Ink gazed at the sight of the Dells. His dark green and blue hair glinted in the sun as he gazed around the

woods with bright violet eyes. He notched an arrow and pulled his arm back aiming at a green rabbit. He swiftly

loosed it and the rabbit squealed. He quickly ran and grabbed it before its blood attracted anything unpleasant.

Hiking home he was greeted by the few that lived here. In these reaches of the dells few ventured. Thus no-one

knew of him, which he liked. Not being known about kept him safe. He nudged the minds around him. He kept

them from seeing the monster he was. His prism of hair or unnatural eyes attracted way to much unwanted

attention. To them he looked like a dashingly handsome orphan that lived on his own.

He didn't know who his monster father was, and didn't care. Monsters were what they called his kind,

people or animals that controlled others minds and enchanted them with immense beauty. Once they were

enchanted larger monsters normally killed the enchanted poor saps. And monsters also craved other monsters

flesh, but he didn't mind being different. No what he was curious is he had heard of their being two others of his

kind, but one had died in some sort of accidental suicide. But he didn't trust the hill-dwellers. For all he knew a

girl with hair like flames could have been some story. If she was real on the other hand he would like to meet

her. He stepped into his stone house and shut the door before heading to a area that could have been called a

kitchen. Busied in his thoughts he didn't hear someone knocking on the door. "One moment!" He called fixing a

cap on his head to hide his hair. He didn't feel like nudging minds at the moment. He curiously felt the mind was

shielded and opened the door a crack. "yes? May I help you?" It was a well built man with the garb of the Kings


The man clicked his tongue appraising the boy. "I am recruiting for the king's army and one of your

neighbors told me there would be a strong lad here that might be useful for us. What do you say boy? Do you

wish to fight for your home, the Dells?"

Ink blinked startled. He was only 18 and had not thought much about what he would do with his life. As

much as the thought of doing something useful sounded great the idea of fighting for hill-dwellers who don't

even care about the area he lived in to keep it clear of bandits and lawlessness bothered him. "Why? This is the

first time any of you have ventured up here up to the place of mountains and caves for years."

The man nodded."I thought the same thing, but the wages are good and I get travel, do something

useful with my life. Consider it lad, we leave at dawn."

Shutting the door with a swift good-bye, Ink retired to bed thinking about it.

When he woke it was just after dawn and he knew his answer. Slinging his quiver and bow onto his

back and belting his sword to his hip he took off with a small bag of food and herbs. He didn't have anything

much of worth besides his weapons anyway. As he ran he saw a group of soldiers marching ahead of him and

braced his mind and lowered his eyes, hoping they wouldn't notice his eye color or he wore a cap with no hair

showing. With a wave to the well built man he caught up, breathing hard from the effort. Sweat trickled down his

face as the man clapped him on the back.

"Almost missed us lad, and let me welcome you to the King's Army. March for now, when we next stop

for camp we will talk further." The man went on ahead to talk to a man on horseback.

Now that he noticed, ink saw that the man was the only one on foot and the rest had mounted horses. And

most of them were locals from this area. The man came back with two horses, one obviously his own the other

for..him? Ink's eyes widened, he had never rode a horse or even owned one. As he struggled to mount it the

man chuckled.

"My name is Ikam by the way. What's yours lad?" Ikam gazed at him steadily.

"My name is…Ink." Ink replied finally in the saddle. He found the man easy to talk to as they began

conversing as the small group of soldiers rode through the rocky slopping Forrest, heading for the hills below. They talked of light topics: Home, differences, the land.

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