Rick realized he needed a little support in going to see his mom and his brother. He stopped at the police station looking for Town but had no luck. Green was sitting at the front desk as Rick approached.

"Do you know where Town is?"

Green looked up and noticed the change in Rick. He looked nervous, pale and something that Green couldn't put a finger on. He hadn't seen Rick in months, seeing him now gave him an uneasy feeling. "Uhh, no but I could call him if you need him?"

"Yeah, would you do that? I really need to talk with him. Thanks Green."

Green made quick work of calling Town. He didn't know what was going on but assumed it was something big. He had never seen Rick look so distraught. Town had left quickly earlier in the day without word on where he would be but had said he could be reached by phone.


The doctors had just left when Town's phone began to ring.


"Detective Town, Rick Simon is here looking for you." Green paused for a minute. "Sir, he doesn't look too good." He looked to see that Rick had not seen or heard him make the phone call. "Sir, he said he needs to talk to you."

Town sighed and moved away from AJ. "Thanks Green. Put him on and do me a favor when he's finished I want you to bring him to St. Mary's Hospital. His mother is in the ICU here. I'll be waiting for the two of you in the ICU waiting room."

"Yes sir. I'll get someone to cover the phones. Hold just a moment." Green moved the phone away as he called out to Rick. After turning the phone over he went to get someone to cover his station and then returned to wait for Rick.

"Town, I…ah…I was hoping you could go with me to the hospital. I didn't know you'd be out of the office. Maybe we could get together later. I kinda need to talk to you about some stuff if that's okay."

It was hard on Town to listen to his normally confident friend as he now sounded wounded and broken. "Rick, I'm here at the hospital. Green is going to drive you over. I'll meet you in the waiting room. I'm here for you."

"Thanks Town. I…I'll see you in a few."


AJ had gone back into his mother's room. Cecile wasn't responding well to the antibiotics. The doctors had placed her on a ventilator to help her rest and had changed her medications. They hoped this cocktail of antibiotics would work. AJ knew it would be a couple of hours before they would know if the new meds would work. Until then he had nothing to do but think.

'Where are you Rick? Mom's not getting any better. Do you even care?'