Title: Just Playing

Beta: Aranel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: AU, angst/hurt/comfort. Family/Friendship.

Summary: Legolas's life is on the line and someone has to pay. 100-word drabble per chapter


"Gimli, where is he?" Aragorn asked with concern in his eyes.

"He was here," Gimli shielded his eyes, trying to seek out where he had last seen his elven friend. "But I have no idea where he went after that – nor of his condition."

"I will kill that elf," Aragorn swore and followed the faint tracks on the ground, knowing that calling for the elf would do no good. "Follow me, Gimli, and hope we will find him before it is too late."

"I just hope that it will not already be too late," Gimli muttered and followed the man.