This is my first poem so I hope its good... This is from Allen's point of view. I don't own -man but this poem is 100% mine. :P Please review.

The Mask

It seems to fool everyone,

This mask that I wear.

It may seem beautiful,

But listen to my plea and beware.

You see my mask has been stuck,

For quite some time.

I even have to ask myself,

Which emotions are mine?

You must not notice,

That this smile is a lie.

I've hidden my pain and my sorrow,

And tears the that I cry.

Yet someone must see,

What I try to hide.

That this mask may be strong,

But I am breaking inside.

I pray day in and day out,

For the mask to disappear.

But people just pass,

No one helps or comes near.

So now I must go,

To put on this show.

Goodbye my dear friend,

As I put on my mask once again.

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