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Upon opening her eyes, Eve was greeted with a blinding white flash. She slammed them shut immediately, afraid to even think the impossible. As she slowly opened them once again she noticed her long curls framed her face and covered her eyes, sticking to the skin and obscuring her vision. She slowly raised her hand to her pounding head and gently moved her hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. As her hand withdrew she noticed a red substance stained her fingers, cautiously she brought her two fingers to her mouth and licked the liquid from them.

The first thing she noticed was the sweet, sticky nectar was not from her own body and slowly made her hunger more noticeable. She didn't know how long she had been out or how much time had passed. For all she knew it had been years since she last fed, let alone seen her parents.

At the thought of both Selene and Michael she raised her head and took in her surroundings. She felt her heart fall into her stomach, the familiar white walls had her head spinning and the cold tile she lay on had knocked the wind from her lungs.

"No." She whispered so softly. She didn't want to believe she was back. That maybe the past month had just been a dream, a dream in which she had gained her parents back, and come to love her mother and father far more than thought possible.

As she stood she found she had been tossed carelessly into the room. The way she had been laying on the floor was evidence enough to show her captors didn't care for her well-being as they disposed her body here. She glanced down at her clothes and only now noticed she had been stripped of her attire. She now donned a blue and white checkered hospital gown that tied at her lower back and just below the backside of her neck.

She quickly patted herself down feeling her body for any open wounds. She found none, but noticed she still wore her undergarments and let out a sigh of relief. She looked at her hands closely, under her nails more blood resided. It was caked with mud and skin, she couldn't remember a thing before she blacked out, but knew she gave up quite a fight.

She searched the room for any escape and found none other than the door in the corner. She didn't bother, knowing it would be locked. She looked up to the camera that monitored her and softly wondered how long she had been here.

"Is this the place?" Michael asked quietly as he made his way to Selene's side.

"Yes, this is Bio-Com. According to David's notes, they will be expecting us." She spoke softly, she was furious. Nobody took her daughter from her without asking. They had been on foot for three days straight, lacking sleep and rest, only stopping momentarily when necessary.

As if waiting for her audio signal an opening in the stone ground opened up swallowing both vamipress and hybrid alive. Michael fell quickly, looking for anything to grasp onto and break his fall, but instead landed with a loud dissatisfied grunt and a splash, one that only increased when Selene fell on top of him.

"Where are we?" Michael questioned helping his mate up before attempting to stand on his own.

"The sewer." She muttered taking off down one of the tunnels Michael hot on her heels.

"Hello." A soft male voice said. Eve lifted her head to come face to face with black eyes. "We have been looking everywhere for you Subject Two." His voice was deep and dark, Eve could feel her heart racing with every syllable he pronounced.

"My name is Eve." She muttered.

"Your name is Subject Two and will be addressed as such." The man spat out venomously. She cringed as his words stung her ears.

He reminded her so much of Dr. Lane and his son Quint. Throughout her years at Antigen they had told her she was nothing, a freak, a simple accident. That even her parents had taken their own lives once knowing they had produced such an abomination. She had cried every time she was reminded her parents were dead all because of her own existence.

She sat there tears burning the back of her eyes and threatening to fall. She slammed her eyes shut wishing the hateful names and words to leave her. Suddenly her mind wandered to her mother, cradling her in her arms as she cried heavily into her shoulder. Her father carrying her sleeping form out of the underground tunnel as her mother walked on in high alert of all those threatening to harm her family. An image of her mother biting into her own skin and losing a vast amount of blood just so her daughter wouldn't feel the pain of a simple wound past through her mind.

"I'll try." The words echoed in her head as a soft prayer spoken only by her mother. She had promised to try and be a good mother, promised to offer any and all she could for her own offspring.

Eve's head shot up to the man before her, tears long gone, hatred for this man and love for her parents etched on every corner of her soft delicate features.

"MY NAME IS EVE!" She screamed violently her eyes changing and showing her true self. The man looked at her smiling; the once quiet little experiment was now a young spitfire.

So much like her mother. He mused.

He raised his right hand and in it was a needle, a clear liquid rested in the thin vile. Eve took one glance at him and smacked him across the face, sending both male and needle to the floor, causing the vile to break and smash.

Within the blink of an eye she heard the sirens go off. She looked to the spot the man only seconds ago occupied, the door was now closed and a gas was being administrated into the white room. Eve fell to her feet quickly and bit into the unconscious stranger's skin, she quickly drained him before losing consciousness herself as the gas entered her system.

She fell back onto the floor, blood covering her mouth and teeth, images flashed through her mind as she blacked out.

"If I'm not mistaken, this corridor should lead us right to the upper floor." Selene said looking over to Michael who was on high alert to their surroundings. He locked eyes with his lover and softly nodded his head. Together they took off down the musty and cold tunnel, desperately hoping they could find their daughter.

After a few minutes of walking, Selene came to a sudden stop and turned to face Michael. His eyes questioned everything to her, and were answered when she glanced upward. He followed her gaze and cautiously approached her side. As he looked up, he saw light streaming in through a crack. Upon closer inspection he found that it was a trap door, one he was positive would open up to the top floor.

As he took in the distance from his spot to the ceiling he noticed the only way up was with Selene. Before she even had time to react he had picked her up and lifted her upward. Selene struggled in his embrace, clearly taken off guard by his actions. As she finally found her balance in his arms, she reached upward and slowly pushed the small door open.

"What do you see?" Michael called from below her.

"A large white room." She muttered; looking around making sure it was empty. Once satisfied it was, she moved the whole stone aside. Carefully, with the help of Michael, she climbed up and out onto the tiled floor.

She quickly scanned the room, guns at the ready. Not a soul was present and not a sound was made. Satisfied with the outcome, she threw herself back onto the floor and started to help Michael up as well; carefully keeping her eyes on the room so that nothing changed in regards to its abandonment.

Once they were both situated Selene looked to her lover silently, her tired eyes begged for this all to be over. Praying for a silent moment when they could just be a family without having to worry. Her body betrayed her, Michael cupped her face softly, she closed her eyes briefly allowing the touch to offer more comfort than it really should.

Eve fought to open her eyes, her lids were heavier then she remembered them being. As she opened them she found her vision was blurry with unshed tears and remnants of the drug still in her system. She stared at the ceiling above her and noticed the lights passed by in a daze.

"UGH!" she moaned out, trying to bring a hand to her pounding head. However, she waivered noticing something was keeping her limbs violently strapped down to the soft cot beneath her. She tried to look downward, but felt a hand quickly cover her forehead.

"STAY STILL! DAMN IT!" A woman yelled out forcing her head down and holding it in place.

"Mummy?" She questioned so softly.

"You're mummy isn't here you little rat." She spat out with venom. "Now shut up."

Eve couldn't see the woman, she only kept her eyes on the fast moving lights above her. The white tile that surrounded them gave her no indication as to where she was, or where they were taking her.

From a distance in the back of her mind, she heard doors open as she was wheeled in on the gurney she was strapped to, three numbers stuck in her mind as she felt a sharp pain in her arm and her eyes start to feel heavy once again. Before she could even think what was going on, her eyes fell closed and she blacked out.

Lights shattered the darkness behind her lids. They were moving by so quickly it seemed she were in a haze. The one looker struggled to glance off to her side, but failed. The heavy breathing told her Eve was in trouble. Out of the tear soaked eyes of her daughter Selene could see double swinging doors fly open, above it in delicate print the numbers 417 rested.

"What? What is it?" Michael asked softly.

"The fourth floor." She muttered out, taking off on foot. Michael followed her, hot on her trail.

Once finally reaching their destination, Selene and Michael walked down the long corridor. Their bodies on high alert at every corner they turned. In a very uncomfortable surprise, the floor was empty of any living beings. If lycans were in fact cohabitating the building, they made their presence unknown. Michael came to a stop outside the swinging doors of room 417 and peaked in through the window. He could see his precious daughter, unconscious and unmoving on a gurney. Doctors filled the room, surrounding her with different tools and talking amongst themselves.

Anger filled the newly found father upon seeing his only offspring so weak and vulnerable. His teeth clenched and bile rose up through his esophagus, burning his body on its journey up. He could feel his body changing, his skin turning black while his canine teeth grew sharp and his nails elongated. He wanted nothing more than to burst through the door, rip everyone to shreds and run out with Eve over his shoulder.

"I take it you found her." A soft voice called from behind him. He turned to see Selene, her eyes were cerulean blue and her fangs were showing out from behind her lips. Michael moved toward her and gently cupped her cheek in his hand. Selene moved forward, closing the distance between them, their lips touched softly before growing with hunger. Their tongues dueled for a brief moment before pulling apart, if they were going in, they were not going to come out until Eve was in their gasp, or they died trying. "Let's go get our daughter back." She muttered lifting her gun and cocking it.

Michael nodded softly before turning back to the door. Together both burst through, Michael charged at the Lycans nearest to him sending his fists through them while stray bullets behind him filled the room from Selene's gun.

Everything seemed to happen slowly as Michael reached for a blonde haired woman, pulling her back towards him. Her body began to transform into a Lycans, her teeth sinking into the hybrids arm. Michael growled out in pain, releasing the woman from his grasp and throwing her to the floor out of anger and pain. Selene turned to see what had happened to her lover and saw as the female lycan scrambled to her feet started rushing towards Eve. She started firing off consecutive rounds at the woman, walking towards her and the gurney.

From behind Selene a lycan approached her and sent a long knife straight through her back and out towards her stomach. She looked down in utter shock as the steel blade poked out from her midsection. She turned to face her attacker, but had found Michael had only now approached him, bringing him down to the cold tile floor. His teeth dug into the lycan's fleshy neck, only to violently pull outward, his bloody trachea and esophagus hung from the hybrid's mouth.

Selene turned back to face the woman who had only moments before been on a rampage for her daughter. As she turned she reached behind her and pulled the knife out of her body. In one quick move, she threw the dagger forward, sending it flying into the back of the woman's head. The blonde froze in her step and collapsed to the floor, blood oozing out the wound as she lay dead on the floor. Michael watched as Selene stood there on shaky legs before collapsing as well. Her hands holding onto her open wound as blood poured onto them.

She needed to feed. After three days of being on a constant pursuit towards Bio-Com he knew she was weak. They had been thrust into a world where food was essential and very limited. They would have to learn to adapt and become used to feeding in longer lengths of time if they wished to survive. There was no more cloned blood and animals were scarce in this part of the country. It seemed the vampires would die out from malnutrition before the Lycans ever got out whatever sinister plan they had.

He knew it would be easy for Eve and himself to survive on little blood, they were hybrids, they could simply teach their bodies to ration. But Selene, she was a vampire; her body was on a strict regimen. The same one it had for over six hundred years. Death Dealer or not, her body required more blood then them.

He rushed towards her and grabbed a nearby towel from one of the tables. He immediately pushed it against her open wound and let her head rest on the tile floor. All his studying for his medical degree came into the place. He knew the wound was deep, if she were human she wouldn't be surviving the night, but he let out a sigh of relief. She wasn't human, she was a vampire and though her chances were slim, they still existed.

"It's going to be ok." He muttered more to himself then her, his body now was back to his human color. He let his teeth rip into the flesh of his wrist and allowed the blood to pour from his open wound into her waiting mouth. "Just drink up Selene….just drink." He whispered caressing her face softly. He watched as the liquid poured from his arm and into her mouth. She took it in slowly before her eyes drifted closed and he found himself force feeding it to her.

"Father?" a soft childlike voice spoke. Michael turned to find Eve laying down on the gurney. She couldn't move because she was still strapped to the cot. He left Selene's side and helped his daughter free. Once she was able to move she tried to stand, but fell to the floor. Michael tried to bend over and help her up, but failed as Eve took off in a fast and wobbly crawl towards her mother's quickly draining body. "No mother, please NO!" She begged, tears falling from her eyes as she cradled her mother's face in her palm.

Before Michael could react Eve bit into her own arm, repeating the action her father had performed only moments ago. Michael listened as she mumbled incoherent words under her breath and cried when her wound closed up to quickly.

"Eve." Michael spoke softly, trying to get the attention of his young daughter. "EVE!" He yelled reaching down to pull her away from Selene's body before she could open her skin once more. He wasn't going to risk losing his little girl as well.

"Daddy, no!" Eve cried out, kicking in her father's embrace to be let go, tears poured from her eyes. "Please tell me mummy's going to be fine." She begged, her face looking so lost and hurt he knew in that moment he had to make her that promise. Losing her mother so quickly, after only recently being returned to her would have made the girl mad.

"I promise, Eve. Your mother will be fine." Michael whispered letting her fall slowly to her knees. He looked around the room and took in the sight. Lycans lay around them dead as an annoying alarm rang throughout the facility. It wouldn't be long before the rest of Bio-Coms employees came burst through the door.

He quickly fell to his knees and picked his unconscious mate into his arms, holding her close to his chest. He glanced at the skin beneath the open cut in her cat suit. She was no longer bleeding and her breathing had returned to a semi normal pace. He smiled to himself, if everything turned out right, she'd be fine.

"Let's go Eve. Now!" He got out harshly, not wanting anymore trouble then they had already found. They had gotten what they came for, and then some. Last thing they needed were more Lycans.

Michael exited the room, and took off down the corridor. As he reached the stairs he looked back to find Eve was gone. Fear set in the pit of stomach as the thought of her being caught again raced through his mind. Just as he prepared to head back he saw her turn the corner and race towards him.

Her long black curls bounced behind her as she raced towards her father. Her hospital gown stopped just short of her of her knees, and Michael only now noticed her bare legs and ankles were lightly bruised. Her feet were bare and he knew they'd have to find her clothes soon if they wished to get out of the city. Eve would definitely draw attention.

"Sorry." She muttered noticing the fear in her father's eyes. "I had to get Mum's knife." She said softly holding the steel carved object up for him to view. "I had it in my boot, but my clothes are less then suitable for wearing."

"It's ok. Once your mom wakes up we'll be sure to get you some new clothes." He said heading down the stairs, she was hot on his trail.

"So she's going to be fine?" Eve asked, her voice was hopeful and almost unable to believe the news.

"Yes. Her wound has already almost fully healed. She should be up before morning arrives." He whispered looking down to the woman in his arms, then behind him to her mini version. God, they look so much alike. My daughter and my lover…Never did I think I'd have both. He only hoped he was right in telling Eve, he only prayed Selene would wake up.

"Oh…Daddy…thank you." She squealed happily hugging her father from behind him. "I'm so happy she's going to be ok." Soft tears fell from her face as they exited the Bio-

Com building and headed back into the woods.

Later as the sun rested in the middle of the clear blue sky Selene slowly opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. Upon seeing only Michael she shot up, hoping to find Eve nearby, but instead found herself falling back into Michael's waiting lap, his hand firmly on her chest and holding her close.

"Relax." He muttered. "You're still a little week."

"Where's Eve?" She questioned not caring about her own well-being, but only that of her daughter.

"She's fine. Calm down." He said motioning his head off to the side. Selene followed his gaze to find their daughter curled up in a little ball sleeping soundly. Her head rested on Selene's right thigh and her hospital gown was pulled over her bare legs so only her muddy feet poked out.

"How long as she been there?" Selene asked smiling at the sight, her hand falling to rest in her daughter's hair and gently stroke the side of her face.

"A few hours." He muttered. "Once she wakes up and you have your strength back, we'll find Eve some clothes and head out of this damn city."

"Sounds like a plan. We still need to find that safe house." Selene said, silently hoping they would come across a few uneventful days.

It was silence for the longest time that Selene had thought Michael had found his own bout of sleep. She watched the forest floor in front of her, contemplating the future for their child. Her thoughts were broken by a masculine voice.

"I thought you were going to leave me." He whispered into her hair, his hand covering her long healed wound. Fear rested in every word he spoke as tears gently cascaded down his face. "You didn't heal with my blood. I thought…." He struggled with his words. "…and then Eve came and…God Selene she was hysterical. She loves you so much." There was a long pause, neither parent wishing to speak as they both stared protectively at their sleeping child.

"Eve's blood?" Selene asked covering his hand that lazily rested over her abdomen.

"Yeah, she refused to see you go. The second her blood touched your lips, you started to heal." Selene smiled softly. "She loves you."

"And I love her." She muttered massaging her daughters scalp.

The family of three lay in the woods for another few hours before finally gaining up their strength and searching for a new place to call home. They knew no matter what they went through, no matter what obstacle lay in their way, they could face it as a family. Finally…after twelve long and miserable years, they could start to heal.

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