Chapter Twenty-Three: Epilogue

Theresa sat in front on the hearth; in a rocking chair. Clutching the two knitting needles she worked vigorously. A few maids bustled around her. Molly who had after the war suck employment with Theresa and William, and was gleefully accepted into the Tavington household as a member of the family by the young mistress. The large estate was sprawling and Theresa could hardly ever hope to keep up with it on her own. Especially in her current state. Her petite hand fell to the large mound of her stomach.

"Theresa…" Molly groaned as she bustled into the parlor. "What have I told you about keeping your feet elevated? Would you like them to puff up like sheep skin?"

"No, "Theresa smiled happily. She had honestly forgotten for about the fiftieth time that week. Her heart fluttered at the sound of hoof beats on the cobblestone outside, upon feeling its mothers excitement the child within danced vivaciously, its' elbows, feet, and hands poking through her large abdomen. A smile crept to her lips when she heard the door open and close tightly; and the servants greet their employer.

"Hello darling." His voice still sent shivers down her spine, as he lent over her kissing her cheek, his large calloused hand falling to the swollen stomach stroking it.

"Hey," her eyes widened a bit. As she looked him over, his hair was falling out of its queue and his clothes rumpled. "You look a little beat up."

He laughed; "There's a storm brewing; I had a lot to prepare for." He kissed her passionately, stroking her jawline. "And you my darling; look a bit knocked up."

"Nice observation." Theresa patted his hand that rested on top her belly. She was a week overdue. Sniffing the air almost like a dog, she grinned mischievously at her husband. "Come, dinners finished." Helping his wife stand from the rocking chair, her large belly was giving her quite a bit of back trouble; he kissed her passionately.

"I had a few other ideas." He groaned kissing the neck hungrily.

"After..." his face feel a bit as he feigned hurt. "I'm sorry darling; It's just...I'm hungry….and nothing comes between a pregnant lady and a meal."

William paced outside the bedroom door anxiously; bringing a hand up her rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh. The candlelight flickered in the hallway casting shadows against the deep cherry painted walls. The occasional grunt or wail could be heard; making him almost flinch. Leaning his forehead against the wood of the door; he held his breath he'd give anything to know what was on the other side. That she was alright.

"I want my husband!" Theresa's voice was shrill and panicked.

"Mrs. Tavington...please…" one of the maids hushed soothingly. She needed him wanted him and he would be damned if something as trivial as protocol stood in his way.

"Don't you do that!" her voice hissed with venom he'd rarely heard from her.

"This is just an aspect of the transition phase."

"THIS IS NO DAMN ASPECT OF THE GODDAMN TRANSITION PHASE!" she roared like a caged animal. Sucking in a deep breath; he slammed the door open met by a few gasps of the midwife and attendees.

"Colonel; you cannot be here." The plump midwife with the curly red hair lifted her head from between Theresa's knees.

"Hey! Shut it Krispy Kreme!"

"If my wife needs me…then this is where I belong." William ran a shaky hand threw his long loose locks; taking a few tentative steps he grasped Theresa's hand tightly. Bending down he kissed her slick forehead. She had never looked so beautiful than she did at that moment. Her hair was loose but damp with sweat and clung to the contours of her face.

"I'm not having this baby..." she muttered indignantly.

"Darling; it's coming no matter what." William hover over her; whispering.

"No...ugh ugh.." she shook her head from side to side on the pillows. "Ooooohhh…" she moaned loudly as another wave ripped through her body.

By all accounts William and Theresa Tavington lived full and long lives. Ironically; after fighting against the Rebels he lived amongst them; Theresa and he settling in Maine. Through the second amendment of their constitution was how William Tavington made his considerable fortune becoming one of the country's most successful arms dealers. Theresa bore William ten children; six boys and four girls. William Jeremiah Jr, Abraham, Levi, Annabelle, Victoria, Isaac, May, Jericho, Charles, and Adrianna. They successfully celebrated 53 years of marriage before William past peacefully in his sleep at the age of 90 years old. Theresa followed a year later at the age of eighty seven. At the end of their lives they had witnessed the birth of nearly fifty grandchildren. According to family lore; Theresa the night of her death; sent for all of her children; and as they sat with the small frail woman she told them a tale, a tale of a young woman who had no direction in life; who was miserable and lived her life to please others. She told them how this woman was somehow sent back in time; and met a series of people but one in particular who forced her to become the strong willed old goat she was at that moment. She than handed her first born: William's namesake, a fold piece of parchment that she forbid them to open until after she past.


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