Hey there guys. It's me again. So, I had originally submitted this story to be set in real life with the actual actors in Hannah Montana. But then I thought,

Why not have it be that it's the characters of the show who meet the agents, go to the agency and make it all seem credible instead of having the actors meet the agents, go to the agency and vice versa. So, now this will be a story with the Hannah Montana characters instead of the Hannah Montana cast. So, that's it for right now. This is only the introductory chapter. It's telling you what's going to happen in the story. Here we go. Take What You Can Productions and Keep To The Code Pictures presents: The League of Disney Heroes

ZZZZZT! ZZZZZT! ZZZZZT! Incoming Transmission.

Hello. I am the Commander in Chief of the LDH, The League of Disney Heroes. You may be wondering,

"The LDH? I've never heard of the LDH." That's because our agency is top secret. You see, years ago, when Walt Disney was just a man with a dream, he had created the iconic character of Mickey Mouse. What he didn't know was that the paper he drew Mickey on, was magical. It made any character that he created or drew, come to life. Every single one of his animations jumped off the page and spoke to him. Mr. Disney was astonished. He couldn't believe that his animations, his creations, could move, walk and talk in the real world. And to top it all off, they knew who he was. He had to keep these creations of his in a special place. The public could not see them. So, he created the Disney Vault. Even today, when something is 'Headed into the Disney Vault," it means that character will spend the rest of his days in his own corner of the Disney Universe. However, a few years ago Maleficent, the worst Disney Villain of all, escaped the vault. She threatened to bring a reign of terror upon the human world. She also helped some other villains to escape. These villains were Jafar, Scar, Ursula, Cruella DeVil, Captain Hook, and Shere Khan. They freed the rest of their villain friends, hoping to create an army of villains that would destroy the humans. All these villains headed to the far corners of the earth, biding their time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. However, with the freeing of the villains, they also freed the heroes. I was the first to be freed and so I created the LDH, so that when we find these villains, we can capture them and seal up the vault. Until then, we'll need help. Luckily, I happen to know the perfect people for the job. With any luck, they will help us to defeat the villains. Until the next transmission, this is the Commander in Chief of the LDH, the League of Disney Heroes, signing off.

ZZZZT! ZZZZT! ZZZZT! Transmission ended