This story has been re-written, revised and finished. For those who read it before, I am sorry for the wait and hope you enjoy it in it's completed form.

I do not own the rights or the characters. This story is written for the purpose of entertainment and not for any profit.

Warning: Angst…dark thoughts…reflections on war…a couple of bad words.

When the sun sets…

Chapter 1

He sat looking out across the ocean as the sun set. He wasn't certain how long he had been there but he decided it hadn't been nearly long enough. The pain and sorrow which had driven him from his family had only briefly left the surface to be replaced by old memories and old pain.

He closed his eyes as the breeze came in off of the ocean. He always loved it here. The beach, the ocean, and the freedom it represented to him had always given him a sense of peace. The taste of salt, a touch of mist and a coolness that sent a shiver down his spine…

He looked across the field wondering what horrors lay on the other side. The metallic smell in the air swept around him by the hot, humid air as it slowly moved across the land. Blood dripped from his shoulder and every step felt as if a stake knife was being stabbed into his back.

The field was covered in warm water. Not even the water could be cool here. The heat and blazing sun were enough to drive men mad. But he refused to fall to those horrors. In this place there were so many things to drive a man mad, the heat was only a small part of it.

His concern at the moment was making it across the field without dieing. He thought about his family. They were expecting him to come home. He missed them and looked forward to the day he could put this all behind him and go back to them, to a world where things made sense. He wanted to be able to sleep without having to keep one eye open.

How ironic, he thought, when he was home his family seemed to want him to be anywhere else but there. Now over a thousand miles away, rotting in a jungle and wondering if he was going to make it through another day… now they wanted him.

It had been years since that fateful day in the jungle. He wasn't sure why a cool breeze would make him think of the blazing heat of the jungle but he could remember wondering what he was doing there and why he wasn't home. He remembered wanting to be with his family and to be surrounded by their love. He dreamed of the safety home and his mom had provided for him.

As the sun sank lower in the sky his thoughts turned once more to distant past.