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Eddie/Patricia ;; because there aren't enough out there.

In a way, she's a misanthrope; her only exception has ever been her best friend, Joy, who seems to care more about Fabian than Patricia these days. It's kind of funny, actually-she's stereo-typed perfectly. The dark, depressed girl who wears lace tights and puts colored extensions in her dark auburn hair. Before you know it, she'll be dying that black.

But the thing is, Patricia has walls, sure, but she's weak with building them; it's almost as if she doesn't want them to be built. She doesn't want them, not really. But in the same way, she needs them. They keep her safe-and even though part of her doesn't want to be safe, safe is good.

Safe is safe.

But then he swoops in, with his charming grin and great taste in music, and she maybe, sort of, kind of falls for him. And it's all denial at first-the witty banter is the only thing keeping her from doing something she's scared to death she'll end up regretting.

It's nice, sure; flirting, dancing around each other like this, but it's also all too safe. Pretending has never been her thing, after all. But what would everyone else say? The hard, 'I won't ever fall in love' Patricia and Eddie, the guy too arrogant for his own good.

But then she realizing something-she's never actually cared what other people thought of her. So she grabs him by his tie one day right after class and she kisses him, in front of everyone. And amidst the catcalls and smirks and general noise, she finally feels like maybe she could be something more than a misanthrope, hating the world and living up to everyone else's stereo types.

Maybe she could be happy. Eddie could make her want to be happy.