Chapter's Music - Somewhere only we know by Keane

June 17th

It was the day of a death.

It was the day of a birth.

The boy was like a carbon copy of his father with his age, at least that was what his grandfather said, because the man refused to show his wife his photos as a kid.

But, even being his son's birthday he couldn't stop his annual ritual. He had to go and see her.

He crunched in front of the tombstone and, putting some flowers over it, he closed his eyes and remembered when he was still a child with a mother.

He knew his father and sisters would be disappointed that he would come without them, but he wasn't alone.

Walking quietly through the path, a woman and the boy who was a copy of his father, approached, hand in hand. The child looked around curiously; it was his first time at that place.

The man looked up and seeing his wife and son, smiled.

"Well, mom, I hope you're okay wherever you are. I know I am. I have everything I asked and more... well, except you, but... I understand that you can't come back. But don't worry, someday, I will find you and I will tell you everything about our family. You will be really exasperated with dad's antics but you loved him like that, right? So it won't come as a big surprise..." he closed his mouth and sighed. He closed his eyes again, until a small and warm hand grabbed his calloused one.

"Well, until that day, mom…" the man said, touching the stone lightly and turning to face the woman and the child.

"Daddy, is grandma in there?" the child asked, while pulling his hand and pointing to the ground. His mother's eyes almost popped out of his sockets, but the boy couldn't care less.

"No. This is just a place where I feel I can talk to her. She is in Soul Society, like other spirits…" Ichigo explained, grabbing his son under the boy's armpits and putting him against his chest.

"Oh, so she is aunt Rukia and uncle Renji and aunt Rangiku and uncle Shiro and uncle Grimm and aunt Nell's friend?" the boy's eyes, so much like his mother's, held Ichigo prisoner with his rational thoughts. Well, almost rational, the respect and admiration the boy held for the blue haired arrancar still baffled the father, even if his wife swore she saw Grimmjow smile once at their son.

"Unfortunately no, but Soul Society is a huge place. They just didn't meet yet..."

Orihime kept her pace a little quicker, so her boys could have their own moment, but she was close enough to hear everything they said.

"Bigger than uncle Uryuu's hospital?" the boy asked, trying to understand how big was that place. He only visited part of Seireitei, so the real dimensions of Soul Society were a mystery to him.

"Yes, way bigger…" the dad answered feeling a vein throb in his head seeing his son awed expression for something being bigger that Ishida's hospital. Orihime giggled at her husband's expression.

"Don't worry daddy, someday they will find her and then she can come and visit us and grandpa won't need that poster..." his son's intelligence was always surprising him; the kid was so damn smart!

"Yes, Katsuo, someday I will see her again!" Ichigo said, with such certainty that made Orihime stop and look at him.

"I just hope she likes me." she said, intertwining her fingers with his.

"What is there not to like?" Ichigo asked, feeling the smooth skin under his fingers. He squeezed her hand and felt his breath being taken away by her hypnotizing eyes.

"Yeah, mommy is the greatest ever!" Katsuo said, pumping his little fist in the air in such a perfect imitation of his mother that the couple could do nothing more than laugh.

And was laughing that sixty years later a woman with golden hair approached a man with orange hair and said, for the first time since he was nine "Welcome home, my son".

I want to thank you all, who enjoyed this ride with me, especially those who your time to review and give me suggestions about the story. It has been a wonderful ride, but like all the great ones it has to end and this is the end of Knowing the Past, Writing the Future. But don't worry, probably at the end of the month I will post the first chapter of the sequel, and now, just to give you a little sneak peek, the first paragraph (I don't know if I will change anything about it, but if I do it's only grammar):

The woman was walking, shoeless and alone, through the shadows. She could feel the wetness under her fingers and the cold temperature was rising the fine hairs in her arms. Nonetheless, she couldn't use friction to warm herself, fearing to lose the contact with the wall in that world of abysm, because, right beside her, the passage ended in an abrupt cliff, surrounded by shadows, with a fatal fall as the only ending.

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The End...