"Hagrid want's what?" Harry turned to his partner.

"He wants us to come to Hogwarts and give him a hand with a new animal." Ron shrugged weakly.

"An animal that Hagrid can't handle and he wants our help?" Harry asked incredulously, "And you agreed to help him? Are you mad? He requested permission to import a Nundu a few years ago. That was luckily denied but what if that's what he has?'

"We always help him." Ron pointed out, "Besides he didn't call us specifically he just called the aurors. Kingsley volunteered us to help, I just didn't fight it."

"Next time he volunteers us put up a fight would you?" Harry shook his head.

"Don't be that way." Ron nudged him, "It's Hagrid. He'd do anything for you."

"Don't lay the guilt on so heavily." Hermione smacked the back of Ron's head, "He'll tell Ginny and you'll be in a load of trouble."

"Why are you so anxious for us to help?" Harry narrowed his eyes at Ron.

"It's Hagrid." He tried to make it sound like that was the only reason but Harry's eyes narrowing further made him realize it didn't work, "I'm kind of hoping it's another dragon."

"You and Charlie." Harry rolled his eyes, "Both of you are deranged."

"I agree wholeheartedly." Hermione huffed, "You're still helping him though, right?"

"It's Hagrid." Harry huffed.

"Don't forget your protective gear." Hermione warned them as she left.

"Which gear should we take?" Harry asked sarcastically but she was already gone.

"I've packed two sets of about everything." Ron hoisted up a bag, "We're prepared for almost anything."

"It's that almost that bothers me." Harry huffed again.

"Have fun." One of their fellow aurors laughed as they turned to leave. Several others chuckled quietly.

Harry's glare and gesture only fueled their laughter. It stopped as Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt entered the aurors office area.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

"Did he give any indication what it was?" Harry asked with a sigh.

"Only that he had a really interesting animal and he needed a bit of help." Kingsley offered, "Just an auror or two."

"Oh Merlin." Harry covered his face as the other aurors snickered along with Kingsley, "Laugh if you like but you don't understand."

"What is so bad about an interesting animal?" Kingsley asked.

"He thinks dragons are interesting creatures that are just misunderstood." Harry explained, "His hobbies include playing with his half brother Grawp, who incidentally is a full giant, crossbreeding, and he's recently asked to import a Nundu for NEWT Care of Magical Creatures class."

"A Nundu?" Kingsley asked in shock, "Surely he didn't ask for something that dangerous."

"He did." Ron input, "But he was denied so I doubt it's one of them."

"He doubts." Harry threw up his hands and looked up showing his exasperation.

"Cut it out Harry." Ron huffed.

"You two better get going." Kingsley instructed, "If he has something that dangerous around students I don't need to tell you how bad the backlash will be."

"We're going." Ron grabbed up the bag of gear in one hand and Harry's arm with the other, "Come on Harry."

"You get to explain everything to Ginny if we aren't back in time." Harry huffed, "Kingsley can help."

"Don't worry so much." Ron grinned, "You won't be late for date night again. Just hurry up I can't wait to see what he has."

"You're deranged." Was the last words Kingsley heard Harry say before he was dragged off.

Two hours later Kingsley made his way to the auror office again to see how it went. He met Ginny in the elevator on his way down, "Mrs. Potter."

"Minister." She was still wearing her practice gear, "Harry's going to kill me we ran overtime tonight."

"And you aren't ready for date night." Kingsley finished, "I need his report anyway so you'll have time to run home and get ready."

"Good idea, I'll just let him know to take his time, but not too much time." She grinned, "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, it's been pretty quiet today." He began but the elevator arrived on the auror floor, "Here we are."

The room was rather quiet and they stopped the first auror they found, "Where's Harry?"

"He hasn't returned yet." the man grimaced.

"Returned from where?" Ginny asked in a sweet manor that left the auror feeling slightly fearful.

"I don't know if I can say." He began and gave a questioning glance at Kingsley.

"Hagrid called for some help with some creature at Hogwarts." Kingsley waved her off, "They're probably drinking tea and have forgotten the time."

"Hagrid!" Ginny sounded slightly fearful, "Please tell me he didn't say he had an interesting creature?"

"Actually he did say that." Kingsley scratched his head, "But he only asked for an auror or two."


"Ron said he and Harry could handle it." Kingsley defended himself.

"Ron's an idiot." Ginny huffed and turned to leave, "If Harry's been hurt and/or misses our date night I'm coming back for you Kingsley. When he gets back you better have him call."

Kingsley waited until she was on the elevator and it was pulling away, "You better get a few more people and go see if they need help."

"Right away boss." The man said.

However at that moment another elevator arrived and a filthy and bedraggled Harry and Ron stumbled into the office. The first thing Harry did was smack Ron upside the head before he found a chair to sit on.

"Ow, how many more times are you going to do that?" Ron huffed slightly angered.

"Until I'm over it." Harry huffed right back.

"Forever then." Ron sighed, "At least Ginny isn't here waiting on you."

"You just missed her." Kingsley grimaced, "You need to call her immediately, but afterwards I need your report before you leave."

"You call her." Harry pointed a finger, "She's probably all dressed up waiting and she's going to be angry."

"No she had just gotten off practice they ran late." Kingsley told him, "You are to give me a report but not take too long, after you call her."

"Ron you want to call Ginny or give the report?" Harry looked at him.

"I'll start the report." He smiled.

"Chicken." Harry huffed as he went to the floo.

"So what happened?" Kingsley asked as the rest of the aurors gathered around.

"Well we arrived in Hogsmeade and walked up to the school, McGonagall met us at the gates." Ron began

***Flash Back ***

"Afternoon Professor." Harry called with a smile, "How are you?"

"Not as good as I'd like, I'm glad you two are here." She looked over her shoulder at a loud noise.

"What exactly are we dealing with?" He asked as they walked through the gates.

"I think you better just come and see." She sighed, "Just so you know Hagrid didn't bring this one."

"Really?" Ron asked, "How did it get here then?"

"It just showed up earlier today." She explained.

"Where are the students?" Harry noticed the empty lawn.

"Inside." She nodded toward the building, "I'm not letting anyone out not that anyone is trying mind you. Not even James and Fred. They are watching from the towers though."

"Are you worried yet?" Harry asked, "Not even James and Fred are brave enough for this."

"Quit being overly dramatic." Ron shook his head.

A roar shook the ground and Minerva stopped walking with them, "I'm headed inside. Do you need any more help?"

"If we do we'll call aurors." Ron waved her off still not really concerned.

They walked on until they crested the hill that overlooked Hagrid's cabin. Once they cleared the hilltop they stopped dead in their tracks.

"Are you worried yet?" Harry asked his partner and smacked him on the side of the head.

"Ow, Merlin." Ron gaped, "That's a Royal Griffin. I thought they were extinct."

"Ron, Harry, glad to see ya." Hagrid shouted from down the hill.

Grawp grinned up at them and waved as the Griffin took a swing at him. He missed being clawed because he turned to wave at them. He turned back and used the tree he was carrying to poke at the enraged Griffin.

"Maybe you shouldn't be poking at him Grawp." Harry yelled as they cautiously moved closer.

"Isn't it marvelous?" Hagrid called back at them, "We've been playing for hours. But now Professor McGonagall wants it gone, I was hoping I could keep it around. I was trying to think of a name for him. Grawp wanted Cuddles but I didn't think it fit."

"You don't say." Harry asked sarcastically but it was lost on the half giant who named his Cerberus Fluffy.

"Course not. Something this fine needs a nice name." he huffed, "I thought Happy or Kitty. Something that really fits."

"Kitty." Grawp clapped and poked it again.

"There we go." Hagrid nodded, "A nice name we can agree on."

Another angry roar shook the ground causing the two aurors to stumble. Harry started to inch past Hagrid but the tail came around and sent him flying. He hit the ground with a thud.

"I think maybe Grawp should put down the tree." Ron suggested cautiously, "I think it's tired of playing with it."

The griffin at that moment grabbed a limb in its mouth and tried to pull it out of the giant's hands. The tug of war that started sent all three of the others skittering off to find safety. Unfortunately every time they moved it seemed that the giant and griffin followed. They had no idea how long that had gone on before Grawp got bored and dropped the tree and decided he wanted to pet the kitty. When his hand got close enough the griffin lashed out and caught his fingers with its claws. Grawp stumbled back and sat down looking confused at his fingers that were bleeding.

"Hagger?" he held out his hand.

"Grawpy it's just a scratch." Hagrid waved his wand at the giant, he had become really good with healing spells after Harry had gotten his expulsion overturned and a new wand purchased, "I can't heal it completely you're skins too tough. But that should feel better."

"Better." Grawp started toward the griffin again.

"Grawp wait." A tired and dusty Harry called and the giant stopped, "I need to look over the kitty before you start playing again. I think maybe its hurt."

"Why you say that?" Hagrid asked alarmed.

"I would think it would have flown away." Harry cocked his head at the obviously tired animal, "It seems too tired to do much and that isn't good."

"Oh, I didn't notice." Hagrid grimaced, "Grawpy go play in the forest for a bit."

"K Hagger." The giant turned and left.

"Should I go hold it so you can look him over?" Hagrid asked.

"No." Harry sat down to rest, "I think we should just sit and let it know it's time to rest. Then we'll get closer when it isn't quite so angry."

The griffin kept one eye on the three of them and moved into Hagrid's pumpkin patch. It clawed at the ground for a while before it settled. After a while it lay over on its side and started purring.

"What's he doing?" Hagrid asked.

"Oh Merlin." Harry gulped, "It's a she not a he and I think we're about to witness something amazing."

"What?" Ron looked over at the animal.

"It's acting just like a cat about to have kittens." Harry stated in awe.

"Oh Merlin." Ron turned green and started to get up to leave.

"Oh no you don't." Harry grabbed his arm and pulled him back, "You shouldn't move it might aggravate her."

"You're only saying that because I volunteered us." Ron hissed back, Harry knew he hated this kind of thing.

"Mostly." Harry agreed both of them whispering so Hagrid couldn't hear, "But too much movement might bother her."

"Sometime I hate you." Ron huffed.

"The feeling is mutual." Harry grinned back at him before smacking him upside the head again.

"Ow, would you quit that?" Ron grumbled.

It was quite some time before the animal showed any distress. It was as the first baby was born it got up and tried to turn and see. It lay back after a moment and gave a weird mewl.

"No." Harry huffed.

"What?" Ron looked at him.

"When Gin's cat had its first batch it acted the same way." Harry stood, "Come on we have to help."

"What?" Ron balked but was jerked along.

"Slowly Hagrid." Harry tugged on the half-giants sleeve, "We don't want her to think we're attacking."

"I don't think walking slow is going to help." Ron said as it began to growl.

"Hagrid, can you deal with the teeth?" Harry asked.

"I can do that." Hagrid moved and put a bear hug around the muzzle.

"Ron, see if you can grab that back leg." Harry instructed.

"What are you going to do?" He asked looking at the claws.

"Help the baby." He sighed and moved slowly towards the birth sack still partially in the griffin.

"Yea, I'll take the claws." Ron moved away from the bloody mess.

Ron was sent rolling several times as the irritated cat kicked around. Harry narrowly missed getting clawed a couple times when Ron rolled past him. Harry cut the sack open and pulled on the leg that stuck out. After several minutes and harsh tugs the baby was free. They were all sent sprawling when the mother heard the first sound from the baby. The griffin settled back down and began to clean the first baby before the second was born. They moved up to the top of the hill when the second birth went without a hitch.

"Blimey Harry, how did you know?" Hagrid asked.

"Ginny and I had to help her cat with its first liter." Harry shrugged, "The muggle vet couldn't get there and talked us through it."

"How is it going?" Minerva came up behind them, "You two are filthy."

"Congratulations Professor you now have three Royal Griffins at Hogwarts." Harry waved down towards the new mother and two babies."

"Oh." She sat on the ground and watched them for a while.

"Odds are she'll move them in a little while." Harry offered, "But until that happens I'd keep everyone inside."

"You think?" Minerva gave him a wry grin.

"Maybe I should put up a fence." Hagrid offered, "Make sure everyone stays away."

"Especially Grawp." Ron suggested.

"I think it's time for us to leave." Harry stood after a few more minutes. When Ron stood too Harry reached over and smacked in on the back of the head.

"Ow, would you stop already." He huffed, "You'll give me a concussion if you keep hitting the same spot."

"Next time you volunteer us you better think to volunteer a few more." Harry replied too low for Hagrid to hear.


"Do you need anything else Kingsley?" Harry asked when they finished the story.

"A written report." He said with a smile.

"Ron is volunteering for that." Harry waved an arm as he headed for the elevator, "I've got a date."

"Not fair." Ron yelled.

"Whine to Hermione, it's her job not mine." Harry didn't even turn back.