Hours later, Buffy woke to a slightly brighter room. She was wrapped around Spike who lay still beneath her. With a start, she realized her hand had wandered beneath the sheets during the night and she was now half draped across him. Spike had shifted during the night too, his head turned in her direction and one hand cupping her ass. She smiled at their position and took the opportunity while he was asleep to admire him.

His lip had finally healed, she noticed, satisfied that she could at least kiss him properly now without causing him pain, whatever about the rest. She raised her hand slowly to put it in a more innocent position, tracing the scar on his chest again with the tip of a finger as she thought about last night. It really had been okay. It was so weird to think that they could spend time just sleeping next to each other without sex or an apocalypse being involved. It was nice.

As much as she was enjoying lying in bed next to a naked Spike, pun intended, she thought with a smirk, she was becoming aware of a niggling need to pay a trip to the bathroom. She barely shifted away from him when his hands tensed and he spoke.

"And just where are you off to? I'm nice and warm here."

"You faker!" she exclaimed, sitting up to get a good look at his grinning face. "How long have you been awake?"

"Long enough to enjoy all the attention," he said, giving her one of his trademark cocky smirks.

"That whole still as death when you sleep thing is creepy you know, and really unfair. I need to use the bathroom, now let me up."

"Fine," he said with a put upon sigh, reluctantly freeing her so she could get up.

Buffy rose from the bed and, feeling saucy, made her way to the bathroom without putting on a robe first, giving Spike quite the view. She heard a faint growl from the bed behind her and grinned, disappearing into the bathroom and closing the door.

When she'd taken care of that urge, she exited to find Spike sitting up in bed looking more than tempting with the sheet bunched at his waist and his hair mussed. He crooked a finger at her but she just smiled, shook her head and raised a finger telling him to wait, sashaying out of the room leaving a confused looking vampire behind her. She put on some coffee and started rooting through their bags for the blood they'd picked up on their way home. Pouring some into a mug and popping it in the microwave, she finished making her coffee and brought both mugs into the bedroom, passing Spike his blood without a word.

He looked at it surprised before thanking her and taking a big sip. Buffy went back to her side of the bed and sat down then remembered the amulet. She took it out of the drawer, ran her thumb over it and got up again, taking it over to the safe installed in the desk. Once she was positive it was secure she went back to finish her coffee.

"You look a lot better," she said, taking a good look at what she could see of his chest and the faded bruises that looked better than they had last night.

"Yeah," Spike said, glancing down. "Feel a lot better. Sleep does wonders for my healing powers. This helps too," he added, raising his mug before taking another big gulp of blood.

"Just don't get any on the sheets," Buffy said, sipping more of her coffee.

Spike gave her a look out of the corner of his eye as he downed the rest of the blood, ran his finger around the inside of the mug and sucked the red liquid off with a satisfied hum. Buffy stared at the display, her mug tipping slightly from her distraction before the knowing look in his eyes shook her out of her daze. Before he could make a smartass comment, Buffy took a big gulp of coffee and tried not to choke as the hot liquid hit her throat. Coughing, she put the mug on the table and hopped up off the bed again.

"I need a shower."

"Now?" Spike asked.

"Yup," she said scurrying over to the bathroom. "I feel dirty—from the long flight and stuff," she stammered when he quirked his eyebrow at her. "I'm gonna go do that now."

"Don't let me stop you from getting all squeaky clean," Spike called after her.

Buffy was glad her back was turned to him so he wouldn't see her blush.

Looking forward to a nice hot shower, Buffy had just hopped underneath the warm spray and shampooed her hair when she heard tapping against the glass. She squeaked in surprise and rolled her eyes at the grinning vampire looking back at her. She slid the glass partition back and realized he was as naked as she was. Forcing her eyes back to his face she tried not to let her distraction show.

"Spike, are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

"Maybe you should check those reflexes of yours Slayer. I wasn't even trying to be sneaky."

"Well I was preoccupied."

"Thought you might want some company," Spike said, taking a good long look at her body, his eyes transfixed to the rivulets of water and suds trickling down between her breasts, across her stomach and into the curls between her thighs.

Buffy felt herself growing warm, and not just from the water.

"I thought you wanted to wait until you'd healed more," she said, chewing on her lip as she contemplated the idea. She for one was certainly feeling more in the mood.

Spike looked her in the eye, smirked and stepped into the tub, pulling the glass partition back into place. Buffy stepped back to give him room without even thinking about it and gasped when he pulled her flush against him.

"Oh I'm feeling much better. In fact, I'm pleased to report that my body is fully functioning even after everything it's been through lately."

"I noticed," Buffy said, certainly feeling the evidence for herself. "So what spurred on this miraculous recovery? As much as I'd love to take advantage of the moment I don't want you injuring yourself and having a relapse."

"Mm, several things really. Each contributing in their own way to getting me up and about," he answered, walking her back under the spray and running his hands through her hair to get it thoroughly soaked.

"Your bandage," she mumbled, enjoying the feeling of his hands running through her hair.

"Is fine. My hand's not fully healed but it's not agonizingly painful and besides," he massaged her scalp with his good hand, coaxing a happy moan from her, "I may not be a righty but I'm still very talented with both my hands."

"I noticed that too." He curled his tongue against his teeth and Buffy bit back a grin. "So, umm…what sort of things got you up and about?" she asked, smiling.

"Well for one thing, it's the morning," he said, earning him a playful smack on the chest and a grin. "There's the good night's sleep that brought my energy up and the warm blood, waking up next to you…and watching you walk around starkers was fantastic motivation," he said, leaning in close to her. "Tilt your head back, luv."

Buffy obliged happily reaching up to kiss him and frowning in confusion when he pushed her back before realizing he was just moving her under the spray to rinse her hair properly. She blinked and saw him smile at her and continue to focus on washing her hair. He passed her the conditioner and she poured some onto her hand, rubbing it through the ends of her hair as Spike replaced the bottle.

She gasped when his mouth suddenly engulfed one of her nipples and he started licking and sucking on it. She dropped her hands to his head but he pulled away to look up at her.

"You should be washing your hair, pet. I'll take care of cleaning the rest of you up."

She stared down at him, breathing heavily. A few seconds passed and she raised her arms again, working the conditioner into her hair while she watched him. He smiled and returned to her breasts, his good hand stroking at her other nipple. Buffy tilted her head back and gave in to sensation, the water flowing down her back adding to the pleasure and putting her on sensory overload. The erection he was sporting was growing and her arousal was increasing. When she was done rinsing her hair out, she spun them around so he was the one under the spray.

"Your turn," she said her mouth pressed close to his ear.

He closed his eyes and released a low growl. Buffy licked the shell of his ear and drew back to see his blue eyes suddenly locked on hers. Enjoying her payback she ignored the part of his body throbbing for her attention and set about washing his hair. She had to reach up a little since he was taller, at one point leaning in a little too close and losing her footing. She barely wobbled when her foot slipped as his arms banded around her, securing her against him. She grasped his arms and gave him a grateful look, dropping a quick kiss on his lips before disengaging herself to find the shower gel.

"Now for the really fun part," she said, winking at him.

Spike quirked an eyebrow in the impossibly dirty looking way he managed to do many ordinary things, and it was all she could do not to throw away the bottle and kiss him senseless. Determined to carry out her mission, she avoided his eyes so she could focus on soaping him up and getting…reacquainted with his body, she thought, grinning to herself.

Within minutes they'd worked themselves into a fervor and barely remembered to shut the water off as they scrambled out of the shower, grabbing at each other and laughing as they stumbled against the sink and dripped water everywhere. Buffy picked up a towel and barely patted herself dry before Spike grabbed her from behind pulling her back against him so he could kiss and suck at her neck. She moaned, arching her back and dropped the towel, shoving him back to the bedroom.

"We're gonna get the sheets wet, pet," he said, not sounding concerned in the least as she pushed him down on the bed and straddled him.

"Why yes we are," she agreed, bending down to kiss him and slide her hands over his slick, wet skin, rocking her hips against him and feeling his length slide against her pussy.

Spike groaned and grabbed her hips, urging her to grind against him while he kissed her. Buffy broke away panting and giggled as she started sliding down his body. Spike raised his head and leaned on his elbows to watch her path downwards, smiling at her own cheeky grin.

"Where are you off to?" he asked playfully.

"Finishing what I started," she answered before wrapping her lips around the head of his cock and sliding them downwards, pressing her tongue against him.

Spike swore and threw his head back. Buffy glanced up at him pleased, enjoying the view of him laid out before her, his neck taut, his abdominal muscles clenching as she sucked on him. She soon had him panting and gasping her name. When he brought his hand down behind her head and called her name softly, she stopped what she was doing to look up at him.

"Get back up here," he said, crooking a finger at her.

Buffy wiped her mouth and crawled up to him where he pulled her down for another kiss and rolled them over. His hands fell to her breasts where he rolled and pinched her nipples making her gasp into his mouth. He swallowed every moan with a soft kiss and shifted his hips until she spread her legs for him. His right hand vanished only to make its presence known again when his thumb started rubbing her clit.

"Spike," she said, breathy and desperate. "Spike…yes."

"I'm here, Buffy. I've got you," he said against her ear and she cried out when he slipped two fingers into her.

"Oh God. I can't wait anymore. I'm ready, Spike."


She stroked his cheek and gave him a loving look and he pressed another kiss to her lips.

"All right then."

He removed his hands and shifted his weight so he was hovering over her, positioning himself against her. Buffy spread her legs apart further and brought her hands to his shoulders. They made eye contact and held it as Spike slowly entered her. Buffy held her breath as she felt him sliding inside her and her inner muscles clenched around him, drawing him in and not wanting to let him go. When he was in completely they both groaned and exhaled loudly.

"Bloody hell," Spike murmured, his face pressed against the sheets next to her head. Buffy wrapped her legs around him and grasped his shoulders tightly. "Bloody hell, Buffy."

"I know," she said and kissed his neck twice. "I know."

Spike raised his head and the look on his face had a lump forming in her throat. His own eyes were watery and he let out a choked chuckle as he brushed her own tears out of her eyes.

"We're a right pair," he said.

Buffy laughed. "Yeah. Damn right we are."

They kissed again and finally started to move, rocking slowly together at first until the pressure inside them started to build, gradually increasing the pace until Buffy felt a familiar tightening in her womb. Spike groaned when she squeezed him extra hard but this time Buffy wasn't worried she was hurting him. She knew what it meant and she let herself go, thrusting up against him and tossing her head back against the mattress as her orgasm took over. Spike nipped her throat with blunt teeth and she called his name as the tremors continued to wrack her body. Seconds later his hips jerked against her when he came, her name on his lips and his eyes squeezed shut.

They lay together contentedly, their bodies trembling from time to time as they came down from their high. Spike eased out of her gently and rolled to the side, stretching out on the bed and Buffy let one hand rest on her stomach while she brushed her damp hair back from her face.

"Looks like another shower is on the cards," she murmured, finding her voice again.

Spike laughed and took the hand she had draped over her stomach in his, their fingers interlocking in an increasingly familiar way. They stayed like that until Buffy shivered. Spike sat up to look at her, concerned.


Buffy sat up too, hugging her arms around herself.

"A little."

Spike got up and headed to the bathroom, coming back with a fluffy towel that he draped around her shoulders. She snuggled into it gratefully, wrapping it around herself. Spike pulled her in for a hug and dropped a kiss to her head.

"Should get cleaned up and warm. Don't want you getting sick. I'll take care of changing the sheets. Don't want the mattress getting damp."

"Thank you. You don't need—" she broke off and gestured at the towel.

"Nah. I don't feel the cold remember? You go first. I'll sort myself out when you're done."

"Okay. I'll help you change your bandage when I'm done. I'm thinking quiet night in to watch a movie? Or do you want to go out?" she asked, standing up and shaking her hair out, knowing it probably looked like a bird's nest.

"Quiet night in. Definitely," he answered, pulling at the sheets.

Buffy smiled and headed to the bathroom to right herself. She had just closed the door and glanced in the mirror when a thought struck her. She was standing in her apartment while the man—correction—vampire she loved was in the next room making what was now their bed, at least for as long as they were going to live here. This morning she'd woken up next to him after a peaceful night's sleep then sat in the same bed drinking coffee while he drank his blood. They'd had a steamy shower followed by pretty steamy sex and it was all so—domestic. This was what normal couples did. Or it was as close to normal as two supernatural beings in a relationship would get. Buffy had finally made her peace with the fact that she wasn't normal, could never be normal, would never be normal…and only now had she had the most normal experience of her life.

Maybe that's the answer. Normal isn't something you have or don't have…maybe it's something you make. Who really is normal after all? Everyone has their own crap to deal with. Not always supernatural crap but still…who's to say this isn't normal when the supernatural is real? This is normality for me. Normal for us.

The more she thought about it the better Buffy felt. She'd been struggling so hard to achieve something that wasn't in the cards for her…something it turned out she didn't even really want, and now she was finally happy. This was her life and right now, it couldn't be better.

"Spike, we've been debating this for a good twenty minutes already…choosing a movie should not be this hard."

"It's not my fault. You can't decide either."

Buffy's shoulders slumped.

"Well I like the sound of them both."

"So do I."

"Yeah, but I might fall asleep before I can make it through two movies. Jet lag sucks."

Spike sighed and stared at the two DVDs sitting on the couch between them. Buffy had her legs tucked under her and was pouting as she studied the rectangular boxes as well.

"We can watch the other one tomorrow. It's not that big a deal."

"I might go slaying tomorrow…and that still leaves us with the decision of which movie we should watch first."

"Well, I voted already."

"And you changed your vote three times already."

"Well yeah, but—"

"Okay stop. We need to settle this." Buffy held up one DVD then the other so the covers were facing Spike. "On the one hand we have a kick ass woman on a quest for revenge that involves crazy fight scenes and lots of blood."

"An excellent choice," Spike commented.

"On the other hand," Buffy continued, "we have a kick ass vampire woman caught up in a war between vamps and werewolves who ends up falling in love with the enemy."

"Vampire movies tend to irritate me but…I think this one sounds all right."

Buffy lowered the DVDs and gave him a look.

"Meaning you're all for seeing Kate Beckinsale in a catsuit who also happens to wear a long black coat."

"Hey," Spike said, feigning outrage," not like Uma Thurman doesn't have her charms too you know. Ow!"

Spike barely deflected the DVD that sailed at his head but hit his arm instead. He rubbed at the spot and raised an eyebrow at Buffy sitting innocently opposite him.

"Oops, sorry sweetie. Must have slipped," she said, beaming at him.

"Need I remind you I'm still recovering?"

"Big baby. You're skin's thick enough to handle a DVD case. What one was it anyway? Might as well just watch that."

"So the deciding factor is which one you throw at me?"

"Works for me."

Spike mock glared at her and picked up the box from the floor, grinning when he saw the cover. He spun it around so Buffy could see.

"Beckinsale in leather it is then."

Buffy rolled her eyes and snatched the DVD from him, getting up to go pop it in the DVD player.

"Well at least I get to enjoy you complain about the portrayal of vampires in it," she said, hopping back up off the floor to head back to the couch.

Spike made room for her to cuddle up next to him, throwing his arm around her shoulders.

"As long as they're bloodthirsty demons who don't brood over every little thing I can handle it," he said.

Buffy let out a snort of laughter and grabbed for the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. They settled in and Spike started stroking her hair. Buffy leaned into the touch and hummed happily.

"So, Scotland yeah?" Spike asked as she navigated the menu.

"Scotland," she answered, pressing play. "But we don't have to stay there. Anywhere will be fine, as long as we're together."

"Yeah. And we have plenty of time to figure it out," Spike added looking down at her.

She looked up at him and leaned in for a kiss. They separated when the movie started up and turned their attention to the TV, growing quiet as they enjoyed their first real night in together as a couple.


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