Title: Love Hurts – Chapter One

Genre: NCIS

Pairing: Tony and Ziva

Rating: M for the adult content.

Timeline: Continues after Love Bites or This Could Be Us – depending on which one you come in from.

Spoilers: Possibly, probably but nothing past season 8, this is AU.

A/N: #sits looking at muse from across the table as she paces the room… Patiently waits… Muse pulls out chair and sits down, plays slightly with her fingers… "It is time." #

Disclaimer: My universe my characters… Yeah right! #Sighs# But unfortunately they are not… I just continue to play with them.

Written: October/November 2011 (officially) I was not happy with it in time for the December 2011 update and then added to it in January. Hence a year after the first one… Ta-da we have the sequel.

Word Count: 5,393

WARNINGS: As with Love Bites, THIS FIC WILL CONTAIN REFERENCES AND OR UNDERTONES PERTAINING TO THE JEWISH RELIGION AND ITS PRACTICES. If you have a problem with that, go read something else. I WILL STOP THIS STORY IF I GET GRILLED ON ITS CONTENTS, there are some unequivocally "sensitive" parts in this story.

Notes from the muse… I realize that many will dislike her for it, but we enter into this one with Tony and Ziva already married… There are enough wedding fics out there for you to take your pick on. There was just no way that "Temperamental" could iron that out in the timeline. Both EJ and Ray are history. I realize that EJ's storyline in Love Bites is incomplete… #looks at muse who shakes her head# oh wait, she has something up her sleeve there…


Tony stood watching as Ziva helped her aunt settle into the guest room. They had earlier that evening collected her from the airport, and after the initial welcome had gotten a quick bite to eat before returning home.

Noda had been insistent that she was to be present when the baby is born, after they had informed her and Eli of Ziva's pregnancy, and Ziva had welcomed the suggestion with open arms. The actual birth not weighing on her nerves as much as the unknown changes they faced afterwards, and Noda's input and support was very much wanted.

Tony smiled as he watched her move about with her aunt. Ziva having on more than one occasion chided him for gazing at her enlarged state, to which he simply grunted, happy to lay claim to the fact that he was responsible for her enlarged state. However, he truly doubted that Ziva could ever realize what she has given him; it was something he at some stage never thought he could have, least of all with her.

His thumb gently rubbed against the gold band on his left hand, remembering the day she had placed it there. He still remembers her bright smile and the slight belly she had sported on the day. Many may have thought it a shotgun wedding, however both of them knew better. It had merely been the formal culmination of a six-year long partnership, in which they had overcome many obstacles and would not trade a single moment of that time for any other.

Abby had as unusual bounced around in happiness, and what they had originally planned as a small civil service – ended up being a party for half of NCIS's employees, because Abby never could keep any festivities quiet, or low key for that matter.

'What are you smiling at?' Ziva asked, coming to a halt next to him in the doorway.

'Memories,' Tony was quick to reply, reaching out for her and drawing her into a one armed hug.

'As long as it is not my waddle,' she returned half threateningly.

'But your waddle's cute,' he insisted, before letting her go.

'Ha, it does not feel so cute,' she shot back, looking closely at him. 'So what were you thinking off, I know it was not dirty because you did not have that look on your face.'

'What look,' Tony was quick to counter, not knowing which look she was talking of.

'The one that says you are far away on another plane,' Ziva replied nudging him slightly.

'Ah yes, that one,' he returned evasively, knowing that it would annoy her.

'So what were you thinking?' Ziva insisted, slightly impatient this time.

'Just thoughts,' Tony dodged again, then noticed that she was once again rubbing her back slightly. Ziva had been a trooper right throughout the pregnancy, and he had followed her every step of the way. From doctor's appointments to room decoration they had collectively made the decisions.

'Tony,' Ziva warned, and from the exasperated tone in her voice, he knew it would be better not to push his luck. If he thought angry Ziva was threatening, a pregnant-angry Ziva was about twenty times more threatening. Even Gibbs was careful around her at times.

'Happy thoughts of us,' he returned gently, then smiled at her with knowing it would ease over her antagonism. 'You want me to get you some tea?' he asked as she made to step past him.

'That would be nice, Noda?' Ziva asked, as she turned her head slightly in her aunt's direction.

'No thank you my dear, I'm going to go to bed, the flight was long and I need to adjust to the time difference.' Noda was quick to reply, having noted the exchange between the two. She had then come to see what Eli had meant when he had professed that Tony was committed to Ziva, and she to him. It was the first instance where she had gotten to see the two of them interacting together, and there was no mistaking the amount of affection they shared.

'Just you then?' Tony questioned as he stepped from the doorway.

'Yes thank you,' Ziva replied before turning to her aunt, 'Good night noda.'

'Good night child, sleep well,' Netta returned looking up from her case for a moment.

Ziva turned and made for her and Tony's bedroom. 'I'm going to go lie down as well, Tony,' Ziva called, before entering their bedroom.

'I'll bring you your tea there,' Tony replied from the kitchen.

Tony waited for the kettle to boil and drew a cup from the cupboard then proceeded to make Ziva her cup of tea.

On entering their bedroom, he was surprised to find a towel lying folded on their bed, but no Ziva. Looking around he saw Ziva emerge from their bathroom, noticing the razor and shaving cream she had in her hand, and frowned slightly.

'I need to shave?' Tony questioned, hoping humour would get her to explain her strange behaviour.

'No… you have work to do,' she replied in that soft tone of voice that could turn him to mush in two seconds flat. The one she knew could make him agree to do just about anything for her.

'I do?' Tony asked slightly perplexed, before placing her tea on the nightstand.

'Yes… you do,' Ziva replied, handing him the shaving cream and razor, then turning from him and once again retreating to their bathroom.

'And I'm going to need these?' Tony asked at a loss, looking at the shaving cream and razor in his hands.

'Yes… you do,' Ziva replied before entering the bathroom, 'close the door would you.'

'Okay,' Tony returned. His brain long since having handed the controls over to Ziva, knowing that at times like this, that whatever she had planned for them was guaranteed to be pleasurable for him.

Ziva returned with a bowl of warm water, causing Tony to frown once again, 'and just what am I doing?' Tony finally asked.

'You need to shave me,' Ziva replied dead seriously, causing Tony to baulk slightly.

'Wait – what?' Tony returned, completely stunned but her words, not for a moment understanding where this sudden kinky streak came from, especially considering that at that stage of her pregnancy sex was very uncomfortable for Ziva.

Ziva having thought he would leap into one of his frat boy personas and jostle her about it; was relieved that she appeared to be spared that incident.

'I need to shave for the birth, and I cannot see past my…' Ziva started, then indicated to her bulging abdomen. 'So you have to do it, because I refuse to have some stranger shave me at the hospital,' Ziva returned steadfastly.

'You have a problem with that,' Tony returned slightly stunned, 'there is no way on this earth someone else is shaving you whilst I'm alive to do it,' Tony returned seriously.

Ziva placed the bowl on the nightstand then sat down, before picking up her tea and taking a sip. 'Hmm,' she sighed before looking up at him noting his concern, 'what?' she questioned not understanding the sudden serious air he had about him.

'It's just that it's so close, all this,' Tony said indicating her belly, 'I'm just feeling a little uncertain,' he concluded.

'It will be fine,' Ziva said her voice coaxing whilst she indicated for him to sit down next to her.

'Do we really need to do this now, because you're not due for another week,' he finally spoke up indicating to the shaving cream he still held.

'Tony, the baby could come any time now,' Ziva started quite seriously but changed her tone to a more teasing one, before continuing, 'and think, in a week's if the baby has not come you get to shave me again.'

'Well when its put that way - let's get started then shall we,' Tony replied placing the shaving cream and razor on the bed, then watched Ziva rise from the bed to slip out on the sweats she had been wearing, slipping her panties off with them and settling back on the bed. Tony rose from the bed whilst Ziva made sure that the towel was under her and allowed her legs to drape off the side of their bed. Tony then settled himself on the floor, taking in the sight of her. If he were honest with himself, even after their time already spent together, he would be lying if he told anyone his thoughts did not wander to that particular area of her body at least a few times a day. That patch of heaven between her thighs, where he could happily loose his mind. There was nowhere on earth he enjoyed spending more time at.

Ziva had at first been reluctant to allow him free reign, and he understood that she had felt vulnerable and exposed at first. However, with time, she had allowed him free reign when it came to her body, and the pleasures he could extract from it. For all her Mossad training, Ziva knew how to please a man, she could turn his legs to jelly and make him forget his name within moments. There were times he found his head spinning just from a simple touch, from the anticipation of what was to come. She had in her past encounters often been incapable of indulging in her own pleasure, with many of the situation having been life threatening. However, she had since come to learn that she could entrust her pleasure to him, and that he would do his utmost to ensure she received as much as he did. Also because it was something he willingly indulged in, that and the fact that he enjoyed having her come apart only to turn her amazed eyes towards him, made him willing to push the bar just that much higher.

Carefully he took hold of the sponge within the bowl of water, and squeezed the access water from it. He then moved it to dampen her curls, once done he reached for the shaving cream squirting some on his hand he smoothed it over her, making sure he covered the entire area. He then reached for the razor, firstly dipping it in the water before bringing it carefully towards her and taking the first stroke, and rinsed it off.

'Tony,' Ziva finally spoke up in exasperation.

'Yes, Zee,' Tony returned, his mind fully focused on the job at hand.

'I would like to have this done tonight,' she reminded him, slightly impatient.

'Never rush art,' Tony returned seriously.

'Art?' Ziva questioned disbelievingly.

'Yes, art,' Tony replied seriously, as he carefully moved her labia out of the way, shaving the area next to it.

Ziva, having known him long enough, already knew she was unlikely to rush him – especially when he had his mind set on something. She felt his fingers move over her reverentially. 'Tony!' she warned. Had it not been for the fact that she was as close to her due date, she would have willingly allowed him to play as much as he wanted. However, not only had the muscle contractions become uncomfortable, there was just no comfortable way she could accommodate him anymore. She had never thought she would ever regret that he was as well endowed, and God did he know how to best use it on her, but she was just not big enough in stature to accommodate both him and his football starring son.

'Ziva,' Tony drew her from her thoughts.

'Yes Tony,' she replied her voice once again soft.

'When little DiNozzo has arrived,' he started his hand moving to her abdomen for a moment, 'we must do this again,' he concluded. She felt him carefully move the sponge over her again, the water having cooled some.

Ziva smiled. It was a side of Tony she appreciated the most at times; the fact that he was not scared to talk up in the bedroom. He was always willing to discuss things with her before hand, not just suddenly attempting something strange. They had shared an open and adventurous sex life since they managed to commit to each other, having right throughout her pregnancy explored their sexuality. She had been more open with him than she ever thought herself capable of, and he had been the same.

'Sure Tony, I just never thought it would be something you would want to do,' she returned, lifting her head slightly to look towards him. He must have sensed her gaze for he looked up at her and smiled indulgently, before continuing his work.

Ziva settled back, relaxing against the pillows. These days, the only time she felt comfortable was when she was lying on her back. Therefore she did not rush him, simply enjoying the attention he so willingly bestowed her.

Tony, having finally finished his task, got up and returned the bowl of water to the bathroom, where he empted it before taking hold of a bottle of tissue oil and returning to their room.

Carefully he applied the oil to the area then closed the bottle, before lightly stroking her thigh to signal to her what he was done. Ziva moved to sit up again, and was thankful when he handed her her sweats and carefully pulled them on again.

Tony looked at her for a moment in confusion. 'Are you okay?' he asked, a frown marring his forehead as he noted her slower than usual movements.

'Tony, I'm fine,' Ziva returned, then saw the disbelieving look on his face. 'My back is sore,' she finally relented.

'He's being hard on you,' Tony murmured before placing his hand on her abdomen, 'or you overdid it with your aunt,' he challenged in the end.

'Tony, I hardly did anything,' she retorted, 'you would not let me, remember?'

'With good reason,' Tony countered, 'jnr there is very demanding.'

'As is his father,' Ziva returned teasingly.

'Okay grouchy, lie down and I'll rub your back for you,' Tony finally instructed.

'Tony, that is not needed, I will be fine,' Ziva resisted, knowing that he was unlikely to give in any time soon.

'Okay, so are you gonna finish your tea?' he questioned indicating towards her cup, trying to hide his discontent from her.

'It has gone cold,' Ziva bemoaned, causing Tony to once again frown slightly.

'Hop into bed, I'll be with you as soon as I've turned out all the lights,' Tony said as he picked up her cup of cold tea and returned it to the kitchen.

Ziva settled on her side and listened as Tony moved about, then breathed a sigh of relief when he settled next to her. She had not meant to be adverse towards him earlier; she knew how sensitive he could be when it came to her and the baby. Tony was often a lot more observant than others gave him credit for, and she had long since come to realize that when something involved her – he would not miss a single tell. As much as she loved him, there were times he could just be too doting of her.

She felt his movements behind her and was slightly irritated by them, until he started to rub her back. He knew exactly where her back was troubling her and rubbed it firmly, trying to soothe the ache. Ziva's eyes drifted shut at his touch and snuggled into her pillow more, breathing a contented sigh, she allowed herself to be lulled to sleep by his touch.

Once Tony realized that she had drifted off, he settled with his hand on her abdomen, his fingers slightly stroking her belly as he settled himself for the evening, still unable to believe his luck.

It was in the early hours of the morning that Ziva awoke to find Tony's arm still draped over her. The pain in her back had returned and this time with a vengeance. She moved slightly in nope of easing it, however it did not dissipate. She eventually got up to go to the bathroom where she discovered a bloody discharge. Returning to their bed she gripped Tony by the shoulder and shook him slightly, 'Hey, Tony!'

'Uh yeah, what's up?' he mumbled in his sleep.

'We've got to go,' Ziva insisted, then stepped back from the bed slightly.

'Gibbs called?' Tony asked only slightly more lucid.

'No, we have got to go, the baby is coming,' Ziva returned a lot more calmly than she felt.

At her words, Tony shot up. 'What!' he exclaimed suddenly turning all his attention on her. 'You're sure?' he asked looking at her for a moment uncertain as to what to do, never before having had the need to deal with Ziva in labour.

'Yes, my shoal has come loose, we have to go,' She urged reaching for her bag.

'You okay?" Tony asked suddenly shooting out off bed.

'Yes Tony, now get dressed,' Ziva said moving form him, 'I will wake Noda.'

Tony jerked open his closet, randomly selecting clothing and pulling them on, all the whilst failing to understand Ziva's calm. He was already stressed out, where she did not even appear to be phased by the events.

Gathering his stuff together and brooding over Ziva like a mother hen over her day old brood, they finally made their way to the car. Tony loaded Ziva and her aunt into the back seat whilst driving solo up front.

On their arrival at the hospital Ziva was taken in to be seen by the doctors with Tony close by, not leaving her side for even a second. He failed to see Noda's scrutiny of them as he held Ziva's hand whilst the midwife checked her over. They listened as the midwife explained to Ziva that she had just started to dilate and that it could still be hours before the baby came. They then moved Ziva into an observation room, which in turn resulted in Tony pacing, thinking that reality was so different to the movies – where it all happened so quickly and, thinking that at that moment he could do with fast, because the suspense of waiting was really getting to him.

Ziva looked at Tony as he paced about, knowing that he was at a loss and coming dangerously close to loosing it. She knew that distraction always worked best with him and that he needed something to do.

'Tony,' she called his attention and waited for him to stop pacing and turn to look at her before continuing. 'Have you called the others to let them know?'

Tony baulked at her question, realizing he had been so wound up about Ziva that he had not even thought to call the others. He checked his watch and noted the time, six am, it was a decent enough time to disrupt the fellow members of team Gibbs.

Tony looked at her then reached for his phone, 'Now who should I call first?' he asked looking at his phone.

Ziva thankful that he had taken the bait, his pacing having irritated her, looked at him and smiled. Tony having never been one to think logically, 'Start with Abby and go down the alphabet.'

'You are not even fazed by this,' Tony accused her glancing in her direction, his expression suddenly changing when her face contorted slightly from the pain, then realized that her contractions were getting stronger, confirmation that this was really happening.

He moved back to her side, grasping her hand as she grunted slightly. 'I'm okay, call the others,' Ziva spoke as the pain lessened again.

Tony once again looked at his phone, opening the contacts list her selected Abby's number and pressed the call buton lifting the phone to his ear glancing at Ziva. 'Hey, Abbs,' Tony started once she answered the phone.

'Tony, how's Ziva?' Abby was quick to question.

'That's why I'm calling-' Tony started, only to be cut off.

'It's happening isn't it? I'm on my way, tell Ziva to hang in there, have you called Gibbs and Ducky they'd want to know. oh and McGee. This is so exciting tell Ziva I'll be there as soon as I can, well as soon as I can find my other shoe that is…' Abby quickly replied, and from the sounds coming from the other side of the line she was obviously looking for her shoe.

'Okay Abbs I'll tell her,' Tony retuned, once again looking towards Ziva and her aunt who had joined her.

'Oh yes and Tony,' Abby's voice once again came over the line.

'Yes abs,' he replied.

'Don't stress,' she commanded.

'Too late for that Abbs.' Tony returned honestly, Abby being the only one fully aware of his concerns regarding the birth.

Tony then called Gibbs and Ducky, and had just managed to finish the calls before the nurse came in to check on Ziva.

Ever since the start of her last trimester, Tony's main concern had been the amount of pain Ziva would have to endure to bring his son into the world. It had been the last thing he had wanted to inflict on her, knowing that she had already endured more than her fair share of pain in her life.

However as he stood there looking at her, he was surprised at how silent she remained, other that a few grunts and moans one would hardly think there was anything out of the ordinary. Once the nurse finished checking her, Ziva was moved into the maternity hall and everything was prepared.

Tony was pulled along and handed a scrub coat, which he was to wear whilst in theatre. He realized that Noda's presence was also ever present, but did not pay too much attention to her as his concern and attention was focused on Ziva.

The waiting was getting to him. He gave to one nurse an incredulous look when she suggested he step out for a moment to allow them some space, and it was made particularly clear to everyone that he was not leaving her side not even for a second, as the minutes dragged into hours. He continued to rub her back as the pain became more intense, holding her hand with the other and almost gasping in pain every time her grip on it tightened.

At some stage, the doctors gave her some painkillers. After which she settled and the only indication of pain was when her grip tightened on his hand and a grunt was issued from her lips whenever a contraction took hold of her body. Eventually a nurse called the doctor, who appeared a few minutes later just as the baby came. Tony kept his eyes focused on Ziva, not for a moment wanting to contemplate the risks involved with childbirth.

The doctor looked at Ziva from time to time, well used to woman screaming their lungs out and threatening their partners, and was astonished at the strength and determination of the little brunette, as she bravely proceeded through the birth.

Tony breathed a sigh of relief as the baby was lifted from her, and looked up to see his son being taken then turned his focus back to Ziva, who was lying on her back with her eyes closed. Grunting slightly in acknowledgement as the doctor spoke to her.

It was some time later that the nurse placed the baby on Ziva's chest in amidst a whirlwind of events around them, to which they were only marginally aware of.

Tony reached out and touched the little fingers of his son, as he lay on his mother's chest, allowing them to curl slightly around his index finger whilst he looked on in amazement at the little human they had created, then gazed at Ziva in admiration. Ziva reached out and placed her hand on his cheek smiling softly at him before turning her attention to the baby.

The one nurse came to him a short while later and requested off him to leave as they have to clean up Ziva, then accompanied him to the doors.

Tony walked down the passageway with a strong sense of awe as he neared the waiting room, where he inevitably knew the others would be waiting. Stepping through the doors he hardly had a chance to recognize the others before being nearly flattened by Abby.

'How's Ziva?' Abby was quick to question.

'She's fine Abby,' Tony said grunting slightly from the impact of her hug.

'How's the baby?' Abby questioned pulling back slightly.

'He's fine,' Tony relented as she stepped back slightly. His response caused her to frown slightly.

'Fine?' Abby questioned, slightly disgruntled, 'Is he healthy? Does he look like you or Ziva? Has he got brown hair or blond?' She rapidly fired her questions at him.

'Abby,' Tim cautioned, indicating for her to back off a bit, having seen Tony's confused look at her sudden onslaught.

'Well young man I would say you have got quite a morning behind you,' Ducky started for a moment looking for Abby to Gibbs who appeared just as anxious for news of Ziva.

'Morning Ducky,' Tony greeted, almost sighing in relief when Abby backed down.

'I take it that mother and child are in good health,' Ducky continued, hoping to draw the answers out of him that the others so desperately needed.

'Yes they are,' Tony returned more willingly.

'Congratulations, it is not every day one becomes a father,' Ducky returned having noted Tony's agitation, realizing that he most possibly had no desire to be separated from Ziva.

'Thanks Ducky,' Tony replied distractedly,

'When can we expect to see mother and child?' Ducky asked after having once again glanced towards Gibbs, whose level of concern was still greatly evident. Ducky could well understand his reaction, Ziva much like Abby was like a daughter to him, if not more so in instances, and their relationship had grown much closer over the last few months, especially with the advancement of her pregnancy. He had mentioned on occasion that it brought back so many memories of Sharon – especially when he looked at Tony and how protective he had become of Ziva.

'Their busy cleaning up and will then move her to her room,' Tony returned only partially focusing on the question.

Ducky glanced towards Gibbs, who seemed to ease slightly after that, the prolonged wait having noticeably eroded the man's nerves.

Ziva sat up, holding her baby as the nurses continued to set right the theatre clearing out the used equipment in preparation for the next delivery. The midwife looked at her as she gazed spellbound down at her little son as he stuck his fingers into his mouth.

'He's hungry, you should try to feed him,' the woman gently spoke up, causing Ziva to look up at her.

'I do not have milk yet,' Ziva returned knowing that there had been no indication of her milk prior to the delivery.

'You will have colostrum, your milk will only come-in in the next few hours.' The woman explained to her, 'come try, the nurses won't interfere,' the woman invited

To her invitation Ziva moved slightly, unwilling to relent her baby, causing the midwife to smile.

'Relax or your milk won't flow, hold the baby to your breast don't lean down towards the baby,' The woman continued when Ziva became a little tense.

Ziva watched as the baby latched onto her nipple greedily tugging on it, then winced slightly and shifted as a painful tingling erupted within.

'Relax it's perfectly normal, your uterus will also contract,' the woman spoke up just as Ziva felt the tugging sensations. 'It's caused by the release of hormones that encourages your milk, it might be slightly painful the first few times,' the woman appeased her.

Ziva simply nodded as the sensation lessened in her breast and the baby settled into his suckling. 'I'd say he's an outright natural,' the woman jostled.

'He's a DiNozzo,' Ziva insolently returned, causing the midwife to look at her in question. 'Never mind, it is a family thing,' Ziva was quick to add.

The midwife just smiled in return, 'once he's done we'll take you up to your room so you can have a rest.'

Later that afternoon everyone crowded around Ziva and the baby. Abby having clamed the side closest to her and challenged everyone with a glare who even remotely questioned her position. 'He has Ziva's brow but Tony's nose,' Abby spoke up whilst gazing down at the baby cradled in his mother's arms.

'They did a good job of mixing their genes,' Gibbs spoke up gruffly.

Noda simply looked on at the group of people that had ascended on her niece on the first moment permitted. She noted the familiar interaction between them and quickly came to realize why it had been as easy for her to leave her homeland behind. She turned to leave the room, intent on notifying Eli of the birth, when she as good as walked into another elderly man as he came into the room.

'I believe there is cause for a celebration,' the older man spoke up, causing Tony's head to snap around.

'Dad?' he questioned in surprise, realizing that he had not yet notified his father of the birth, not certain as to how he felt with regards to the man's presence.

'I heard that there is another DiNozzo about,' He said stepping into the room and making his way over to the group.

Tony tensed up as his father approached the bed, wanting to shield both Ziva and his son from the man, Gibbs picked up on his discontent, and mirrored his response.

Tony senior looked at the baby and cocked his head slightly. 'He has some of the family traits, however he appears to have gained more from his mother,' the old man spoke up nodding slightly in acknowledgement in Ziva's direction. 'He is simply enchanting Ziva, just like I knew he would be,' he addressed her, causing Ziva to gush slightly.

Her response caused a frown to form on Tony's forehead, not wanting his father anywhere near her or his son.

Ducky noted the response form everyone, especially Tony's clenched jaw when his father addressed Ziva, and quickly took control of the situation. 'Well, it has been an eventful day for this little fellow, I think both Tony and Ziva could use some time alone with their son.' He said ushering Tim and Abby towards the door with Jethro, following after glairing at DiNozzo senior, making it clear that he was included in that. Tony DiNozzo simply nodded in reply towards Tony and Ziva then followed without needing any further encouragement.

Tony breathed a sigh of relief as they left, turning his attention back to Ziva and the baby.

'You did not call your father?' she questioned having noted his body language.

'No,' he replied sitting down on the bed next to her.

'Who then?' She question ed looking down at her son who stirred slightly from his restful slumber.

'Abby,' Tony spoke up a few moments later having thought it over. 'She would still have his number from the wedding.'

'You are upset,' Ziva stated more than asked, looking up at him.

'I'm not sure what I'm feeling, or what I should be feeling,' Tony returned focusing his attention on the baby once again.

'I understand,' Ziva relented, remembering how unfocused Tony could become with his father about.

Tony played slightly with the baby's hand, uncurling his fingers slightly. 'You still wanna call him David?' he finally asked after a moment's silence, well aware of her scrutiny of him.

'Yes, I do,' Ziva replied her focus shifting back to the baby.

'We had better notify your father,' Tony spoke up tightly.

'I think Noda would already have done that,' Ziva was quick to return.

'Good,' Tony replied, breathing a sigh on relief.

'Why?' Ziva was quick to question frowning.

'I'm not sure if I would have had the courage to go through it,' he replied smiling at her slightly.

'Tony,' Ziva returned exasperated with his answer.

'Hey, it takes guts to turn tell the director of Mossad that he's a grandfather,' Tony joked in reply.

Ziva simply shook her head in response, knowing that in many ways Tony would never change.


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