Chapter 5

Luke and Katie were waiting, Katie was getting worried thinking Reid was not coming, and she knew it would break Luke's heart.

'He isn't coming Katie"

"It looks that way but he is angry, but you can go to him, and he will cool down by than"

Luke leaned against the wall, he felt sick this was all his fault. Katie walked over to him, and felt so bad she hugged him, and Luke hugged her back. He whispered, "I lost him Katie"

They both jump when they heard Reid yell, "Now what is this all about"?

Katie turned, and ran right into Reid's arms, and whispered, "I knew you wouldn't leave us"

"Why are you both here"?

Katie turned to Luke, and whispered, "Tell him Luke"

Luke walked over, "I'm so sorry I was such a fool, but I was afraid to tell you it has been over for a few days between me, and Noah. I wanted to tell you but I thought you would tell me it was to late. I bumped into Katie today, and she told me you were leaving town, and I lost it, I actually went through a red light trying to get here before that plane took off. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me, I promise you will not regret it"

"All this is nice Luke but are you really over Noah or are you upset I'm leaving, you like having me around to see me wanting you, and making me look like a fool"

"A fool for wanting me"?

"Yes I got looks, and whispers behind my back. I got punched in the face by your boyfriend, I got the evil eye from your Mom, and Mona Cross made me feel like I was a outsider that was ruining the reputation of Oakdale Memorial. Bob Hughes was a good man but he was a coward he had to do her dirty work. I'm not ashamed of who I am, but you have been giving me the look from the first moment we met. I did not start the flame it was lite by you, and you drew me in, and pushed me away so many times I truly was a joke. If you are here to tell me we have a chance, and I'm who you want, and we can be partners in every way a couple should be, I will gladly stay. If you say you have to come to terms with your relationship with Noah first I'm getting the next plane out of here. I have given you enough time to make up your mind almost a year , I'm to old for this I want a partner, and I want you Luke Snyder this is your decision but make it now, and we both will live with your decision"

Luke smiled, "Now I get a chance to talk. I know I have kept you at arms length for months, but it was always you, I have wanted. I knew my relationship with Noah was over a long time ago, but it was hard to completely end it because he was my boyfriend, and my best friend for so long, but I look back now, and I really believe we were not great for each other. He would hurt me, and expect me to take it, and I did because I was a person who didn't want to lash out, but remembering all the stuff Noah put me through made me realize, I deserve better. You are amazing Reid, and you were rude, and Grumpy, and mean to me, but most times I basically deserved it because I did use you to get my way. I saw you come in a room or you looking at me from across a room, and you have no idea what it did to me. I remember our first kiss, and I wanted so much more but I was not ready to bring our relationship to that level, but that doesn't mean I didn't think about it every waking moment of the day. I love you Reid Oliver, I want you to be my life long Partner, and best friend. I want us to start our new life together, and I want to put our past in the past, and focus only on our future. The thought of you leaving killed me, please say you will stay, please give us a chance, I love you Reid Oliver.

Reid, and Luke were staring at each other, but they didn't realize they had a huge audience everyone wanted to see how this was going to turn out, no one more than Katie, she knew they belonged together, but she also wanted Reid to stay in Oakdale, so she prayed they would just kiss, and realize they belonged together.