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Chapter 1 – Dropping Reiatsu

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Kurosaki Ichigo was a strong, powerful man; the long battles he fought made him grow up quicker than many of his acquaintances, but in that moment, he felt like a helpless baby, just watching the horror happening in front of his eyes.

Orange was the first color he saw when he opened his eyes, regaining his conscious; but it was no ordinary orange: it was surrounded by a halo of light that he knew too well, a halo of light that wasn't healing the man, but protecting him. He could feel her reiatsu dropping with each second, which he found weird, because she could fight alongside him now, but before he could rethink about it, the light disappeared and the orange color flew through the air, mixing with a shocking red when it crushed against a wall.

For a moment the whole place fell under a spell of silence, but then, the most unthinkable sound was heard…

Laugh, that was what escaped from his mouth, a high chuckle, but not of joy or happiness… it was a maniacal laugh, a demented one, which made his enemy step back, with fear in his eyes.

- You are so dead! – whispered him, with deadly purpose, looking his enemy directly in the eyes. For a moment, his eyes lingered on the orange color against the wall, but fueled by its vision, his eyes sparkled with a sense of revenge that could bring Heaven and Hell to its knees. He put a small object made of wood against his chest, and approaching the enemy in his shinigami body, Kurosaki Ichigo just exploded. He flew, more than ran, simultaneously taking his zanpaktou from his back and slicing the monster. It screamed and tried to fight, but this man's wrath was too much to support. Cutting like crazy, he didn't think that he would be purifying that soul… no, he wanted it to rot in hell. And when it disappeared, he kept slicing the air, until his arms felt the exhaustion and his sword fell. Then, like a ton of bricks, the reality caught up with him and he looked behind. She didn't move through the fight…

- Please, you have to be ok! – he begged, falling to his knees. His trembling hand reached her orange hair and turned her face towards him – Orihime, wake up! Wake up, damn! Are you listening! – he tried to keep his voice commanding, but with each second, it got lower and lower, until only a pleading murmur could be heard falling from his lips.

Blood kept escaping from her scalp and he tried, without any positive consequence, to keep it inside her body, with his hands.

For him felt like hours, decades, but was only minutes until she stirred a little, and his eyes lit up with hope. He brought her against his chest and carrying her, bridal style, and his human body over his shoulder, flew through the roofs, in the direction of the night sky.

The candy shop was closed, at least, for an outsider, but Ichigo knew better: the only person who could help him was inside and no door would keep him from his purpose: save Orihime. Kicking it, he stepped inside, yelling, and seconds later, his request was attended when a man, with a stripped hat and a fan, appeared from a door in the very end of the long corridor.

- Kurosaki-san! – he said, approaching, with his sandals' sound echoing through the silent shop. His eyes fell to the body in the man's arms and he immediately pointed out a room for her. Ichigo almost ran to the room and laid her on the futon, where the blonde was already making some arrangements. He put his own human body on a corner, not really worried about it, and kept his eyes on the blonde's hands, that were roaming over Orihime's body, while he kept chanting something so quiet, that Ichigo couldn't understand. It wasn't the first time he got angry with himself for not learning how to perform kiddo to heal, but it was the first time Orihime was in peril because of it. Usually, it was him who needed that treatment, and she would always be there, with her worried smile, watching her fairies bring him back to her…

- Fuck! – he swore, while grabbing his wild orange hair and pulling it. He started pacing, when a small voice entered his clouded mind, bringing an abrupt stop to his continuously ranting of curses.

- You shouldn't swear…

His breath stopped and when he looked towards her, she was smiling, with her eyes open and shining and even if her clothes were bloody and dirty, and Urahara was still watching her, worriedly, she never looked more beautiful.

- Shit, you scared the hell out of me – he said, while Orihime giggled: he just couldn't stop himself. He stepped closer and dropped over his knees, analyzing her skin, where red spots could be seen. Urahara got up and left the room, with a frown distorting his features.

- Sorry, I don't know what happened… In a moment everything was alright, I knew that I could defeat him without any problem and then, in the next one, I felt my reiatsu dropping like crazy… It was so weird… - said Orihime, thinking about the last moments before falling unconscious.

- That's okay, now what I have to do is getting you home – Ichigo said, extending a hand in her direction. She accepted it and got up, from the floor, looking with a frown towards the blood on the futon.

- You're right… my husband won't like if I stay out until too late – she answered, while dusting off her clothes.

- And he is right – said Ichigo, with a smile – A girl like you can't be on the streets at this hour of the night, some tug might come and take you away…

Orihime made a sarcastic sound, pouting and bumping against his shoulder, left the room. She could hear Urahara's voice from another room and popping her head in, she saw the man with Yoruichi, Tessai, Jinta and Ururu playing cards.

- Goodnight, everyone and thank you, Urahara-san! – she said, with a gentle smile, while Ichigo, behind her, just waved his hand. He walked in front of her and opened the door for the still pouting woman.

She walked through the streets, under the orange head's watchful eyes, until she stopped in front of a gate. Fishing a key from her pocket, she opened the gate and walked inside the garden. It was full with different flowers, one smelling more delicious than the other. The house, behind a luxurious bush, was white pearl, under the moonlight, with two storeys and a balcony. Orihime inserted another key on the door and walked inside.

- Your husband must be an awesome man – Ichigo said, following her to the kitchen. He sat at the table, playing with an apple while watching her open the fridge and taking a bottle of water.

- Oh, yes, but he can be really overprotective and annoying and stubborn too… – she said, while opening the bottle with a smile.

- Poor man, having those things said about him… - sighed Ichigo, while rising up and walking towards Orihime. He grabbed her waist, making her giggle and held her against his chest – You really scared me back there, you know?

- I know, and I'm sorry, I really don't understand what happened – whispered Orihime, afraid of breaking the moment with her voice. Ichigo kissed her hair and turning her around, kissed her lips, slowly but passionately.

- Your husband must be really sad right now, he almost lost his girl tonight – murmured Ichigo, against her cheek, while kissing it.

- Don't worry, he will live! But now, let's have some fun – replied Orihime, grabbing Ichigo's hand and pulling him behind her. He smiled mischievously and followed her towards the bedroom. When they got there, she started yawning like there was no tomorrow and with a disappointed sight, Ichigo made her go under the covers, ignoring her protests and vigorous hands that tried to pull his clothes off.

- Goodnight, silly girl – he whispered, against her hair, while she nuzzled her face in his chest.

- Goodnight, husband – she replied with a sleepy voice and a moment later was lightly snoring.

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