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She stood there, frozen in her spot. Finding it harder and harder to think straight let alone move. In some far distance of her mind she heard a voice calling out to her, but here, in this moment she chose not to listen. Not but a few feet from her rested her world. The only man she had ever come to love in all her centuries of living. He was only feet from her, suspended in an ice chamber similar to one that had once held her captive for twelve long years.

For twelve long years she had been in a medically induced coma, never knowing of the child that bonded her to this man forever. Never being able to provide her daughter with the comfort and protection a mother was supposed to offer throughout childhood. Never experiencing the joys of pregnancy and the pain of labor only to look down at the fresh face she had brought into the world.

She dared to take a step towards him, her breath caught in her throat. She was unable to believe what she saw. A million thoughts ran rampant in her mind, all screaming to set him free. She was pulled away from her mental battle, as gun shots fired behind her, breaking vials and beakers on a nearby surgical table. She quickly turned and fired numerous rounds at her attackers. Falling to the floor, sending her body under a nearby table in an attempt to shield herself from the stray bullets.

As her attackers fell to the floor, blood oozing from the open wounds in their heads, she rose to her feet. Ignoring the bodies she had shot down. Her gaze once again fell to the man in the ice chamber.

He rested there, eyes closed as if sleeping. He would never know of their daughter, never know that he shared a bond so deep that it sometimes scared her to know such a thing was possible. He would never know of the only thing stronger than any living creature around, including the now dead elders, was an eleven year old girl.

And not just any eleven year old girl, but their eleven year old girl.

The sight of him unconscious and oblivious to the outside world around him sent a stab of gut wrenching pain to her heart.

"I dreamed of what it would be like to meet you, like some silly little girl. But your heart is as cold as one already dead." Her voice was so harsh, she was almost unsure if the being sitting before her had been only eleven. She sounded wise beyond her years.

"Yesterday, I was with your father, he was a little further from me than you are now…I went to sleep and when I woke the next day, I learned that overnight, twelve years had past, and instead of the only man I've ever loved, there was a girl with his eyes. My heart isn't cold…it's just broken." She had somehow reached the child, her hand cupped her cheek. Tears fell from the girls eyes as they burned the back of her own, threatening to fall.

She was so vulnerable, so scared and she had failed to make her feel truly safe…truly loved.

She wasn't cold and dead inside; she was merely lost, confused and hurt beyond recognition. Almost scared, neigh, terrified. She had come to find everything she believed true was all a lie and the only thing constant in her life was long gone. Believed to be dead…

…Until now.

"Selene? Are you there?" The voice of Detective Sebastian pulled her out of her thoughts and back to reality, he quickly informed her of where her daughter was currently being taken.

"I'm on my way." She muttered raising her gun and sending a bullet to fly into the ice chamber in front of her.

She had come too far, seen and learned too many things to leave him behind. He had a right to know about the child that was as much his as it was hers. Eve had a right to know her father as much as her mother, and maintain a somewhat normal life. Though normal would never truly be an option for them, Eve at least deserved two parents who loved her and would die before letting anyone hurt her.

"I'll see you soon, my love." She thought as she turned away and headed towards the parking area.

First thing was first, rescue Eve then come back for Michael.

Eve stood there, her body returning back to human form as her breathing returned to a semi normal pace. The Lycan with its throat removed by her hand lay dead inches from her. Behind her an explosion went off, causing the hybrid to turn, not knowing what to expect, but when her eyes meet those of her mothers, she relaxed. She felt a rush of relief enter her, knowing her mother was safe and was here for her.

Confident the woman she would ever truly understand in any way wouldn't turn her back on her, leaving her alone to fend for herself. She felt loved in that moment, never truly understanding what the emotion meant until now. She turned here whole body to face the one woman she would forever trust and love. She opened her arms and embraced her, desperate to hang on and never let go. Feeling so safe and carefree in her mother's arms.

"You came back for me." She whispered into her hair, tears not yet in her eyes, but in her voice. She tightened her grip, using her mother as a life line and she so desperately wanted to live. Selene was shocked by the sudden affection; this was something she wasn't quite used to yet. Her mind had only recently wrapped around the thought that she had a daughter.

"I said I would." She whispered back, hugging the girl gently, afraid she'd break her.

She then chided herself for thinking such a thing, her daughter was able to rip the throat out of a violent Lycan hungry for her blood and immortality. The proof laid not that far off on a broken and dented vehicle. A simple hug could do nothing more to the girl except offer comfort.

"Selene? You better go." Sebastian stated holding onto his broken arm, the pain a white hot sensation that nearly stopped his thinking and threw him to the floor. "I'll send them in another direction." He spat out, referring to the growing sirens in the distance. "That should buy you some time."

"There's another coven not far from here." David mumbled moving towards them.

"Let's go David." Selene nodded her thanks to Sebastian before heading back towards the stairs, Eve only a step behind her.

"We're going upstairs?" David asked slightly confused at the change of direction.

"Yes." She quickly spat out. Before they left anywhere there was still one more thing to attend to.

Michael would no doubt be just as confused as she had been once finding out about the over night aging of the world. As they entered the floor she had left only an odd thirty minutes prior, she stood in shock as the frozen chamber marked 'Subject 0' now rested there broken and empty. Michael had escaped and was somewhere in Antigen running free.

She hoped.

From behind her Eve gasped loudly causing both Selene and David to turn and look at her.

"Is…it…Michael?" She asked confused, not quiet sure how to ask, but hoping to receive the answer she longed to hear, not knowing if she could emotionally stand never seeing him again. Eve locked eyes with her mother, not certain of what lay behind her own eyes as she looked out those of another.

"The roof." She managed to get out as another image passed through the back of her eyes.

Was this truly her father? The other half whose blood had always flowed through her veins? Was she truly witnessing what he saw? If her bond with him was anything of that like the one with her mothers, she knew her father wasn't that far from her.

She watched as her mother rushed past her and headed towards the stairs, Eve was quickly hot on her trail, David following up the back at his own quickened pace. Her heart raced as they reached the door. She would now come face to face with the other half of her existence. The door was slammed open, but it seemed to be heavy as lead for her mother as it opened slowly in the child's eyes.

She searched around painfully, following her mother to the edge of the building. It was empty, the three of them stood alone there, with no one else in sight. A pang of guilt surged through her and she suddenly felt lost and alone. She quickly reached out and cupped her mother's hand with her own.

Taken back by the gesture Selene looked down to her side to lock eyes with Eve. She tightened the grip she had on her hand. For now she had to be strong, Eve needed reassurance that no matter what she would always be there for her. And soon, once they found Michael he would be doing the same.

It pained her to her very core to think she would never see him again, to think he would never know of the miracle that now roamed the earth.

"It'll be alright? Won't it Mum?" Her voice was soft and weak, begging for comfort.

The word was so foreign to Selene's ears she had to remind herself it was she who was being addressed, and that in this moment nothing mattered more than her daughters own need to feel safe in a world she knew nothing about and was hunted after.

"Yes, it'll all be alright." She found it hard to swallow, she was never used to showing emotion, even with Michael she tried to be strong, but he had a way of getting under her skin and convincing her to reveal some of her deepest secrets. She figured that's why she felt the same around Eve. Like father, like daughter. "He'll find us eventually, and we'll keep looking." She had now fallen to her knees so she was at eye level with the child. She stared deeply into the girl's eye telling her everything with that one look than words alone ever could. She was not going to abandon her daughter, not now, now she that she knew the girl existed. She brushed a rogue curl back behind her ear before once more coming to her feet. "I promise." She whispered.

Eve gave a soft smile before taking her mother's hand in her own once again. Together they turned and headed back towards the stairs, David only a few feet in front of them. For now it was time to regroup and rest before starting a whole other battle.

Eve knew little about the life she would now be living, but knew one thing was for sure, so long as her mother was with her, she was safe.

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