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The New life

It has been two months now since Bolt returned home from his cross-country trip back to California, and things could not be much better for the White American Shepherd. Along with the addition of two new family members, Mittens and Rhino, his relationship with his person, Penny, is strong as ever.

Mittens, a small black cat with white patches on all four of her feet, is sassy and spunky, but has a heart of gold. She has come a long way when it comes to learning to trust a human again. The first two weeks at Bolt's house, she was very cautious as any animal would be to a new environment. She would hide underneath the couch most of the time except for meal time. Any other occasion when she was away from the couch, wherever she went, she was by Bolt's side. He seemed to give off a sense of protection, and she always felt safe by his side. Now, she has warmed up to everyone in the house, but still enjoys being with Bolt more than anyone else

Rhino, a TV-loving hamster, took right to the new house, especially to the arm of the couch, where he had a perfect view of the "magic box." Bolt, being his hero, would constantly walk by the television set and see a rerun of his TV show playing, only causing Bolt to shake his head and giggle a little. Rhino was aware that the TV show wasn't real, especially after some heavy convincing from Bolt and Mittens, but it didn't stop him from enjoying seeing his idol take down bad guys left and right and still save Penny in the end.

On a warm, sunny day, Bolt was laying on the porch after about an hour of fetch with Penny. His adrenaline was still pumping, but decided it best to call it an afternoon, until Mittens came through the doggy door to join him.

"Hey Bolt." Mittens said

"Hey!" Bolt answered turning his head to meet her gaze

"Still tired?"

"Actually, I've still got some energy, but I need to slow down a little."

Mittens snickered a little at the thought of Bolt thinking before he acted. She loved giving him a hard time about all of the things that happened on the trip back home, but inside, she had genuine feelings for the canine. There would be nights when she was still getting used to the surroundings of her new home, where she would see things that weren't really there, and curl up in the corner of Penny's room. Almost every time this occurred, Bolt would jump off of Penny's bed and join her in the corner to comfort her. He would hold her close and rub her back with his free paw, and let her know that she was safe with him around.

Her train of thought was lost when the wind began to blow unexpectedly, causing her to shiver. Bolt, seeing this, scooted closer to protect her from the chilled wind, just as he had protected her those nights she cowered in Penny's room.

"We can go inside if you want. We don't have to stay out here." Bolt suggested

"Okay." Mittens said

With that, the pair got to their feet and headed for the doggy door. Upon entering the house, Bolt extended his paw to hold the doggy door open for Mittens to go first. Mittens' eyes widened a little at the gesture, but gladly accepted.

"Thanks Bolt." Mittens said smiling as she did

"Sure." Bolt answered as he followed close behind into the house

"I'm gonna go upstairs and try to sleep." Bolt said

"Alright. Sleep well." Mittens said

Bolt smiled back at her before ascending the stairs to Penny's room. She was at a friend's house for the rest of the day, so he had the room to himself. Mittens sat down next to the couch, where Rhino was perched in the arm of it, lost in an action movie. Or so she thought.

"So, are you gonna tell him?" Rhino asked Mittens, as if he'd been reading her mind. Mittens looked up at the hamster, surprised and nervous at the same time. How he knew was beyond her, being that she'd tried to be careful hiding her true feelings for Bolt from everyone. Silence filled the air for another ten seconds before she spoke.

"Wh-what?" Mittens asked

"C'mon cat, don't play that game with me. You and I both know how you feel."

"Just how DO you know?" Mittens asked with curiosity in her voice

Rhino laughed before answering…

"You have a terrible poker face. If you want, I can show you how to perfect it."

Mittens just glared at Rhino, annoyed by his sarcasm. Knowing that she was the one who usually dished out the smart remarks, she wasn't too prepared to have one thrown back at her. It agitated her somewhat, but she put it aside for the moment.

"I can't tell him, Rhino."

"Why not?"

"Well, for one thing, I don't want to lose him as a friend if he doesn't love me back. Also, he's a dog. I'm a cat. Do the math!"

"Do you really think our Bolt, the most be-awesome thing in the world, would care? He cared enough to bring us home with him. To give us both a new life. Who's to say he doesn't feel the same way?"

Mittens was shocked at just how much sense Rhino was making, as well as the fact that he muted the TV to talk to her. For Rhino to talk about something logical wasn't like him at all, and it surprised Mittens to a degree she had never felt before. The more she thought about how careful she thought she was being, the more she realized that she wasn't being careful at all, which made it much easier for Rhino, and maybe even Bolt, to know what she was feeling. Mittens lowered her head a little, both ashamed and embarrassed at how much she had given away. She thought that for Rhino to see just how much she loved Bolt, she was sure that Bolt would know. Rhino noticed her sudden change in mood, cocking his head to the side a little wondering if he'd said something wrong.

"Hey, you okay?" Rhino asked

"Not really." Mittens said shaking her head

Rhino sighed seeing how depressed the topic of discussion was making her.

"He'll never know until you tell him." Rhino said before jumping off the couch to head for the kitchen in search of a snack.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but…Rhino's right." Mittens whispered to herself. After realizing what had just come out of her mouth, she cringed a little before going into the kitchen to ask Rhino one more question.

"Hey Rhino. How do you know so much about love?" Mittens asked, unsure if she wanted to hear the answer

"The 'Magic Box' is a great teacher." Rhino answered before stuffing his face with freshly cooked popcorn and walking back to the couch, bag in hand.

"Of course." Mittens said sarcastically

**End of Chapter**

Well, there it is! Chapter 1 of my first 'Bolt' story. As I said earlier, I welcome any and all reviews from any and all readers. I will do my best to get Chapter 2 up and running by Saturday night, but I can't promise anything. There will be truth, conflict, and the adventure of a lifetime ahead in future chapters, but for now, you're stuck with romance. I hope you enjoyed, and I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say.

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