Summary: Harry is a death eater? Malfoy is a spy? What is going on? Has Harry really gone dark? Dark!Harry

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Lies and deception


Harry watched as Snape raised his wand and send the killing curse towards Dumbledore. He saw the old man tumble backwards before he fell down the Astronomy tower. A sense of freedom rushed through Harry as he waited for the Death Eaters, Snape and Malfoy to leave.

He followed them at a save distance until they reached the edge of the forbidden forest. Harry raised his wand and send a Jelly-Legs jinx at Malfoy. The brunet watched in amusement as the blond fell forward after losing his balance and landed face first in the dirt.

Everyone turned to look at him as he let a little laugh pass his lips. Harry continued walking towards the group until Bellatrix pointed her wand at him. The brunet raised an eyebrow at the woman before he rolled up his left sleeve.

He saw everyone watching him and he wasn't too sure anymore if Tom had told anyone. Once his left forearm was exposed he waved his hand in front of it and lifted the glamor around the area. A sharp intake in breath from Malfoy made Harry look up from the dark mark on his arm and lock eyes with him.

The blond was watching him with surprise and something akin to horror in his eyes. It would make sense the blond was a spy after all. He hadn't told Tom about the Malfoy's treachery... yet. The whole family had come to Dumbledore a few month ago and had joined the order.

The only reason Harry hadn't told Tom yet was because he was afraid of what the snake like man would do to the youngest Malfoy. Harry knew exactly what he wanted to do to the sixteen-year-old, but he doubted his and Tom's views on punishment matched in that department.

Harry stepped closer to Malfoy and crouched down beside him. He murmured the counter curse before he held his hand out to the blond. Malfoy took it and let himself be pulled up. Harry seemed to have miscalculated Malfoy's weight because the force he used pulled the blond right into his chest.

The other Death Eaters watched the two teenagers with mild interest while Harry tried to memorize every little thing he could about Malfoy's body. The blond had a faint blush on his cheeks while his lean chest pressed into Harry muscled one.

The brunet leaned forward until his mouth was touching Malfoy's ear and he could feel the blond stiffen under the touch. He chuckled a little before he smirked and ran his right hand up the blond's stomach.

"Well well well Malfoy, your definitely lighter than I thought."

Harry looked over at Snape when the older man cleared his throat. He was looking at Harry with disgust in his eyes while he seemed to try and pull Malfoy away from Harry's grip. The brunet let the blond go without much of a fight before he gave Snape a pointed look.

The brunet turned back to the forest before the started walking. He knew that he would need to earn the other Death Eaters' trust, but it didn't worry him much. After a few steps he noticed that they weren't following him. He turned back and smirked at the group.

"Are you coming or should I tell Tom you've all changed sides?"

The Death Eaters all seemed enraged that Harry had used their lord's muggle name, but Harry wasn't focusing on them. No the brunet's gaze was firmly set on Malfoy who looked more scared than ever. The blond knew that Harry was aware of the fact that his family had turned spy and it scared him.

What if Potter told?

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