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Lies and deception


Boy-who-lived killed Dark Lord

Harry James Potter and his boyfriend, Draconis Lucius Malfoy, successfully planed and killed the-

Harry threw the newspaper back on the desk before he could read more. Merlin it had been a week! Couldn't they just give it a rest? The school didn't seem to give it a rest either. Him and Draco had only been back for a few days and Harry already regretted coming back at all.

They were both sitting at the Slytherin table as the Gryffindors had been ecstatic that he had killed Voldemort, but apparently the thought of him dating Draco overshadowed all of that. Draco was sitting more in his lap than on the bench and Parkinson was shooting Harry some really dirty looks. The funny thing was that the first thing she had said to them when they came back was 'Get away from my Draky-poo'. Needless to day Draco hadn't found it funny at all.

Harry placed his chin on Draco's shoulder and kissed his ear before swallowing. He knew that this was way too early, but he needed to ask.

"Marry me."

Draco went stiff. Had Harry just... asked him to marry him?

"I... I..."

"Don't say anything. I don't mean now or tomorrow. I just..."

"Yes. Yes I will, but maybe in a few years. Is that a good enough answer?"

Draco turned his head and looked Harry in the eyes. The brunet leaned forward and kissed Draco lightly on the lips.

"That's a perfect answer."

They came together in another kiss when Harry was suddenly pulled back by the back of his school uniform. Harry and Draco landed on the stone floor with Ron and Ginny standing over them. Ron sneered at Draco before holding his hand out to Harry to help him up. Harry glared before slapping the hand away and getting up on his own. Once he was on his feet he helped Draco up and turned to glare at Ron and Ginny.

"What do you want?"

"Harry, mate, we all know you. This isn't you."

Ron gestured at Draco and the rest of the Slytherin table while Ginny nodded from behind her brother not daring to come any closer to the 'bad seed' of the school. Harry gritted his teeth and tried to swallow his anger so he wouldn't punch his ex-best friend square in the jaw.

"If you can't handle that I'm dating Draco then you don't know me at all Ron. I love him. I have for a very long time and I don't see that stopping. Ever."

Ron stepped closer and rested his hand on Harry's shoulder when Draco stepped in between them and slapped Ron's hand away.

"Get you hands off of my fiancé."

Ron's and Ginny's eyes widened as they looked at Draco. Harry was smiling slightly and encircled Draco's waist from behind. He leaned down a little until his mouth reached Draco's ear.

"Thanks honey, but I can defend myself."

Draco nodded and Harry looked up at Ron and Ginny.


Without a moments hesitation both Ron and Ginny turned around and left Harry and Draco alone.

Five Years Later

"I am going to kill you Potter!"

Draco lay panting on a hospital bed. Healers were swarming around the blond as they waited. Draco's nine-mouth baby bump (if you could still call it that, it was gigantic, not that Harry dare say such a thing out loud) created a bulge under the blanket and Harry just smiled at him.

"I love you Dray."

"I swear if you want anymore children your going to bloody carry them yourself!"

Harry winced back as tears flooded his eyes. When they had gotten married a year after graduation Harry and Draco had talked about children and seen a healer about it. Tests were done and the results were not what Harry had hoped. Draco was able to conceive and carry to term, but there was a high chance that if Harry conceived the babies wouldn't make it. Draco gasped before grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him close.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean that. It's just... I'm in so much pain and I can't..."

Harry kissed Draco and told him it was okay. That's when the healer threw him out. Harry had been waiting outside for an hour or two when Hermione and Ron came in. Harry hadn't seen them since graduation and he hadn't spoken to Ron since sixth year. He and Hermione still exchanged the odd letter or two, but he wouldn't call her a friend anymore. More of an acquaintance. When the brunette saw him she gasped and made her way over to him as fast as she could with her small baby-bump.

'Must be here for a check-up.' Harry thought absentmindedly.

"Harry what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Harry hadn't told her about Draco's pregnancy in fear that she would tell Ron who, he was sure, would tell the Daily Prophet, just like he had with their engagement. So far Harry and Draco had been able to keep Draco's pregnancy out of the papers. Harry knew Draco wouldn't need such stress. Before Harry could answer Hermione the doors opened and the healer came out. Harry stood quickly and walked over to him with Hermione following behind. Ron sneered at Harry and hoped his wife would hurry up so they could get away from him.

"Healer Underwood how is he?"

Harry asked in a shaky voice. Hermione was next to speak.

"Is it Draco? He's okay isn't he?"

"Mr. Potter-Malfoy is fine and so is your son Harry."

Hermione gasped and turned to Harry.

"You got married and Draco was pregnant? Why didn't you tell me? I thought you guys were still engaged"

"You know why 'Mione."

"Hey! Don't flirt with my wife you fag!"

Harry rolled his eyes before turning towards Ron.

"Think really hard about that sentence before you continue talking Ronald because it made little to no sense."

With that Harry turned back to the healer who held the door open for Harry. As the door closed Harry heard Ron and Hermione fighting, but that didn't matter. He had to get to his husband, Harry smiled, and his son.

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