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Family Reunion


Penny was sitting at the foot of her bed, looking at the picture she had taken of the family when Bolt came back home. She didn't feel like doing anything, except sitting in a slump, overcome with sorrow. As she continued to stare at the picture, Catherine came in to check on her daughter.

"Hey, honey!" Catherine said in a hushed tone.

"Hey, mom!" Penny said after looking at the door.

"I know you don't really want to, but I still have about 300 flyers of Bolt when he went missing the first time. If you want, we could go put some up around town." Catherine suggested. Penny looked up at the picture after a few seconds of thinking, and realized that it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot.

"Okay! Just let me get ready." Penny said, still sitting in her pajamas.

"Absolutely!" Catherine said before kissing Penny's forehead, and walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. After about 5 minutes, Penny made her way down the stairs, dressed and ready to go. Catherine handed her daughter the flyers as they opened the front door, and headed for the car. Halfway between the front porch and the car, they saw a white van pull up in front of their driveway, blocking their exit. The van parked itself and shut off, causing Penny and her mother to look at each other with confused looks. After about 10 seconds of complete silence, the side door of the van opened, and Bolt jumped from the cab, running to Penny, happy as can be.

"Bolt!" Penny said, dropping the flyers to the ground, and running to her dog. Bolt jumped into Penny's arms, licking her face wildly.

"Bolt, I thought you were gone again." Penny said as she set Bolt back on the ground. Penny let go to her shepherd to see Mittens walking out of the van, with Rhino right next to her.

"Mittens! Rhino! You're all together?" Penny asked in surprise. Bolt then grabbed onto Penny's sleeve, and pulled her to the van, with her mom following close behind. As they made their way to the van, Penny looked to the side to find a small white newborn pup lying in numerous blankets, with a small collar marked 'Nova'.

"Bolt, where did you find her? She's so adorable!" Penny said silently, not wanting to disturb the pup from her sleep. Penny looked at the front seat, not seeing a driver, and began to worry.

"Who drove this thing?" Penny asked. Bolt motioned his head forward, telling her to look inside, where she found hundreds of buttons and nobs; certainly enough to tell her that it was completely self-driven.

"This is cool! Where did you get this van, Bolt?" Penny asked her canine, hoping he would lead her somewhere else, but never did. Instead, she found him and Mittens carefully carrying Nova out of the van, and onto the front steps of the porch. Turning her head back to the inside of the van, Penny noticed a box marked 'milk formula', along with the digital frame. Before she could press 'play', a black limousine pulled up behind the van. As she pulled her head out of the van, she saw a man about six feet tall step out from the back seat, and walked straight to her.

"Wow! The famous Penny Russo! It's nice to officially meet you." the man said complimenting the former actress.

"Um…Thank you?" Penny said wondering if she should take it as a compliment, even though she didn't know who he was. After a few seconds of silence, Catherine walked up to join the pair.

"Can we help you? Wait a minute… you're Kurt Gracin, aren't you?" Catherine asked the man.

"I am! You recognize me?" Kurt asked somewhat surprised.

"You've been all over the news this morning. We were wondering if there was a connection between Bolt going missing and the news reports from LAX." Catherine said putting two and two together.

"Yes, and I apologize for the inconvenience. However, I wanted to stop by and thank Bolt in person, and to escape the paparazzi." Kurt admitted

"Well, he's over there on the porch, but before you go, could you explain all of this to us, because we're really confused." Penny admitted herself, still trying to tie up the loose ends of her mind.

"Absolutely, but let's get the van unloaded first. It looks like my team packed it with some supplies." Kurt said, and they began unloading the cargo. The formula box was the first thing to be set on the porch, along with the digital frame, in which Penny never got the chance to play. As the group finished up, they all went inside the house to discuss everything that had happened in the last few days. It took nearly a half an hour for Kurt to explain every detail, which Penny and her mom listened intently to, hanging onto every word. During the entire confession, Penny couldn't help but look over at Bolt and Mittens from time to time, as they nuzzled each other happily, and Nova as she continued to sleep. Her thoughts of them being mates seemed more and more real after each nuzzle and smile they showed each other.

"I really must apologize for my team dognapping Bolt. I was hoping they would find it in themselves to complete their mission and save me, without the need for extra assistance." Kurt said apologizing once more.

"So Bolt was the one who took down Lamb and Ferris?" Penny asked

"Yeah! He got the chance to use his 'superbark' from the vest he wore. He made a great substitute for our team while Beverly had her pups?" Kurt continued

"Who's Beverly?" Penny asked

"Oh! She's one of the members of 'The Phantom Five.' She was due any day, so Bolt stepped in for her, so she didn't do any damage to the pups." Kurt said. Penny looked over at Nova, wondering if her suspicions were correct.

"I'm guessing Nova is one of them."

"She is! Beverly and Eli, her mate, gave her to Bolt and Mittens."

"How do you know?"

"They told me!"

Penny was suddenly more confused than anything else. She couldn't comprehend having a dog TELL a human anything in a way that they could both understand.

"What do you mean 'She told you'?"

"Well, my line of work involves genetic enhancement, so I can render any canine capable of speaking perfect English."

"Huh! So, does Bolt have those powers now too?"

"No! He wanted to come back here, and live the normal life he's already used to. However, that collar he's wearing has the technology to enable him to speak." Kurt informed. Bolt's ears instantly perked as Kurt finished what he was saying, which Penny noticed immediately.

"Do you wanna try it out?" Penny asked Bolt, which he nodded in response to very quickly.

"How does it work?" Penny asked Kurt, as he walked up to Bolt and pressed the tag hanging from his collar, which clicked as if it were button.

"Bolt, can you understand me?" Kurt asked. After a few seconds of waiting, Bolt got to his feet and sat on his hind legs.

"Loud and clear!" Bolt said. Penny and her mom jumped back a little in shock. Kurt laughed at the small flinching, as did Bolt. Mittens smiled where she lay, amazed that she could hear Bolt in more ways than one from now on.

"Bolt! You can talk!" Penny said as she smiled.

"It only works with the collar, but it does seem to be working very well." Kurt said

"You can thank Eli for that! He's the one who gave it to me." Bolt said

"I'll remember that! Actually, there IS another reason I came over here." Kurt said to Bolt.

"Which is?" Bolt asked hoping he would get to the point. Kurt pulled out a small box, and opened it for Bolt, Mittens, Rhino, Penny, and Catherine to see; showing a medal from the U.S. government.

"What is this?" Bolt asked, almost in a breathy tone due to shock.

"This is the Bronze Star, Bolt. It's given to military soldiers, who go above and beyond the call of duty. President Obama had it issued immediately after he heard the story, and wanted me to present it to you."

"I...I…I don't deserve this. I just did what I had to do."

"That's exactly why you've earned it! You're a hero, Bolt!" Kurt said finishing. Bolt looked at the medal, still taken aback by the fact that it was for him. Mittens walked up to Bolt's side, brushing up against it.

"Congratulations, Bolt!" Mittens whispered. Penny and her mom could only smile at the sight before them.

"Thank you!" Bolt said, as Penny took the medal and hung it above the fireplace, where it would stay forever more.

"Guys, can I talk to Bolt and Mittens alone for just a minute?" Penny asked the rest of the group, only consisting of Catherine, Kurt and Rhino, who were all quick to give her some time alone with her dog and cat.

"Bolt, you are the most amazing dog in the world, and you should be proud of yourself. I know she is!" Penny said, motioning over to Mittens.

"Thanks Penny!" Bolt said

"So, are you two… you know." Penny said trying to figure out a decent way to put her question into words.

"Mates?" Bolt said, finishing her question for her.


"Yes, we are! I love her so much, and it may seem strange for now, but hopefully you'll get used to the idea." Bolt said putting his arm around Mittens' small body, as she curled up next to him.

"I already have, and might I say, you guys have a beautiful new little girl." Penny said, as she looked over at Nova, lying next to the fireplace while still wrapped in a few blankets. Bolt and Mittens smiled as they saw how cute the scene was.

"Thanks! Oh, by the way, I want to show you something!" Bolt said to Penny.

"What is it?"

"You see that small box on top of the milk formula box next to the door? Open that and press 'play'." Bolt instructed, and Penny did as she was told, bringing the frame back to Bolt and pressing the play button. Penny smiled as she saw each photo that went by, and smiled even bigger when the song began playing. Just as the song ended, Kurt, Catherine and Rhino came back into the room to join Penny, Bolt and Mittens.

"Well Bolt, I'd better get going! I've had calls coming from people from every corner of the globe, wanting genetic enhancement done on their dogs, and I need to start setting up appointments." Kurt said as he headed for the door.

"Alright!" Bolt said, understanding that he still had a job to do.

"Hey! If you ever need anything, just let me know." Kurt said turning around to meet the canine's eyes.

"Thanks, but I think we've got everything we need right here… Actually, there IS one thing you might be able to do."

"Name it!" Kurt said, waiting for Bolt's proposal.

(Two days later)

Bolt woke up from another night of pure peace, enjoying the sounds of birds chirping instead of computers constantly running data and beeping. Bolt looked to his side to see Mittens and Nova sleeping soundly next to him. He slowly got up, and walked out the doorway to Penny's room, and down the hall. As he made his way downstairs, he noticed Rhino asleep on the arm of the chair, having dozed off from the TV the night before.

"Typical!" Bolt said to himself, as he made his way to the kitchen, where three automatic dispensers properly portioned his food and water, while two arms placed them both at his front feet.

"Oh yeah!" Bolt said to himself once more, looking at the piece of machinery. He couldn't get his mind off of how amazed he was when he saw it for the first time back at the warehouse, and how he kept telling himself how badly he wanted one set up for the house. After a few more moments of reminiscing, Bolt put the thoughts aside and began eating. After finishing, he saw Penny coming down the stairs, smiling as she saw the electronic arms set back in place underneath the kitchen sink.

"What?" Bolt asked; his collar communicator on and running.

"You are so easily amused." Penny said fairly amused herself.

"So? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the technology I saw at that warehouse."

"Yeah! I heard you talk about voice-activated computers, and the vest that gave you your 'superbark', and yet you chose 'this' out of all that." Penny said. Bolt thought about what she said for a few seconds, smiling a little.

"Maybe I AM easily amused." Bolt said coming to his senses, but still keeping his humor. Penny shook her head, before turning her head to see Mittens walking up to Bolt.

"Hey baby!" Bolt said to Mittens, as he nuzzled her gently. Penny's smile grew exponentially, taking in just how cute they were together.

"Do I need to give you two some space?" Penny asked. Bolt laughed a little at the statement before shaking his head in a 'no'.

"That's good, because…smile!" Penny said before pulling her camera out from behind her back, and snapping a photo of Bolt and Mittens, and pulling it from the camera.

"That's a keeper!" Penny said setting the camera and picture down on the kitchen counter.

"They always are." Mittens said to Bolt, who laughed a little before starting a conversation of his own.

"So, how did you and Nova sleep?" Bolt asked

"Very well! She's still sleeping, but she needs to be fed." Mittens informed her mate.

"I got that! Penny!" Bolt called from the kitchen.

"Yeah?" Penny asked as she walked back to her dog.

"Mittens said that it's time to feed Nova." Bolt said

"Oh! It is!" Penny said looking at the clock on the wall, before walking up the stairs to grab the newest addition to the family, and give her breakfast. Bolt and Mittens walked over to the couch and saw that Rhino was just waking up.

"Hey Rhino!" Bolt said

"Hey guys!" Rhino said back, still a little groggy. Bolt and Mittens jumped up on the couch to join their hamster friend, but never got the chance to relax, due to a knock at the door. Bolt looked out the window to see a familiar sight.

"No way!" Bolt said out loud.

"What?" Mittens asked wondering who would make Bolt so excited. He looked back over at Mittens, smiling before he walked the door.

"Come in!" Bolt shouted, hoping they would hear him from the other end, which they did. The door opened to reveal Preston, Simone and Carson walking inside.

"Hey Bolt!" Preston said, hugging his friend.

"Hey guys! It's only been two days, and you already missed us?" Bolt asked

"Yeah, pretty much!" Preston said before Simone and Carson came in to get their hugs. Mittens jumped down as well to greet their house guests, with Rhino not far behind. Preston looked down at Bolts collar to see it flashing, happy that he discovered the ability to speak with it.

"Are you enjoying the collar?" Preston asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"Like you would not believe! So how have you guys been?" Bolt asked smiling.

"We're doing great! Simone and I have our own teams now. After Gracin got overrun with offers of genetic enhancement, we were offered the chance to have our own platoons. Simone has about 12 recruits in her division, and I have 14."

"That's awesome! So where are Eli and Beverly?" Bolt asked

"They retired! They're living just north of here in Bakersfield, but they're coming down here for a visit next week, just to let you know." Preston finished before Penny came down the stairs to see who was at the door, carrying Nova in her arms.

"Oh! Hey guys!" Penny said a little surprised.

"Hey Penny!" Preston said, which she seemed a little surprised to hear, even after hearing him speak on the video.

"Sorry, I'm still adjusting to talking animals." Penny said

"No problem!" Simone said, understanding her position. The group sat down and talked for some time, about everything that had happened since Bolt and Mittens had come back. During the conversation they were having, Mittens continued to look at Preston and Simone, taking a notice to just how close they were to each other.

"You guys have been busy!" Bolt said still in the conversation.

"I can't help but notice that you two are…" Mittens said before trailing off, not sure how to put how she was feeling into a logical sentence. Preston and Simone, however, didn't need her to say anything else, already having a good idea what was on her mind.

"Yeah, we are a little closer." Simone said leaning into Preston's side.

"When did this happen?" Rhino asked

"Actually, it happened right after you guys left. Simone jumped at Preston and kissed him after hearing that she was getting her own team. Within two hours, they were already acting like mates." Carson said filling the rest of the group in.

"So are you?" Mittens asked

"Not yet, but later on down the road when we have more time to ourselves, then we'll be giving it more thought." Preston said happy with the current state of things. Simone smiled as she continued to nuzzle Preston's side.

"Oh I almost forgot to tell you. After Lamb and Gracin are out of the hospital, the judge sentenced them each to 35 years to life in prison." Carson said

"Seriously?" Penny asked

"Yeah, and they have to pay for ALL of the damages to LAX, which add up to about… $4.5 million." Preston said adding on to the statement. Bolt and Penny's jaws hit the floor, and Rhino fainted. The group talked for another hour before they left for the warehouse.

"Well, we're going to Washington D.C. for a few weeks for initiation and training, but when we get back, we'll be sure and stop by to let you know how it went." Preston said to Bolt and Mittens on the front porch.

"I can't wait." Bolt said before hugging him and Simone. As they piled into the van and took off, Bolt, Mittens and Penny were about to walk back into the house, when a small grey car pulled up where the van was previously parked.

"Hannah!" Penny said before going back inside to set Nova on the couch, and back outside to see her friend. Bolt and Mittens looked at each other curiously, wondering what Penny had up her sleeve. Penny and Hannah said 'good-bye' and Hannah got back into her car, and drove away. Penny walked back up to the front porch, carrying a box and smiling, with Bolt and Mittens still as confused as ever.

"C'mon guys. I've got something for you two." Penny said as the three of them made their way back into the house, and the door closed. Penny set the box on the ground in front of her dog and cat.

"What's this?" Bolt asked Penny, who opened the lid of the box and pulled out a one-week old kitten with black and grey all over. Bolt and Mittens both gasped at the kitten.

"Hannah's neighbor has a cat that just gave birth about a week ago, and since Mittens wouldn't have an issue with nursing, I thought it would be a good fit." Penny said smiling. Mittens walked up to the kitten as Penny set him on the floor, and she instantly took to him, snuggling close to the recent newborn.

"It's a little boy… Tell Penny 'thank you'." Mittens said beginning to cry.

"Mittens says 'thank you'… and so do I!" Bolt said to Penny as he walked up to her and let her hug him. The group sat together and enjoyed each other's company, just happy to HAVE each other, and two new members of the family.

"So, do you guys have any ideas for a name?" Penny asked Bolt and Mittens. The dog and cat looked at each other, and smiled instantly as a name came to mind.

"Seth!" Bolt said to Penny, who understood the purpose behind the name.

"I think it's perfect!" Penny said complimenting the name choice. Bolt smiled as he looked out the window and up at the sky, hoping that Seth enjoyed what he was seeing.


Well, that's the end of that! Bolt and Mittens now have two kids, and five new friends; Eli and Beverly have five pups of their own, Preston and Simone have new teams of THEIR own and each other; and everyone else is happy as can be. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. For this being my first FanFiction story, I hope I didn't disappoint. Now, I have a question for all of my readers: I recently got a suggestion from one of my close friends back home about possibly making a Rated M fanfic of Bolt and Mittens, and I want to know what you guys think of the idea. I will also hopefully be starting a new story for 'Over The Hedge' and a sequel to this 'Bolt' story in the following days and weeks, so be sure to check back from time to time. Peace to all of my readers and fellow writers!

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