and sadness just increased along with time and the lack of weight on my chest just piled it up.

I missed them.

I missed my friends.

I missed my dueling.

I missed my home.

I missed him.

The millennium ring, the keeper of the soul of Thief King Bakura, otherwise known as Yami Bakura was the person I missed the most. So maybe he was the main reason why I always ended up in danger but he still held a special place in my heart that no one could ever replace. Without him I felt so empty-as if I was a living zombie waiting for death to welcome me.

Sensing my misery, my father finally allowed me to come back to Domino City.

Hearing the news I jumped up and gave my father a bone-crushing hug before I had dashed to my room to pack. I was grinning like a fool for the rest of the day and I was so excited that I could not even sleep a wink! At first, I wanted to tell Yugi the good news but I decided to keep it a surprise. I couldn't wait to see their reactions! I made a mental note to myself to bring my camera when I did.

Reaching for the duster I started dusting and tidying up the place.

After awhile, I was done with the living room and so I moved on to my bedroom.

My room was kept simple and bare as it only had my bed, closet and study table. On my study table there was nothing outstanding other than the simple brown photo frame which contained the only picture of me and my most precious person…or spirit. Putting my duster aside, I picked up my photo frame and gently dusted the dust of its glass surface, thus revealing a photo which contained many joyful memories.

It was a simple photo of me smiling at the front and Bakura smirking at the back but unlike his usual smirks, this "smirk" was different. Unlike his usual smirks which were full of arrogance or malice, it was full of warmth which filled me with happiness. If you wanted you could even call it a smile.

To the world he was Yami Bakura, a heartless and cruel murderer but when it was just the two of us, he was my very own guardian angel. He was my first true friend and first love.

His feelings never lied.

He befriended me, protected me, taught me many different things and most of all-he loved me.

I could still vividly remember the first time that I met him in my soul room. I was at the darkest corner of my soul room crying over my mother and Amane's death. I thought that everything just lost its meaning including my life and I was better off dead at least that way allowed me to be with them. I was a hopeless cause he managed to save.

He became my hope.

His white hair stood out in the eternal darkness like a beacon for lost ships at sea. As if I was a moth, I was attracted to the light and crawled towards him. He pulled me into a firm yet gentle hug as I sobbed pathetically against his muscular chest. As he puts his arms around me, I would never forget the very words he said that day.

"I will protect your smile."

His words were like a drug which entranced me, intoxicating the me who lost all hopes in living.

He attracted me.

Like a dog, I followed him as if he was my master. Although I knew his methods were wrong, never did once I truly rebelled or protested against him as somewhere deep down in my heart I knew that he would keep his promise, I believed in him. Though then my feelings were false, now they became pure and genuine.

Maybe it was when he saved me on the blimp during battle city? Or maybe when he actually considered my well being? I do not know nor do I need to.

All the little smiles, moments we shared, time spent together, his unique style of caring were enough for me. His presence in my life so surreal, as if a fleeting but blissful dream that I had just awoken from. But now, he was gone.

I t felt like a giant hammer hammering my fragile heart, breaking it into pieces when he left. It was inevitable; I knew it from the start when I realized my feeling for him. If I could change the fate of this love I bore I would changed it in a way in which he could had stayed longer. A second, minute, hour, anything was fine, just awhile longer.

During our lat moments together I was sobbing onto his chest and he was hugging me exactly the same way he did when we first met.

"I love you" I declared during the last few minutes. His face was priceless. He took awhile to process my words and recover from the shock of my sudden confession before he pulled me closer, lifted my chin up and kissed me.

The brief kiss was the best answer I could ever receive. Although it was short and only lasted for a few seconds, it contained a fiery passion and strong wave of love.

Its fine this way.

When our lips broke apart he smiled a genuine and wide smile before he faded away completely.

A small tear rolled down my cheeks as I held the photo frame close to my heart and smiled. Even without him now I know that I can still survive now without him by my side. After all, he never lied.

He kept his promise till the very end.

If I could have one wish I would make this very selfish wish.

If I could, I wish that my guardian angel to see me smiling now.

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