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Chapter 1: Why didst thou promise such a beauteous day

Emmett's POV

It was just one of these days - one of these days where I wished the sun was out, so we wouldn't have had to go to school, but be roaming the mountain ranges of Wenatchee national, trying to best Edward in a race along the icicle river, drinking in the glorious wildness of the place, the sun, and, yes, drinking the blood of a large, preferable feisty, animal.

Yes. That's what we do. It's what we are. But I'd also enjoy hanging out at home, lazing around, or working on the mountain unit of the WoW tabletop Jasper and I got for Christmas. Or watching Rosalie carefully file down replacement pieces to fix up Edward's Vanquish. Hell, I'd rather hold up fabric samples for Esme, who's redoing the dining room once again, than sit here today, crammed into one of these ridiculous chair-table combinations that frequent classrooms nowadays.

pero por razones de fonética los verbos con las siguientes terminaciones tienen una modificación ortográfica en todas las personas del presente de subjuntivo…

Oh yeah, ladidadida. As if learning the rules had ever helped anyone to improve their language skills. The only way to really learn Spanish is to floor Rosalie's BMW until the southern border of the United States of America is nothing but a memory in your rearview mirror, hunker down in a small Mexican town, listen and talk.

Okay, maybe I was being too harsh. Senora Goff was actually a decent teacher who made us talk to each other, and she new some freaking gruesome things about ancient Maya practices, but honestly, a grammar drill, on the last day before the Easter holidays?

I looked over to Edward, sitting two rows in front of me, back straight, listening attentively. Overeager, studious little brother. I grinned when I saw him lean forward to rest his head in his hand for a moment though. Not even he could keep up the charade of the ever conscientious student on days like this.

Quiero que haca buen tiempo mañana.

I chuckled silently as I watched my brother wince at this valiant but futile effort of Danielle Prodney. The girl was a real looker, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. How she had gotten into an AP Spanish class was a mystery to me. Maybe she had been too much of a distraction for Senor Barnes, who taught the regular classes.

I spent the next couple of minutes imagining her using her womanly wiles on poor unsuspecting Barnes - quite an entertaining daydream as it turned out. I could just picture his look of horror as she leaned over his desk, almost presenting her - uups - Edward might have been listening in on that one. I saw him rubbing his temples shooting me a pleading look. Just tune it out, bro, and leave me to my distractions. Danielle Prodney, Senor Barnes, or even better, back to the image of speeding down south in Rosie's car, her by my side, hair flying, leaning over to touch her beautiful soft lips against my …beep beep beep.

Finally! I got out of my seat the second the bell started ringing, and hurried towards the cafeteria. If I couldn't grab my beauty for a short trip to central America I could at least make good on that image of our kiss.

"Senor Cullen, todo bien?"

Surprised, I stopped at the door and turned around to look at Senora Goff. Her eyes, however, were set on Edward.

Edward was still in his chair, staring blankly at the blackboard full of Senora Goff's slanting handwriting. I smiled a crooked smile at him. When he was half-absent like this, it usually meant he was listening in on someone watching Bella.

"Are you coming, bro?"

"'Of course", he said, getting to his feet.

He barely took two steps towards me, when I saw his knees buckle. His hands flew to his head as he came crashing down on the central row of chairs. Wood splintered, metal groaned, and Edward let out an agonized moan as he collided with the floor.


Instinct took over as I rushed to his side at vampire speed while at the same time my mind was reeling. How would I explain my quick movements to Senora Goff. Screw that, how I would explain the broken furniture. Screw that too! The only thing that really mattered was what the fuck was wrong with my little brother?

He was curled up in a tight ball when I got to him, his head all but covered by his arms, palms clutched tightly over ears, his slender pianist's fingers drilling into his temples with such force that they would have crushed a human skull. I drew him into my lap trying to get him to look at me. His eyes were closed tightly.

"Edward? What the fuck?", I whispered, trying to pry his fingers away from his head. A soft moan was all the answer I got. "Come on, what's going on, bro?" I demanded. And then I couldn't help myself. Putting as much force behind it as a I could I yelled at him. "Edward, come on!" And at that he suddenly went limp in my arms.

"Madre mía! Llamo la enfermera! Y la ambulacia tambien" Senora Goff reached for the pone on the wall and started to dial.

Oh sure! One more minor detail to figure out - how would I explain to a nurse and a handful of paramedics that the fact that they wouldn't find a pulse was, actually, not the worrying issue at hand. Think fast, Emmett, come on!

First course of action: deception. Second course: get help. Third course: get Edward out of here and find out what's wrong with him and make him better. How number three was going to come to pass was still a mystery, but one and two had to happen right now. Make a decision Emmett, now, and showtime!

"Oh Edward, not again! I thought you were past these! Not to worry, Senora Goff! He's had these fainting spells since he was a little kid. Dad told me it's got something to do with his veins constricting, so all the blood goes to his major organs, so he gets headaches and all that, but he always just has to sleep it off. Tomorrow he'll be right as rain again!"

Her dialing fingers faltered and she held the receiver uncertainly in her hand. "Sentis se seguro? I do think I should at least call Nurse Hammond. He can rest in her office until Dr. Cullen picks him up, no?"

Oh yeah, about that. Carlisle and Esme were out on a hunting trip along the Canadian border. We were, in fact, expected to meet them there on Easter Sunday. Well, all of us except Edward, who had opted to stay behind to spend the time with Bella. Go figure.

I stole a glance at his empty face, trying not to let my worry show. It rarely happens, and I have the least experience with it, truth be told, but I do know that we vampires can experience pain. Jasper is living proof of that, and while he rarely speaks of the origins of his scars, the feeling of a bite or a torn off limb I have certainly gathered that all this is excruciatingly painful.

So, yes, we can hurt, physically as well as emotionally. And while it certainly was not fun, seeing the brief moments of pain on Edwards face, this was definitely worse. Vampires don't faint. Ever. Well, or at least as far as I knew. For all intends and purposes Edward looked - dead. Fuck! Back on track Emmett, you're rambling.

"Sin falta, senora! I'm sure he is just fine" How I wished…

Senora Goff was still pondering the situation, receiver in hand. Then a look of determination crossed her face – one that I knew well from grade decisions in oral exams. "Pienso que sea mejor if he rests at Nurse Hammod's", she said and resumed dialing. Oh well, there went that plan…at least it wasn't the hospital.

So, on to step two: "Rose! Jasper! Alice!", I called down the hall. None of them had had a class on this floor last period, but Senora Goff didn't know that, so she couldn't be surprised if they heard me. They were probably on their way here anyway since Edward and I had failed to show up at lunch. Alice would have checked up on us by now. Blast! How had she not seen this, anyway? Right, Edward didn't, strictly speaking, decide to get…well, whatever was wrong with him. I looked down at him again. Now that his hands had fallen limply away from his face, I could see the dark rings that marred the skin around his eyes. His mouth was slightly open, but no breath passed between his lips. I would never be able to explain that away to the nurse. I needed…

"Jasper!" I called out, as I finally heard his foot steps down the hall. He was jogging, the others not far behind. What had taken them so long? At last, his face appeared in the doorframe. "Jazz, Edward fainted once again. Can you make sure the nurse gets here soon? Senora Goff wants him to stay in her office until someone can come and get him."

It took all but a fraction of a second for his eyes to widen at the sight of Edward on the floor, my words, and my tone of voice, which was hopefully not shaky. God, let me have pulled that off convincingly. And God, let him have got the message.

Of course he did. It's Jasper, after all. He nodded briefly and took off. Rose already had her cell phone out and retreated down the hall after him. Gotta love that smart woman. And Alice? For the blink of an eye, she just stood there, eyes blank. Confusion and fear were etched in her face. And then they were gone, replaced by an almost condescending smile.

"Oh Edward!", she said, as she knelt down on his other side and reached out to pull her hand through his hair. The look of deep worry she threw me was invisible to Senora Goff, still standing behind her at the wall phone. It was all I could do not to mirror Alice. What the hell was wrong with Edward? And what would we do?


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Translations of (what I hope is) Spanish (specially for Glorfindelkind):

pero por razones de fonética los verbos con las siguientes terminaciones tienen una modificación ortográfica en todas las personas del presente de subjuntivo…

.. but for phonetic reaons the verbs with the following final sounds undergo an ortographic modification in all persons of present tense subjunctive...

*…Quiero que haca buen tiempo mañana....*...I hope the weather wull be nice tomorrow.

"Senor Cullen, todo bien?"..."Mr Cullen, everything allright?"

"Madre mía! Llamo la enfermera! Y la ambulacia tambien" ..."Holy Mary! I'm calling the nurse! And an ambulance as well"

"Sentis se seguro?"..."Are you sure?"

"Sin falta, senora!..."Without a doubt, Mrs."

"Pienso que sea mejor…"I think it would be better …