Category: Naruto

Characters: Lee and Ino

Rating: K+

Summary: They are easily the most mismatched couple Konoha has seen in some time. Lee/Ino

Fashion Conscious

Multiple pairs of eyes watch the couple as they loudly make their way down the street. Some stare in amusement, others in disbelief, some in confusion, some in denial. They are easily the most mismatched couple Konoha has seen in some time.

She is the heiress to an honorable clan, in possession of great political power, flowing blonde hair and a curvacious body that makes men do a double take. She dons purple and always has a smirk on her face, her breathtaking eyes filled with mischief.

He is poor. He has limp black hairand a bowlcut, thick eyebrows that have given him grief his entire life, large eyes that make people uncomfortable. He's an orphan, a nobody, not even a proper ninja. He is always loud, many find him obnoxious, and he wears a hideous green spandex suit with orange legwarmers. He is the complete opposite of what the blond girl has always claimed she looks for in a man, a stark contrast to the infamous Uchiha Sasuke.

Her skin is flawless. His is covered with wicked scars.

Yet it is him that makes her eyes light up when he steps into a room, his words are the ones that turn her ever-present smirk into something much softer and it is his company she seeks every day when she feels lonely.

She's currently scolding him and he looks sheepish. Phrases like 'hideous outfit,' 'important meeting,' and 'No, damn it, no green,' can be heard as she forcefully tugs him into the nearest clothing outlet and pushes him inside. However, behind her angry words it is easy to spot the warmth in her voice and the teasing grin on his face as he asks her if the store has a 'youthful selection' from which he can choose and the way her mouth twitches into a half-smile as she slaps the back of his head.

She's beautiful and stubborn, somewhat vain and rude. He is plain and polite, kind and patient. She glances over the latest fashions and always dresses to impress. He cares not what he wears and understands little of the advice she tries to give him as she drags him from aisle to aisle.

Yet he perfectly matches her stride, he stays with her word for word and it for him that she allows her defenses to fall. She can match his boundless energy and can keep him grounded just as he reminds her with a smile and twinkle that despite the losses they've suffered life goes on and must be enjoyed.

They're two broken souls that have somehow found each other and as the two stop by a floral display and similarly gush about the bright blue flowers on display excitedly and decide that it would be perfect for the memorial in which the names of their mentors are carved, the thought of them together no longer seems odd. Though on the exterior they are mismatched, they are surprisingly similar in many regards, in their confidence and kindness and sadness.

And as she stops and buys some ramen for the 'Hokage-baka' and he wraps an arm around her waist as nuzzles her neck, as she smiles up at him and presses her lips softly against his, people begin to look away. What had seemed so strange before seems normal now after some observation and people go their own way as behind them they can hear her shriek 'We are not getting a pet squirrel!' and his loud, infectious laughter.

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