Part: 10 of 10 (Yay finally done!)

A/N: Best song ever Killer and a Queen – Underworld: Awakening soundtrack! This chapter really should have been two chapters but I just wanted to be done with the story. Sorry guys!


I didn't think I would be able to go to sleep, it felt too good to hold Rachel, but I had apparently at some point, because the buzzing of my phone woke me. I slid it out of my pocket, surprised it had survived last night's fairly violent activities.

"Ivy, Rynn wants you down here for a debriefing as soon as possible," Cole's rough voice told me without bothering with a hello. I squeezed the phone a little, looking down at Rachel. She was still asleep on me and she was looking almost too beautiful. I swallowed as our mixed scents made my hunger rise. The bruise on her face was fading and she looked healthy again. Perfect for a vampire snack. Maybe this sleeping in the same bed thing had been a bad idea.

"Alright," I answered without breathing and hung up on Cole. "Rachel, wake up," I whispered touching her shoulder lightly. She groaned and mumbled something I couldn't make out.

"Rynn wants to talk to us. He'll probably be up for an hour or two after sunrise but we should still hurry," I said as I hopped off the bed, finally able to breathe.

"What about Al?" Rachel asked worried. As she got out of the bed she tugged her top down and then followed me out of my bedroom and down the corridor towards the kitchen.

"I guess we can wait ten minutes so you can ask for the day off," I said looking at the clock, then back at Rachel. It was just a little before eight. I really hoped Al would see how meaningless dragging Rachel to the Ever After would be.

"Then we-"

"Rachel," I said feeling my heart rate rise rapidly.

"What? Oh," she reached up to wipe the thin trail of blood that was coming from her nose. "It's just a nose bleed Ivy," she said and rolled her eyes. Then she took a step towards me and in mid stride her body went limp. I swiftly caught her before she hit the floor.

"Hey, you're alright," I said comforting, putting her down on the carpet and moving away a little bit so I wasn't touching her. Her eyes opened halfway and she tried to smile. "It'll be fine," I whispered whishing I could actually hold her as she breathed shallowly, clearly in pain. I reached out and touched her hair, wanting to lend comfort, but unsure of just how. My instincts might be somewhat tempered by the fact that she was clearly ill. But the fear she had begun to kick out along with the blood – even if it was just a nosebleed– made me think the less risks I took the better.

"I don't, Ivy, I can't," she panted and I stroked her hair. I could at least do that without getting hungry. I wished I could be clean and pure on the inside, much like Rachel. I wished I wasn't this way. Wished I could have been normal, so that I could have held her as tears began to leak from her eyes.

"It's going to be alright," I tried to soothe. "Just lie still."

"Ivy, I don't, I can't… remember… but I think….think I figured it out…" she panted and then passed out. I felt my heart get a little bit heavier. Rachel hadn't gotten the time to write that letter to herself. Not that I thought it would have really mattered, but with Rachel you never knew. Now she wouldn't remember anything of the week or of last night. And looking at the bite on her neck I guessed I was going to have a lot of explaining to do.

"Hi," a pale young living vampire said as I opened the church's door. "Are you Ivy Tamwood?" she asked shuffling her feet.

"Yes," I answered without any real interest. Rachel had been back from the Ever After -which she had rushed off to as soon as she woke up after her memory black out - for nearly a day and had spent the whole time in the kitchen spelling and ignoring me. She seemed to have no memories at all of the week she'd lost. It was right out depressing. Things had been changing between us, even if it hadn't really been My Rachel she still had been Rachel in some ways.

"I think you've been looking for me," the young vampire said looking embarrassed and I blinked.


"Yeah," she answered and as I looked closer at her, I noticed the similarities to the picture I had been given. Only this girl had brown hair and was thinner. "Could you tell my parents not to look for me? I don't want to come home, I hate it there. I know that sound stupid but ever since my dad became an undead too, it doesn't feel like home anymore. I still love them but I want to remember them the way they were," she hung her head as she finished. "Could you tell them that?" She looked up with big green eyes that reminded me of Rachel's.

"Alright," I said slowly and nodded. If she didn't want to be found I wasn't going to keep looking for her. I knew what it was like to have one undead parent, even if I hadn't lived with mine; living with two was bound to be hell. "Here," I reached for one of the business cards I had stacked on the small table next to the door and handed it to her. "Call if you ever need help or someone you know needs it."

Lucy smiled and took the card. Then she walked off into the afternoon, looking to my eyes, quite happy. I almost wished I could runaway too. I thought about Lucy's problem. She wanted to remember them the way they were, the things she had done with her parents, the things that had made them all happy. But those where times her parents no longer could really feel. Part of me could relate, part of me missed the Other Rachel more than I had any right to.

"Hey Ivy," Rachel called from the kitchen and I closed the door and turned. I considered going to my room to sulk but in there was the box with the leather boots Other Rachel had been so in love with – in red. I'd gone out and bought them when Rachel had been in the Ever After, because I just couldn't sit in the church for 24 hours waiting and wondering. So after I'd watched Rynn decapitate Slime hair and put his head in a box to send to his master I had gone shopping. But now, I would feel stupid if I gave them to her. I'd have to tuck them away and wait for her birthday. Or maybe if I gave them to her they might spark some memory. I wasn't sure I wanted that though. I wanted all the memoires back or none of them. Anything in between would be too hard.

"Who was at the door?" Rachel asked as I entered the kitchen. I stared at her for a moment as she stirred a pot not looking at me. I felt a little sick seeing her so clearly not affected at all by the time she'd spent with me, not remembering.

"No one," I said, shrugging. "A client, sort of."

"Okay, um, did I get any important mail while I was… you know," Rachel rolled her eyes, "not me. Oh damn it," she'd spilt a small amount of the potion - on the long sleeved shirt she was wearing –a shirt that looked a lot like one I had in my own closet. Only My Rachel knew not to wear my clothes so it couldn't be my shirt.

"No," I said quickly checking my computer, but not sitting down in case I felt like running away. Away from My Rachel. Away from the Rachel I'd wanted back. I sighed. I wasn't sure what I wanted or was about to do. "Nothing really, I put the bills in your bill folder," which I knew she never checked. "And the other stuff I already went through. Nothing else in the mail."It wasn't really a lie. Because what I had, hadn't come with the mail.

I had found, what I'd guessed, was Rachel's letter to herself. It was a small folded up piece of paper with lots of crossed out text and one sentence written at the bottom. Stop being stupid and become who you are supposed to be. I had found the note in the fridge while Rachel was in the Ever After and wasn't sure what to do with it. Give it to her? Not give it to her? Besides, the advice was hardly life changing. The note was at the moment getting very wrinkly in my pocket while I thought about what to do with it.

"Could you pour me some juice?" Rachel asked sounding absentminded, pouring in two different pots simultaneously, clearly trying to count at the same time. I frowned but headed to the fridge to get her the fucking juice.

I lifted the OJ carton and to my surprise a note on the same paper as the other note I had found in the fridge was under it. I wondered if the whole thing was full of notes. I read. Stop being stupid and be who you want to be. Making me think of the inspirational shit you sometimes found in fortune cookies and forums for anorexics. I carefully took the note and slid it into my pocket with the first one.

"You don't like juice," I said suspicious as I poured the drink for her.

"It's for you; you'll need it because this is going to taste kind of bad," she said while scrunching up her face and prinking her finger to drop three drops of blood into a small glass with grey/green looking potion. She held it out for me with the firm expression my mother use to have when she was trying to get me to take my medicine as a kid.

"I'm not drinking that."

"Ivy…"she cajoled.

"No, "I said firmly.

"Look Ivy, do you trust me?" she asked, almost sounding hurt.

"Yes," I said after a second. I did trust her even if I didn't trust magic.

"Then drink it," she said softly.

So I did.

It tasted bad, just like Rachel had said it would. Rachel gasped and grabbed the counter just as I took a swing of the OJ desperate to clear my mouth of the foul taste. I waited for something to happen, but the only thing that was acting strange was Rachel. It took me a second to figure it out.

"It was a demon curse? What did you…" I asked feeling pissed off.

"Just a small one, don't worry."

"Rachel," I said my voice a clear warning that I wanted to know what was going on or things would get scary.

"You know what I said," I wasn't sure what she was talking about but she continued before I could ask. "But you can't have it all Ivy. You can't have my blood."

I felt my eyes widen. "You could have it all. My body, my blood, my heart." But that was Other Rachel's words. How would My Rachel know about that?

"You remember?" I asked stupidly.

"Yes," she said turning to put the left over potion in little vials.

"But your mom said…" Alice had said she wouldn't remember. Rachel had pretended? Usually I could catch her in a lie in about a minute.

"I'm a demon remember? Maybe it didn't work because of that. Or maybe it was for the same reason I didn't get bound when that piss ass vamp bit me," I blinked. That was a memory I would have rather she'd forgotten.

"You really do remember," I said feeling the anger simmering just beneath my skin. I stared at her and felt our scents mixing. That shirt really did look familiar.


"Why wouldn't you tell me?" I asked feeling my cheeks heat up. I had a good idea of why. She couldn't deal with her feelings and actions. Like usual.

"Because if this didn't work," she waved her hand towards the glass that had held the potion I had just consumed, "then neither would we."

"Then what did you give me?" I asked getting closer to her breathing in her fear.

"Can't you figure that out for yourself? You're pissed off, I'm wearing your shirt and you aren't vamping out."

"What?" I blinked, taking a step back, realizing she was right. I was pissed at her but I didn't want to bite her. But that was…impossible.

"I fixed your blood lust. It's just temporary we'll need to re-do it every week but the smut from the curse isn't that bad," she said quickly.

"I don't understand," I backed even further. There was just something in the way Rachel was looking at me. In a way I hadn't seen before, almost tender.

"I remember and -"

"No," I said firmly. I turned and I heard Rachel call for me to stop. I didn't, instead I rushed to my room not sure if to hide there or to try to escape through my window. Instead of doing either one of those I picked the boots from the store up. Maybe Rachel wrote that letter she was talking about, read it and was pretending to remember. That almost made sense. My Rachel wouldn't lie to me. My Rachel wouldn't look at me the way she just had… and she wouldn't remember the boots.

"Tell me about these," I said putting the box with the red leather boots down. Her eyes lit up and she smiled.

"You bought them for me?" she asked excitedly and opened the box. The beautiful boots smelled new and Rachel touched them lovingly. "In red? Nice," she smiled up at me and her look of happiness dimmed somewhat probably because of the scowl on my face. She walked around the counter to stand in front of me and I felt overwhelmed. She remembered, but she wasn't supposed to. It was almost too much. I felt confused.

"I know why you couldn't tell me what we are, when I asked. You said partners because you don't know. But I do. I know what we are." The winter sunlight was streaming in making Rachel's hair glow beautifully.

"What are we then Rachel?" I asked slowly looking up at her feeling really, really lost for some reason.

"We're different but the same," she said as if that somehow should make sense to me. "I'm instinct you're logic. I'm fire and you're ice. Only some of the times it's the other way around. You're the fire and I'm the logic. When we need it. I guess you could call it partners. Or you could call it perfect."

"Perfect?" I asked raising an eyebrow really liking - if not quite believing where this was going. Rachel took a step closer to me. Maybe I didn't have to worry. Maybe everything would be alright as long as Rachel was standing close to me and looking at me with eyes that were full of love and tenderness.

"Yeah Ivy," she took my hand and squeezed it. "We're perfect. That's what we are," she said, looking straight into my eyes. I could see the complete and utter faith in what she had just said. That it was true. In those green orbs I could see it. She really thought we were perfect. And as she thought it, believed it I did too. I had never in my life been anything other than flawed but for that instance I was truly perfect. A hundred fears and desires passed through me but just then I didn't have time to think anymore because Rachel reached forward and pressed her lips to mine.


Okay so I was about to stop at. "We're perfect. That's what we are," and just leave it to the imagination to what happens or not happens after that, but I just felt like being mushy so it turned out this way… I have an idea for a sequel (because I know there are a lot of unresolved issues and questions) where Lucy shows up at the church and needs Ivy and Rachel's help. We'll see if I get around to writing it. Depends on how A Perfect Blood turns out I guess.

Hope you enjoyed this story!