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I wake up from the dream wishing I did not have to leave fangs arms but knowing that it was just me and dawn and I will probably never see the flock again because it was just that a dream. I could not convince myself that because I got a new power over these three years and it is as if I can tell the future in my dreams. It does not go exactly as it did in the dream though it just has the same main point. For example, if I had a dream we were going to be captured flying in real life, we would be captured but not necessarily when we were flying. Enough with my thoughts though I have to go to work. I know shocker bird kids still have to work to.

"Ma?" My four-year-old daughter croaks, pawing at my hands. She fails to grasp my hands in her tiny fingers.

"It's okay dawny." I softly say.

"Come on come on. Hurry up and open the damn door." I swear under my breath, low enough that dawn could not hear. Dawn looks down at her shoes and hums a little song about a mouse running up a clock. It makes her happy at least she is not worried anymore. Her dark hair falls into her eyes, overgrown and shaggy. She uses both her hands to brush the strand away. She yawns and blinks her brown eyes, my eyes. She forgets some of the lyrics, frowning, and lines form on her suntanned skin.

When dawn finishes the song, the door opens.

"Pizza's here!" a female voice calls out from behind the door. Then the owner to the voice opens the door and turns towards us. A girl, about 14, throws a few bills at us and grabs the many pizza boxes.

"Here is the money. Take it and leave." She gives a squeal looking at me and I cannot help but smile back at the African American girl, after all, we have been through everything together.

A/N. I guess it is not that hard to guess who it is but it is a tad of a cliffy. I have always loved the flock's relationship. They are everything to each other and have been through everything to each other. Thank you once again asylum survivor. R&R:)