Another short story with Luke, and Reid. I hope you enjoy my story.

How Deep is your Love

Chapter 1

Reid jumped up putting his hands over his face, he couldn't take this anymore. He was pining over a man that obviously didn't feel the same way. He thought Luke had feelings too, but it was obvious he wanted Noah, and Reid knew he had to give up on Luke, and today was the day he was going to do it. He grabbed his cell phone , and started to type a text to Luke.

"Luke it is me Reid, I'm truly happy that I helped Noah, I'm happy he can see again, and yes it is thanks to me. I'm good but you knew that when you forced me to come to this God forsaken town, which I'm leaving soon. I like Oakdale Memorial, but really I don't think I have anything here that really is worth while staying for. I love Jacob, and Katie, but they have Chris, they are happy. I will see them I'm sure but I just wanted to say no hard feelings. I'm sorry about all the problems we had , I'm sorry I kissed you, and kept after you because I thought maybe it was me you wanted. I thought you were confused, but now I realize it is Noah you want, and I'm OK with that. I wish you a happy life, and I hope Noah truly will change because in my opinion that jerk doesn't deserve you. I guess maybe now that he got a second chance at sight he will realize now you are the most amazing man, he is truly lucky. I really was falling for you Richie Rich, but it is better we end it now, no need to text me back. Bye Luke, take care, and remember you are special, I just hope Noah realizes that, because you deserve to be happy.
Luv you Luke, bye have a nice life.

Reid closed the phone, and sat back putting his hand over his eyes. Katie knocked on the door, "Reid get up breakfast"

"Go ahead Katie I'm not hungry". Katie was shocked she pushed the door open. "Reid are you OK"?

"Katie can I tell you something, promise you won't get upset you will just listen"

"I'm listening but your scaring me"

"I'm leaving town, I can't stay, I don't belong here"

"Reid no me and Jacob need you"

"You have Chris you are fine"

"No please don't do this Reid"

"I'm leaving I'm sorry but just think you can visit Dallas all the time"

"You are doing this because of Luke"

"Yeah pretty much, I can't watch him with Noah, I can't"

"Oh Reid he is a fool"

Reid smiled, "No he is in love but just not with me"

Katie touched his face, "That does make him a fool"

"Thanks Katie I do love you, and Jacob"

"He will be devastated Reid he adores you"

"Go have breakfast, I'm not leaving yet".

Katie got up, "What will I do without you"?

Reid smiled , "I thought I was annoying"

"You are but I love you"

Reid stood up, "I love you too Katie, I will always be your friend"

She touched his face, "I'm going to feed Jacob, my whole day is ruined". She walked out trying not to cry, but she broke down, and ran out of the room.