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Chapter 3

The sounds of the jets engines were surprisingly soft when he awoke. Just a low hum somewhere in the background, and once again Wufei found himself grateful that they hadn't had to take a civilian shuttle. The noise and the lack of space surely would have driven him insane, along with making him extremely jumpy.

"Are you awake?"

He contemplated ignoring the taller pilot and simply continuing to relax where he was, sprawled across the large seats of their private Winner Jet. But in the end he knew they had things they needed to discuss, to plan, before they landed in England and therefore he couldn't continue to relax.


Opening his black eyes Wufei just caught the small, pleased smile that Trowa graced him with.

"Good. I'll be back with Heero in a minute. Why don't you get something to eat? You haven't eaten since we left."

Wufei nodded and slowly pushed himself into a sitting position, groaning as his back cracked due to the odd way he had been laying. Watching from the corner of his eyes as Trowa left while he stretched Wufei thought back to the day before.

There really hadn't been much to talk about after their unanimous decision. Mostly because none of them really knew what they would need, they had never exactly raised a child before or anything. And with the situation in England largely unknown there was little for them to discuss.

What they did agree on however, was asking for Rashid's advice. He was the only adult that all five of them trusted with their lives and themselves. And they would gladly bow to his greater knowledge in this instance. They had also had a minor argument, not completely uncommon but still rather rare.

Heero had decided who would go to England and who would stay behind based on an estimation of the situation and their individual lives. Duo, who knew children best due to his time raising them on the streets, was told to stay behind. Quatre, the one of them with what was likely the best and most normal childhood, was also told to stay behind. And neither of them were happy.

This had resulted in an argument between the four as he himself had sat on the outside looking in…as it seemed he always had been and always would be. He had somehow missed the ending of the argument but the looks on the others faces had told him who had won easily enough.

What he hadn't and still didn't understand…was why he was on his way to England with both Heero and Trowa.

Deciding not to think about it too much Wufei pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind and made his way over to the fully stocked mini kitchen at the back of the plane, unaware of the green eyes watching him steadily.


"I don't like this."

Confused by the blunt statement Heero turned to look at the taller pilot from where he was seated in the pilot's seat.


Trowa huffed slightly and sat himself casually in the co-pilots seat, glancing at the navigation system as he did. Good, they were on course and making decent time.

"Une's words to him hit hard…yet he hasn't broken yet. Hasn't let himself heal old, reopened wounds."

Heero nodded and glanced at the controls for a moment before turning back to look to the sky.

"True. And that is one reason he's here. At the house he could hide himself away in too many places."

Trowa nodded, understanding and appreciation coming into his emerald eyes.

"But here with us there are fewer places he can hide…meaning we can help him easier."

Heero nodded, glancing over at his third.

"Correct. You've seen how he handles grief and such yes?"

Trowa nodded, eyes darkening as he remembered.

"Yes, he works himself into exhaustion or until he has injured himself."

Heero nodded grimly, absently setting the jet to autopilot.

"Right. At the house he could disappear into the woods to do so."

Trowa nodded, understanding as their leader stood and made his way towards the door leading to the rest of the jet.

"That isn't the only reason though, is it?"

Heero smirked, glancing over his shoulder at the other pilot.

"No. I happen to remember Wufei mentioning something from his past, which I think will help us all."

Trowa blinked as the other left, no other explanation granted. He certainly couldn't remember anything…and normally he was pretty good at that. Huh.

Shaking his head Trowa glanced at the navigation equipment one last time, though he knew Heero had already done so, before moving to join the other two. It was time they made a plan…whether they stuck to it or not was an entirely different matter.


Esmerelda sighed as she sat at the very back of the classroom. For once she wished she could have stayed in her cupboard rather than come to school; which was normally as close to a sanctuary as she could get. But she had just been so interested in her new book, the one Ms. Astoria had let her keep after she had found it.

She had stayed up for as long as she could, reading all of the stories and legends in that book, even straining her eyes to do so when the hall light was turned off as her relatives went to bed. She hadn't even wanted to sleep. Unfortunately all of her chores, plus school and her homework had left her exhausted.

So despite her best efforts she still ended up falling asleep on top of her new book, though she had thankfully managed to hide it away before her Aunt had opened the cupboard in order to get her to make breakfast that morning.

The bell ringing for recess brought her from her thoughts almost violently. Staying in her seat she watched as everyone else ran outside for their usual loud games and fun.

But she wouldn't join them, she knew what would happen if she did. Dudley would chase her and try to hurt her and she would do something freakish. And using the freakishness always got her hurt. So it was best if she just went to the library again.

She liked it best there anyways, it was quiet and no one could hurt her. No one.


"I brought something for you both as well. Figured you hadn't eaten much either."

He didn't look up at either of the others as he set the food he had brought in between them all before taking a seat across from both Trowa and Heero.

"Thank you."

Wufei glanced up and met emerald eyes, nodding sharply and picking up one of the sandwiches he had made.

"Why am I here?"

No point beating around the bush. This had been bothering him since he had been told to grab a bag the night before. What could he possibly contribute to this mission, for that was what it was in all of their eyes.

Heero smirked over at the other Oriental but didn't answer the others question. He knew the other was doubting his involvement, his words when questioning them the day before, specifically his use of the word 'you' rather than 'we' was telling of his current state of mind. And that was one reason he had brought the other along. He had missed the problems the other was having once before, and in the end Wufei had felt he couldn't come to them with his problems, choosing a more destructive route in the form of the Mariemaia Army.

It wasn't that he thought that Wufei would do something like that again. No, his main concern was that he wouldn't come to them. That he would pull away from them, become more reserved as he had been in the beginning of the first war…the majority of the first war actually.

No, he had failed his fifth once, and he refused to do so again.

"You have more to contribute than you think Wufei."

Wufei frowned at the obvious evasion but was interrupted from demanding an answer when Trowa spoke up.

"Where should we begin once we land? What is our main objective?"

Heero glanced to his left, judging the other's thoughts before grabbing a sandwich of his own, no use letting Wufei's work go to waste.

"Our main objective is to discern the situation of the Dursley household. Once we do we will adjust our objective accordingly."

Trowa nodded, shifting his long form in the plush seat.

"That makes sense, but where are we going to start?"

Heero smirked, eyes darkening with sadistic amusement.

"You and I will be setting up surveillance in the home. It will all be routed through to my computer and one of us will monitor it at all times."

Wufei frowned, nibbling at his sandwich.

"But if we need it to be…will it be admissible in court?"

He received two blank stares for his efforts and he rolled his eyes.

"I meant that if we find we want to have them pay for their crimes will we be able to use the videos as evidence in a court case?"

Heero shrugged, he had never had to work within the law and that wasn't currently his main concern either. Evaluating the situation was.

"You didn't think this through enough."

Heero blinked, actually rather pleased but not showing it.

"Then what do you suggest?"

Wufei paused, thinking the entire situation over as he watched the pair in front of him. He knew them, their state of mind and how they generally went about completing a mission. And he understood them. But he was also thinking of the larger picture where they were focused on only one aspect. Perhaps…

"Go ahead and set up your surveillance. The truth was that…Une…came to us because there was nothing she could do within the law…supposedly."

He now had both of their undivided attention.

"But the truth was she just wasn't thinking 'outside the box', as Duo would say. Her thinking was too linear but that has never been a problem of ours."

Black eyes going darker in contemplation Wufei mulled the situation over in his mind. A moment later he turned his attention to Trowa.

"Have Quatre do a more thorough search into the Potter's. Not only were their files all odd but I'm positive that the search the Preventer's database does isn't nearly as invasive as the ones we can do. Have him include your sister Lily as well. There are too many differences between her file and her sisters for comfort. Petunia has records all the way from her birth, but Lily has nothing before the age of 10. There's something there, we just have to find it."

Trowa nodded and mentally prepared himself for his upcoming confrontation with his little one. No doubt it would be interesting as the blonde hadn't been exactly pleased to be left behind.

"What are you hoping for?"

Wufei shrugged and leaned back in his seat.

"I'm not sure yet. More than what we have definitely. And this isn't something we can simply put aside for a later time. There may be something important that we are missing."

Trowa nodded and gestured for the smaller pilot to continue, he knew that couldn't be it.

"I think we should also case the neighborhood as discreetly as we can as well. See what the impressions of those who deal with them daily are."

Heero nodded, pleased that the other was once more including himself in their plans.

"Sounds good. Following your line of thinking, we should also look into the children's school then correct?"

Wufei paused but nodded after a moment of consideration.

"The teachers may know something, even though the children wouldn't have been in school for very long. Once we find something, and we all know we will, then I suggest we send it to the local police anonymously. They will no doubt respond to it. And by this point in time I have no doubt Quatre would have been able to push for your custody as he will likely start as soon as he stops…sulking."

All three shared a look of suffering amusement thinking of the two they had left at home. When left on their own, those two could cause trouble like no one else could. …They only hoped they had a home to come back to.


"I can't believe they left us behind!"

Quatre nodded, equally as annoyed as his braided companion.

"They didn't even give an explanation."

Duo spun back around, braid whipping out behind him with the quick movement.

"Exactly! No explanation other than 'you're staying here'."

Quatre sighed, leaning back into the couch and watching the way the sun played off of the leaves of the trees outside the large bay windows. What was the reason they had been left behind? He was partially aware of why they took Wufei, despite his space heart he knew Wufei would hide himself away too well for either of them to help him here. But why leave them behind?

Coming up with no answer Quatre reached out and blindly pulled the American down to sit beside him on the couch, silently telling him with actions to calm down.

There was nothing they could really do about it now. Oh, sure there really wasn't anything stopping them from following the others…but that didn't mean that they would. They wouldn't compromise the others mission like that. Not that this was anywhere close to being the same as the war, but the mindset was still the same. Therefore…

"Do you remember when we used to wait for those who were on missions to come back, we would set about getting things ready, making sure there was food ready and that the first aid kit was set for anything?"

Duo nodded, calmer but still a bit peeved.

"Yeah, what's your point? 'Cause I hate to say it Cat, but not only am I currently not in the mood to welcome those bastards home but they won't even be back for a week or more I would think."

Quatre smiled, plans running through his mind.

"But there is really no doubt that they will be coming back with their niece right?"

Duo nodded, still not really understanding, though he was much calmer at the thought of the child.

"Then why don't we see what we can do to get ready for a child in the house?"

Duo stared at the blonde's devious grin for a moment before grinning himself and jumping up from the couch, pulling the blonde along with him.

"Well what are we waiting for blondie? To town we go!"

Quatre smiled and watched a moment as the Deathscythe pilot danced away towards the door.

"Duo? Don't you think we should do some research…or at least make a list? We don't even know what a little girl would like."

He could hear as the other paused by the front door and could just imagine the sheepish expression on the brunette's face.

"…Makes sense I guess."

Quatre laughed, he couldn't help it. Maybe things would turn out alright after all. …Though they still weren't pleased at being left behind.


School was out. She'd be back again tomorrow but that didn't mean she wanted to go back to the Dursley's anytime soon…or at all really. The only thing really drawing her back there was the book hidden under her baby mattress in her cupboard. She hadn't found anything more on Egypt or the Pharaohs in the school library, so she supposed all she could do was go to the public one once she was finished with her book, which would be tonight.

She had already finished her homework after all, it never did take much. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia hated it when she did better than Dudley, and since Dudley was as smart as he was thin…it didn't take much to do worse than him. …Meaning she turned in one homework assignment every few weeks.

Mr. Heartland had never noticed except to scold her…but Ms. Astoria did. She could see it in the way her teacher would smile at her whenever she didn't turn in an assignment. It was a sad kind of look but she didn't understand why. And she really didn't know how Ms. Astoria had noticed when no one else had.

Shaking off her thoughts she watched from the corner of the building as her Aunt Petunia picked Dudley up from school, cooing over the beach ball with hair. How could no one notice? Was it because she was bad that people never noticed? Were bad girls not meant to be noticed?

She watched as they drove away, waiting till the car was around the corner before beginning the long walk home.

Were bad girls not meant to be loved?

She never noticed the onyx eyes watching her from across the street, but someone else did.


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