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Bakura's P.O.V

As I stared down at the single hole in this vast white space I could see an image of Ryou in it.

What's going on? I passed on didn't I? Where IS this place?

Well, if it was hell I never imagined it to be THIS white; probably a bloodbath or two and some people crying out in agony and pain would make it look more imposing for a dreadful place like hell. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a soft sobbing sound coming from below.

Ryou was crying.


All I remember was the pharaoh's ceremony which caused me to finally pass on as well; three millennium worth of time was not fun. The kiss…Uncciously, I lifted my hands and traced my lips with my fingers. Ryou felt the same way I did and I was glad that I got the answer before I left but what's with this situation?

Where was he? His apartment looked different from the usual one.

I considered the possibility of this being an image from the future, the theory was a bit far-fetched but with a "living" proof of a ghost, anything could happen. I mused on this theory for a while before it was striked out when I got a clearer view of Ryou's face. It was exactly the same as when I left, the childish and femine facew of his, his long and silky white locks. Nothing, other than the fact that his eyes were red and puffy and that tear stains were evident on his pale complexion. Ryou never cried this hard for all the time when I was him, not even when I captured and had some "fun" with the puny humans he once called friends.

Okay, fine, he did once.

That one moment was the very day when I first met him.

That day was a day I would never forget until after death.

I awoke from my slumber in the ring when I felt a disturbance in the environment so I decided to check it out only to find that there was actually somewhere outside my room other than a dead end! Being the curious thief I am I boldly entered the other room across mine without knocking. The room I saw was the most complex and unusual soul room I've ever seen in my life.

It had a distinct line in the middle, a side full of light while the other nothing but darkness shrouding that area, it was as if this was a two-in-one room- a light and a dark. I planned on leaving the creepy room but as I glanced to the darker side of the room, I saw a light in at the corner and that was how I found him.

Bakura Ryou, the brightest light in my life was weeping at the darkest corner of his room crying out all his hopes, frustrations, sadness and life. I hate to admit it as my heart squeezed as I saw his stranger, soon-to-be love crying.

He was like a replica of me from the past.

Involuntarily, my feet moved towards his direction and before I knew it, I was standing right in front of him. Sensing my presence he lifted his chin up to inspect the intruder with those lifeless brown eyes which flashed with pain and lost, the two emotions I was too familiar with. We had a staring contest for a while before I let up and pulled him into a hug.

I could not bear to watch him anymore.

"I'll protect your smile."

It was an oath, a swear, a declaration and a promise.

Heh, to think someone like me would make a promise to a mere mortal.

To say he was shocked was an understatement but he finally got over it, accepting the fact that even I could be a good guy for once and burst into tears once again with a force larger than the previous against my chest. For once, it felt that nothing mattered other than comforting the poor helpless boy in front of me not even the fact that he drenched my favourite shirt mattered, only Ryou mattered.

Its fine, you're going to be fine. This was the wordless promise I made to him while I gently patted his head.

I promise, no matter what.


Why can't I fulfill this promise, this very important promise now? Now when Ryou is hurting the most, now when he needs me the most, why?

Furious, I leaned forward, hopping to be as close as possible to Ryou even though I knew it was an impossible wish but I learnt, sometimes the impossible is possible. Why? Because I fell.


I squinted my eyes momentarily as I landed on the cold hard floor and in a place foreign to me.

Where was I?

I looked around frantically for signs of recognition but found none and as I peered down onto my hands, I realized, I was translucent! Panic consumed me as I tried picking up various objects only have my hands pass through them.

Was I a spirit again?

I wasn't given much time to think until the door on my right slammed open and a voice boomed into my ears.

"Ryou, stop crying this instant and come down for dinner! I am not sending you back and you know that it's dangerous there!"

My head snapped to the direction of the unknown yet somehow familiar voice and the owner was none than the person who brought Ryou and I together in the first place, his father.

What did he mean by sending Ryou back? Instead of my questions being answered, I only got even more questions than I originally had. I moved in front of Ryuske and confirmed my suspicions, I really was a spirit again and no one could see or hear me.

He slumped onto his chair while waiting for Ryou to come out which of course, he didn't. Sighing, he lowered his head and supported its heavy weight with left hand and started mumbling to himself. It was soft but I could vaguely make out its meaning. Ryuske dragged Ryou out of Domino City, thinking it was dangerous but he did not know why Ryou was so upset. He believed he did what is best for his son, just like any other loving parent would.

Ahhh…I finally got my answers.

I felt anger boiling within me, how could this man possibly "save" Ryou when he was the one who brought the "danger" in the first place! What right did this man have to claim and make decisions for Ryou when he had never met nor contacted his only son for months! What did he know about Ryou anyway? Does he know how much pain and suffering he went through because his father neglected him? Does he even know the amount happiness a single greeting from his father would bring him? Did he? Did he?

No. He didn't.

Even so, he was Ryou's father.

He was already atoning for his actions and behavior by suffering the cold treatment from his only son. He was already near his tipping point, any more and the man known as Bakura Rysuke would break.

It was enough, he was forgiven. Now, it was time I helped this hopeless man who fathered his hopeless son.

"Send him back." I whispered gently to Ryuske. It was the only way he was getting back his loving son. In actuality, I never planned for him to hear me but he did. He pausd for a moment, deep in thought and after a long internal debate, he made his decision.

Ryou was going home.

The affect of the news was immediate as Ryou burst out of his room and threw his arms around his father's neck, thanking the man profusely with a dazzling smile which was somewhat coverd by the waterfall of tears. Ryuske was stunned but smiled, their feelings were finally connected.

At his old apartment, Ryou put his hands on his hips while scanning the room with a determined look and I could not help but feel a tinge of red flush up my cheeks. Why must he be this cute!

Ryou entered the old room we once shared and picked up the old photo frame containing the only picture of us. It seemed like eternity as Ryou was captivated once more by the photo and when he snapped out of his trance, he pulled the photo close to his heart. A lone tear was shed and a smile crept up on his face. This smile was not like his previous smiles of trickery, deception, pain, hurt, loneliness or thanks, it was filled with life and hope. It was truly, a bright and genuine smile.

He was going to be alright now.

That was all I needed to know.

In the end, I really did manage to keep my promise after all didn't I Ryou?

Smiling, I faded away and returned to the place I truly belong, not regretting a single thing.

Putting down the frame, Ryou was about to leave when he felt something. This presence, it was so familiar, it was as though…it couldn't be could it? Slowly, Ryou turned his head as if afraid that he would lose the moment. To his disappointment, no one was there.

It couldn't be! That presence, that warmth! It only belonged to one person he knew.

His guardian angel, Bakura.

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