I'm hurt, Master

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I had waited so long for this moment. Finally, my Master was revived!

I watched as he stared at his hand, opening it and closing it as if testing his power, obviously not used to being in his true form after being in that cursed one for so long.

I gave a bow, respectfully putting my right hand over my chest.

"Welcome back to us," I smiled as I looked up at Demise. "Master."

Demise glanced at me out of the corner of his ruby eye before abruptly thrusting his hand toward me.

I froze as the powerful magic struck my bod and before I could stop myself, began to fall backward as my strength left me.

Then I was lifted from the ground by my Master's magic which kept me suspended in the air, unable to move.

The tip of Demise's sword burst through the diamond embedded in the center of my chest and I began to laugh.

It wasn't a laugh like I had done before when my master was transforming.

I was laughing from the intense pain of having my Master's sword so forcibly extracted from my being.

I thought…that Master would praise me for all I had done for his revival. He hadn't even spoken to me. I didn't understand it.

I'm hurt, Master…

My friend gave me a random word and she chose Hurt so then I smirked to myself and I was like "yeah, this is too easy" and this came to be. :D So enjoy the randomness!

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