The team stood outside the Goose, finalizing their transportation arrangements. Wordy had joined them, and was giving Raf and Ed a ride home. The boss had opted out for the night, having already made plans with Marina. Sam and Jules were waiting for the cab they insisted on taking - Jules had had quite a bit and Sam would rather have her throw up in a cab than in Wordy's van.

Ed shook his head. "I'm too old for this shit…" he muttered, zipping up his jacket to defend against the late night cold.

"Yes. you. are!" Jules laughed loudly, mocking him ever so slightly.

Ed raised an eyebrow at her, but opted not to respond as he watched her begin to dance on the spot in the parking lot. Instead he turned to Sam. "Good luck with her."

Sam smirked a little as he rolled his eyes. "It's going to be a long night…"

Sam quickly gave the cab driver Jules' address as they slipped into the backseat. Beginning to succumb to his own intoxication, he thought it would be amusing to start poking Jules in the cheek. In her drunken stupor it took her a few pokes to notice. Sam grinned in amusement at her obliviousness. Suddenly her reflexes returned to her, and Jules took hold of Sam's finger. She smiled dubiously as she began to bend it back on itself. Sam fought to keep his face stoic, a battle he quickly lost as he winced in pain.

"That'll teach you to poke me," Jules told him, relinquishing her grasp on his finger.

Sam grinned. "Hmm, I still think I'd like to poke you."

Jules rolled her eyes. "You have a filthy mind you have…have..."

"And you are sufficiently intoxicated," Sam pointed out, claiming no contest to her accusation.

Jules glared at him incredulously. "I don't think that means what you thinks that means."

"Whatever, Jules," he muttered, mostly to himself.

"Don't you whatever, Jules me! And what was with you telling me to quiet it down at the bar?" Jules snapped.

"Jules, you were screaming."

"Its a bar, on a saturday night. I was the quietest-est one there!" she defended.

"Whatever, I never should have bought you that 4th drink…You're too much of a lightweight for that."

"Sam! Just because I'm a small person and I don't weigh a lot and it takes less to get me drunk than the rest of the team doesn't make me a lightweight!" She snarled as she got out of the cab.

Sam quickly passed enough money to cover the fare plus a generous tip to the cab driver as he followed her out and towards her house. "Actually Jules, that's exactly what that means."

Jules threw open the door to her house, and turned to face him. "You know what Sam? I don't think I like this side of you…"

He rolled his eyes and pushed past her into the house, kicking off his shoes with his back to her.

"This side though," Jules told him, licking her lips as she grabbed his ass. "This side I like."

Sam laughed in spite of his annoyance and turned to face her. "Now who has the filthy mind?"