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I read his new name quickly. I almost laughed, it was more stupid than his old name,, his previous name wasn't stupid, it was just the personal value it held to me. What he'd done...well, when I finally let him go he wouldn't look anything like he did before.

Not that he would look like he did before. The police would've handled that. Would he be smiling? In all her pictures of him, and they were few and far between, he hadn't smile. He'd grimaced, he'd smirked, he'd cried, he'd scrunched up his face...but smile? No. An unhappy child, one who saw little love and found the attention other ways. I sighed. No feeling sorry for the boy, he was evil.

Four years. Four years he'd served for her murder. Murder? 'No,' said the court, 'Manslaughter.' Lying filth. The kid was a scumbag. A dangerous child. And now, at fourteen, he was more dangerous than ever.

The leads were still very fresh. The papers were always willing to help so long as they got a good story. They would do, too. At the time this news was major stuff! A junior psycho kills a child two years younger than little cousin. Bethany.

So what if the brat annoyed me? So what if I used to treat her badly. When she died, something inside of me snapped...because it reminded me of what happened to Chloe, even though it was totally different. Chloe was fifteen years old when she killed herself. Bethany, sweet little Beth was only eight when she was murdered.

Oh, the irony. I was always the 'bad child'. Despite being older, she was weaker...less together. I guess that's why she crumbled when Mum was taken into rehab. Temporary foster care was not a nice place to be, but I coped.

18, she would have been. Chloe. I mean...I was only little, when she did it. I just stumbled into her room, tears running down my cheeks - the walls broke down with her. Clyde Willows had just ripped my birthday card from mum into little pieces. And there she lay, her body still warm. Rigor mortis had not set in yet. So I crawled into her bed, sat next to her. Hugged her warm body close. I knew she was gone, I should have called for help, but I didn't. I ran.

I came back, of course. It felt wrong to leave without her. My social worker was highly pissed off. I was moved. A routine now, I suppose. Again, I'll move. This time I have purpose. Mason was released to a foster home too, so it'll be easy. Find the punk. Befriend him. Dispose of him.

Beth's parents just shriveled up, like my mum, but I am ruthless in my pursuit. That kid (who is actually a year older than me) shall be found! I will hunt down Mason Kemble and tear him apart...

Sounds like it should end there, huh? Had you fooled. Look, I'm a busy girl, tracking down Kemble...well, I have to hack the computers first. At Burnywood, this is hard. The computers have a pass code. The Head Care Worker, Linda, isn't exactly smart, though. She'll let it slip...

"Hey, Lin? Can I have a sec, please?" The anticipation caught in Sam's throat. She held my breath.

"Actually, Sam, I was looking for you! I have amazin' news for you! You know how you feel Burnywood restricts you too much and all that crap about Cora? I have a new placement for you!"

Sam was stunned. She hadn't finished my research and needed to know where he was...if she didn't? She might have to think about that. If she couldn't find Mason...Liam, she knew she'd be devastated. These last couple of years spent working, finding out all she could...oh god, Sam wasn't sure she could live with herself.

"Um...Cora and me, we're friends now. We uh...completely get each other now. The glass incident...misunderstanding." The glass. Sam felt along her arm for the scar, an old wound.

"Right..." Lin's face fell. Her shoulders slumped. Sometimes, Sam thought she was the nicest care worker on the planet, young, smiley, enthusiastic and Scottish, such a lovely accent she had. Yeah, Sam was a messed up kid but Lin had helped her when no one else would. Lin was another reason she felt bad about leaving.

"But if you worked so hard I guess I could give it a try...before I leave though...may I access the computer with my personal files?"

Lin sighed. "I knew you'd ask. Look, your mum made it clear she wanted nowt to do with you..."

"I know but I just want to know where I came from. I was so young when I was handed over...she was much closer to Chloe than me..." Samantha pretended to break down into tears, sobbing and howling.

"Well, okay. I s'pose I'll tell you the password. But I need you to now this. I trust you, Sam, I do and that's why I'll help. Please don't do anything stupid."

Sam felt real tears in her eyes. "Of course."

I couldn't do it. I had all the tools at my disposal and I couldn't. Maybe I finally let myself become weak. My sister would be proud as this was her specialty. Weakness. She'd been so weak she'd left me alone.Only a day left here, and I'd be gone. I could reinvent myself as someone deserving of admiration. My father killed in war, my mother, a supermodel who often showered me in gifts, but was grieving my father so much she was travelling the world in his memory...yeah, that sounds cool.

I won't forget though, about Bethany. I'll find her killer, skin him alive. Liam O' Donovan will be sorry he was ever born.