"Thanks for doing this G," Sam said clasping a hand on the other man's shoulder.

"No problem," he replied with a casual shrug. Sam was going to meet up with a few men from his former SEALS team, Callen would watch the kids. "Where are th-"

"UNCLE G!" Zoe's head was around the corner, her curls wild and glistening from her bath. "Look, look." she twirled around in her new Parker Pony nightgown.

"Very nice," he replied holding a thumbs up. She danced around in a circle happily.

"I got to get going," Sam said picking up his daughter. "Be good for your Uncle G."

"I will," she promised kissing his cheek. "Love you Daddy!"

"Love you too," he replied setting her back down on her feet. "Zack! I'm heading out."

"Bye Dad!" He shouted in return.

Callen followed Zoe in the direction of Zachary's voice. "Huh." He said in the kitchen. Zachary was moving around the chairs.

"Hey Uncle G," Zachary greeted. "I'm making a fort."

"I want to help!" Zoe announced excitedly.

"I need blankets," Zachary told her and she skipped off.

"Uncle G?"

"Yeah?" Callen replied dropping his go bag to the floor.

"Can we have popcorn?" Zachary asked his big brown eyes pleading.

"Yeah, sure," Callen responded and started going through the kitchen trying to find the bags.

Zoe returned dragging blankets in her wake, together with her brother, they started to toss them over the chair backs, and over the kitchen table covering all the sides. Callen found the popcorn, took off the plastic and threw the paper bag into the microwave and set the timer.

"Uncle G?" Zachary said to get the man's attention. "Can you help with this bit? I can't reach."

Callen nodded and took the blanket, and threw it over the backs of the chairs and it draped over the others, completely covering their little fort. "We need pillows!" Zoe said excitedly and ran to get more supplies.

By the time the popcorn stopped popping, the kids had the inside of the fort practically covered with pillows, and a stack of books inside to pass the time. "Come on," Zoe said to him. "Get in!" She held the blanket by the table and he shook his head with a smile on his face, it was hard to believe how easy it was for these kids to convince him to do something. He got down to his knees and with the popcorn crawled into the larger section.

Zachary was already inside, siting in the smaller part where the chairs were all around. Zoe crawled in after Callen with a three pack of juice boxes. They all sat inside munching on popcorn. Callen fought with the juice box straw wrapper and muttered in Russian out of sheer frustration. Eventually he got it and was able to wash down the popcorn.

Zachary threw a piece up in the air and caught it in his mouth. Zoe upon seeing this tried to do the same, instead the popcorn got stuck in her hair. Callen and Zachary both laughed, and Callen took the bit from her hair and set it to the side.

"Uncle G?" Zoe looked up at him. "Can we sleep in the fort?" she asked her eyes lit up with excitement.

Sam hadn't said they couldn't...

"Yeah, sure."

The night passed with Callen reading stories, Zachary telling jokes and Zoe laughing.


Sam came in quietly, not wanting to wake the children. He kicked off his shoes, hung up his keys and jacket and walked through the house. The kitchen lights were on and the table and chairs were covered in all kinds of blankets. He checked the living room for his partner, but he wasn't there. Nor were his children in their bedrooms. Returning to the kitchen with a grin he crouched down and lifted one of the blankets.

Inside, Callen was sleeping on his side a Spider-Man comic open and down on his chest. Zoe was sleeping in the other direction her legs and feet disappearing into the chair portion of the fort, she was using Callen's chest as a pillow. Zachary was sleeping on his side facing Callen as if they'd both fallen to sleep reading the book.

With a smile, Sam decided to leave them for the night and let the blanket fall back down. He clicked off the kitchen lights and headed to bed himself.


This will be the last Uncle Callen. They're basically at the age I start writing them in my 'Callen's series' and I've decided to just put the cute moments in there instead of continuing to harbor them all for this. Thank you to everyone who has read and taken the time to review this story, I really appreciate it. I've had a lot of fun writing these, and hope you've enjoyed reading them :) Much Love and Light~Rush